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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Sunday, December 31, 2006

sad eyes turn the other way i can't see you crying

Hello, perimeter pistons,fronz here,natch,tell me, how can you mend a broken heart?HOW CAN YOU STOP THE RAIN FROM FALLING DOWN?Well you can't. One of my personal, and i believe one of my greatest achievements,is actually something that was always in me,the ability to read all life forms, and to be able to communicate with them on an almost instant ,you see we don't all have this, because we don't all have the proper perspective,the proper perspective is ,in, actually believing, in your ability, and the other life form senses your ,commitment in forming a reasonable attempt,and believe me they do ,to the point that you become' one'.To actually gain respect from an entity that is not human,and that entity accepting you as instant family,rewards you with something that you can't put into words,they are all innocents ,it's up to you to be just as innocent in your interplay.Humans that i encounter, that ,don't have this ability,i find to be different,in all other aspects of life also,well we all have our own place to occupy,they could be great parents, or ,are capable of other forms of interaction.But there is a heaven above us all,so lets not cry ,lets re joy's ,in the fact that together, there are no problems, only solutions.[John Lennon].But everyone must eat at our table,and thrive.When JESUS said [forgive them lord for they know not what they do].He was showing us that he was in full understanding ,of the condition of being human.HIS death i don't believe was to save our souls,but to seal the deal ,so that the story could not die,death is the only way,he, going off and living happily ever after wouldn't have cut it.All he actually did say was that he was no different than any man,and that anyone could do as he could do,you'v just got to believe.He felt a force,and his last words [why has't thow forsaken me oh lord]?Showed he didn't know himself what was really going on,and only had faith ,to guide him.But, what a faith,it impowered him into being so unique ,that ,it changed the way humanity in the western world, would think and act,forever.TO actually walk in those shoes ,i can only immitate to a degree,because it takes a special point of view,one that my limited abilities,can only catch short fast glimpses of ,as i'm shure, you can also perform the glimpse effect,it's always there in front of our eyes,but we are too affraid to actually take the leap.To actually put your foot on water and believe with every cell in your body , that you will walk on it. So i arrive to the point of this instalment,this blog is the only power, that,they hopefully can't corrupt ,

Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hello, perimeter perry winkles,the fronz here,listen up me pretties,i was informed by local perimeter poncho's ,that they couldn't submit a comment,so i dug up the self help, and did some adjusting,i posted a comment myself ,to see if it worked,yea the one about me being a great guy,so sorry man, it hurt me as much as you ,but it's on ,lets roll baby!kick me ,punch me,push me aside ,fore i am the one to practice on ,why? you might ask ,because no matter what you could dream up, I'll have a reply for you, that will ,..........,.but if you are an idiot, this is the wrong place to be,noway man,were the beautiful can't f...k with that.No I'm not going to give you any cool aide to drink,or am i going to play with your psyche,if you've read some of the stuff here, i can be very diplomatic,something i acquired through close scrutiny of a larger than life figure,one i can't even come close to touching,my dad,now I'm not going to give you a sad tale,because there was nothing sad about this mans life,like i said,i can't, even touch it .PERIMETERS,sometimes there are, one or more,shooting stars out here,if you think about it ,you could probably think of quit a few in your life.It's getting pretty bad out there ,another blogger felt he had to slam my blog,what a compliment,thank you.I mean it ,when somebody slams you ,you know your doing fine,because that person,thinking that most people are stupid ,uses the lowest form of emotions,and here, i idiot, am even giving it some thought,rent free.!O.K. WRITE AWAY FELLOW WATCHERS,FORE I'LL BE BACK AS SOON AS AM ABLE,FIRE SOME MIND BENDERS MY WAY PLEASE.FRONZ30 DEC.06

comment posting problem fixed ,so write your little shoes off

Hello, I was told, by other perimeter riders ,that they couldn't log on, to put a comment ,i think I've fixed it ,fronz.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

ya gotta do ,what ya gotta do.

Hello, perimeter pacemakers,fronz ,here again,i just can't leave this site without stripping life to the bones.There is something not right here,and when something stinks ,it's time to throw it away.For millenia the human species lived with almost no ,over the shoulder,guidance from governing or social agencies,and it ,survived, and as a matter of fact actually in some periods,man lived better than we do now,e.g. PAX ROMANA,EGYPT'S GOLDEN AGES,RENAISSANCE,TO NAME A FEW.BUT for some reason the last century ,has become the most intrusive and over regulated,period of all time,up until the twentieth century,drugs,all drugs were legal,why the industrial revolution was fueled by alcohol,how do you think men worked long hours in mines, in factories,on farms,they were allowed to drink,to kill pain and boost endurance,even today,from my own experience,most labour intensive work,is done from the afterglow of the night before.Well let me tell you,there is no war on drugs,there is a war on keeping drugs legal,think of the high paying cushy jobs that would suffer from legalization,and then think of the victim,the user.Cocaine is now running the economy,meanwhile destroying lives ,because of it's expense,and legal ramifications,children are sold,ignored ,because the parent has to go through so many clandestine channels, and expense ,to get their drug of choice,hey ,these concoctions are here for us to use,and it's up to the person to regulate themselves.WE did fine before the law.It's getting to the point of ridiculousness.LAWS are dreamed up ,and with no input from the people,,or the propaganda machine,, making unsound allegations,laws are forced down our throats.We are getting more educated though,and the screw will eventually turn,if it doesn't,we will roll in this quagmire of false justice,and the tourniquet will just get tighter.They will weigh you,calculate your lung capacity,the amount of inhales and exhales you take and then,tax you for the air you breath ,and call it ,environmental tax.please give our planet back.fronz/dec29/06

sheeps clothing

Hello, perimeter pinatas,yea ,yea I'm still here,don't worry,listen up edge walkers,most of our lives,we here a common phrase,that usually ends up not being the true spirit,it goes something like this,'LET ME HELP YOU',seven to eight times out of ten,it's a way of attaching ,the helpers life to yours ,or the helper is trying to accumulate information on you, to slowly find a reason to take you down,pick away at the armor so to speak.Well i can't possibly save every individual that might actually write into this blog,but you could log on as anonymous ,and I'm pretty shure the net people wouldn't give you away,i know i can't find out who you might be.All i ask is for sincerity and truth,my reason is outside of that seven of ten,you see I'm being payed for what i can provide.Does that make you feel a little better?yea,I'm at a point in my life where I've lost direction,this service of giving my perspective ,means as much to me as ,anything else,in my life,so pick away,and maybe,we'll have fun,along with ,enlightenment.Otherwise,i will just classify myself as a fool,and give up.fronzdec28/06

Sunday, December 24, 2006

why freddy mercury is in heavan

Hello,fronz,how are you doing ,terrible, couldn't be worse,really? yea but ,i signed up for it so, lets roll.Hello perimeter placeholders,it's me ,fronz, Christmas,you know as shitty as your family life could be,take a good look at these people,then bring in the fact,that? that's just how it is,and these people will someday mean everything to you.Take a good look,and don't forget any of them.Keep them alive in your psyche,if their gone,and make shure you have a true and clear picture,of the ones in your life,if you don't, you are really missing something,because ,as being human,with the human tool, developed,or created,the most advanced computer still in production,for millions of years,complete with everything installed,and operational,you can still only catch small glimpses ,of the near memory, so we are not capable, of acquiring the real feel ,until it comes back at us thru the subconscious,then it is devastating.It is an ongoing love affair ,even tho,you now see only the bad points.Yes love, doesn't ,that emotion,make things happen,once it starts ,nothing can stop it,no time, no place ,nowhere,sometimes we don't even know it,till there is change in your life,so having yada yada ,that,lets get to the topic at hand,for I'm sorry, but we, all of us, have to suffer alone,personally ,i prefer it,i don't like ,people seeing me in pain,it leaves a bad,memory,remember,it's better to burn out,.than to hang on a fu---in cross,for some,reason nobody, really gives a shit about ,any ways.Yea baby!No way, death is gotta be fast,now don't go killing yourselves, cause I'm shure as not, going to kill myself,I've' lived long enough,to know tomorrow you could be slammin down the highway, with a hot chick, that is true,and rock in on ,yea, i may be a fatalist, but,the life I've lived, was nothing close to being boring.well as i go around this existence,i have this running question survey i do, when i do talk to people ,that is because i find people, to be interesting and sometimes, in certain situations they give you a point of view ,that,you might have missed, so i drink deep when i converse.One of my questions,is and will now cease to be ,do you think Freddy mercury went to heaven,well on reaching a final tally ,i couldn't find one person, even amongst the homo phobs,that Freddy isn't in heaven,now my sexuality is not the topic here and that's personal,to personal,but everyone liked the guy, for what he gave to us,his talent,so ,here's to you Freddy,hold us a spot will ya.fronz,dec,24/06---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Saturday, December 23, 2006

pontification credentials


when are you gonna come down,when are you going to land?

Hello, perimeter non existers,just me shooting my spout off again,you know there are two ways to live life,one is life,the other is a reaction to life,which would you say, you fit in ?This is very important for you to asses, because it can hold the meaning to happiness and satisfaction,grasping life and conforming ,an assemblage that you can be proud of,or rated in different positions,just because someone is wealthier,or has more going for them,it doesn't denote happiness,that person could have ,scammed,cheated and slithered their way,or they were lucky enough to have it all handed to them.The question you have to ask yourself is ,if i went to see a movie based on my life, would i come out from that movie with a good feeling?I'm shure this is one of the most important insights a person could give themselves.Of course it all depends on what you think, is correctness ,example ,if you ask an ax murderer this question,he might be proud of himself,for killing as many people as possible,so we have to ask ourselves ,how do i assemble a life that everyone,leaves feeling good, after the movie credits come up.If you use this as a guide post for your conscience,we would all leave your movie feeling good.You see ,there might not be any credits after the show, but ,you will know how the story went,and that is the first critic you have to satisfy .rock on fellow explorers,for in the end, i want to wake up in KANSAS ,how bout you?gfronzi/dec23/06, oh yea, to he authority figure,i interacted with today ,in the cold rain,i did lie,about the humidity effecting my engine,i had too the topic is worth that,just like i would lie to save your life.thank you.arrivederci baby.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

the afflictian of being young

Hello,perimeter packsackers,fronz at the table,i would like to pass on an experience to people that can gain some insight from it,especially our youth.This is going to be transpired as an incident ,and then it will be translated into a life technique for all.As i have earlier stated the bulk of my career was as a millwright,or to most people an industrial mechanic,when i started as an apprentice the company i worked for was owned and run by Germans,the older and senior mechanics were people from Germany ,and were experts in various fields of industrial applications,i believe this incident ,a learning experience imparted to me by one of these older professionals,happened on my first day,his technique was something i couldn't grasp till later, but it was the type of experience that gives you an incite into how the trade ,and life itself has to be configured.This man is still around ,retired, and still in good condition,i will use his real name since the story is not unknown amongst the people that worked at this establishment,and not insulting to him in any way.His name was EMIL,EMIL was a big proud man ,who was i believe a blacksmith,in his native land,he was capable of shaping steel with simple methods that you don't see that much anymore,he was big and a commanding figure,but with a soft heart,and innocent demeanor.I was assigned to him that first day ,upon making our hellos he said he had a job to do that he wanted me to try,that being inserting a pin of steel approximately eight inches in diameter ,and four feet long into it's place ,an arm that it pivoted by joining three holes in alignment.He said o.k. put that pin in it's place ,which being young and ready to prove myself i dived into,i lifted that pin into position,and started to sledge hammer it into place ,i hammered and hammered,and that pin would not go in, so i hammered some more ,as a matter i hammered that whole day ,mushrooming the end of the pin,and not accomplishing my task ,meanwhile ,other mechanics were coming up to EMIL and telling him this isn't right,EMIL would roar at them,i am the teacher here and i will teach as i see fit ,i meanwhile wasn't getting the picture,at the end of the day ,a failure,i said to EMIL,EMIL the pin won't fit,exactly he said,what did you learn,well i said, i won't try to put something in place without checking it out first,that's right Mr. fronzi ,you don't do something because someone else says to do it ,or that it can be done,you check it yourself first.I was actually more angry at the time than enlightened,he then said ,guess what were doing tomorrow, what i asked ,he said you are going to hammer that pin back out!This lesson,can be incorporated into most of life's problems and solutions,I'm shure i don't have to extrapolate on that.gfronzi/dec/21/06,this could be my last blog, tomorrow i am going to help some friends,and it might hold me up ,arrivedercci baby!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Hello, perimeter pescators,guess who?it fronz,your only hope,[LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HEART AKE ,AND THE LOSS OF GOD, WANDERING ,WANDERING,IN HOPELESS NIGHT,OUT HERE ON THE PERI MITER THERE ARE NO STARS, OUT HERE WE IS STONED IMMACULATE.]JIM MORRISON OF THE BAND THE DOORS.AH summer,warm breezes ,long days, wooden screen doors,a girl, with a little jack Russell terrier,sitting on the porch,grandpa is out amongst the corn,mama is cooking in the kitchen,and not crack,food,sounds like home,thee is no place like home is there,not to that girl with the ruby red slippers,home is KANSAS,but isn't KANSAS ,home to all north Americans,somehow i think it is,the heartland.KANSAS, IS FRAME OF MIND,a place we all yearn for,solidified in our psyche,by Hollywood,it's analogies tho are quit comparable to the strife it took Dorothy the girl , to get back home,she had to find power,that could make it happen,she had forces working against her ,[the wicked witch].But if you are familiar with the movie the WIZARD OF OZ,you will notice that because she was an innocent ,and in danger ,she had more allies than enemy's,take heed of that,because as innocence is lost, and your souls corrupt, you get farther away from home,until you can never go back ,then you might not even realise ,in your haste to satisfy your ego ,by stealing the ruby slippers,you are gone ,then even i can't help you,so close your eyes, and click your heels,and repeat, there is no place like home,there is no place like home.gfronzi/dec.20/06

special events

Hello, perimeter surfers,it's me the fronz,i don't care if no one's out there, i can't possibly give up ,just in case a perimeter rider is out there,it's that time of year again,Christmas,this Christmas,for some reason feels different to me ,i can't put my finger on it ,but I'm getting an eerie feeling,i suggest the united states homeland security ,be extra vigilant this year,i hope I'm wrong,we don't need more than has already occurred,there is almost no fix now ,hate is now ingrained, in the hearts of all parties,how could this have happened when all parties hold their religious beliefs up as strong and right,yet continue to act against all reason or beliefs.Somehow we have lost Mohamed,Jesus,Buddha, Thor, whoever your deity is you've pushed,him aside and and accepted hate instead of reason,how history will refer to this era ,will be hidden ,in blood, hate or monetary agendas will be sugarcoated by all participants ,did the perpetrators of 9/11 stop to think what they were doing to their own people,and how they will all suffer,their cause was a selfish ploy to gain infamy,and they say a bunch of virgins,couldn't these guy's get laid some other way?The united states has ever reason to be infuriated,but since it has the biggest guns it is up to them to ,not turn the other cheek, but to, at the same time put things into perspective this isn't a war,it's a statement ,and we all know that you start out with a direction to your statement,but what you might end up with in the end is only a gurgle or a cry,all people of the world asses yourselves,look inside yourselves, and feel ,HOLD IT RIGHT HERE,THIS IS MY TOPIC,what do you think a little Muslim boy in America feels when full grown adults,shout obscenities at him as he walks to school,or he is rejected at everything ,he does, from having the same life as the rest of the kids, his little developing mind is looking for answers,but it will be hard to give him one, as his parents don't want to put fear into him.Are we grooming what we deserve,another terrorist,you and everyone on this planet,are in cahoots with their own demise,and orchestrate their own deaths.What ever happened to having a conscience?Before you say or do anyting in this world ,you must check and send out your concience first.OTHERWISE your heart does not have time to asses your action,you are theoretically evil,and are no better than the box cutter boys.HOLD YOUR TONGUE UNLESS IT'S GOING TO MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE,we are all the same here ,and we all deserve to be treeted the same,believe me if this is not implimented ,it's going to get worse than better.You might say well thats how i feel,well how you feel is to be kept to yourself,and even if you have to fake diplomacy,it's better than racism,or hate.This christmas all christians,and people of all walks,concentrate on your similarities not our differances ,and i promise you that what you leave behind will be something to believe in.gfronzidec.20/o6

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

to our youth the secret of life within our society

Hello,gems on the perimeter,no talk?Well then i will go on alone,observation,to our youth,here is the secret:to survive, and succeed,you don't have to push, fight, or cheat, your way through life,here it is:You find something you like to do or dream of doing,you then learn everything possible about what you aspire,then you get hands on practise,i.e if you want to be a musician and this is what you love to do,you practice your instrument,and practice,and practice until your so good at what you love,that your the best ,then the world will come to you,for your knowledge,and craft.Eddy van Halen gave up that secret on national t.v.,he said when my friends were out playing,Iwas playing my guitar,i would not put that thing down,i don't have to tell you how Eddie,s talent are,he can make his instrument talk.This is the same for any trade or career,if you try something and you find that it's not for you don't give up be fluid,try something else,iam tired thank you all gfronzi18/dec/06

Monday, December 18, 2006


Hello, perimeters ,or not,I LOVE YOU ALL,UNCONDITIONALLY ,because,i understand you all,i am only here to impart yourself to yourself,you can't follow me ,but you can use me,so do so,no one including me will know who you are,and your plite or condition ,for all to see, will pass on to someone that is in similar life post,to gain insight from our observations,blog on perimeter or not,gfronzi//dec/18/2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

look around a lttle something is missing

Hello, you perimeter pylons,its me fronz,hey listen up ,realize first off,what I'm about to say pertains to probably all nations in the world,when i became a finished mechanic, i had to serve a period of time before i could be paid or received the respect denoting my abilities to prove i actually was made for the job,almost any job,has those barriers,all except politics,are we like the valley girls of the universe,we do this, yet any armband carrying megalomaniac can run for top post at any election,sorry fellow perimeters,but i think this is an area that should be looked at as a first step too a world order.the politician that runs for the top job should have some time test under his belt, to see him in all forms of action,and that doesn't mean ,i worked at city hall for awhile,the top level of government,is where his time should be in,the limit should be studied, but it takes a five year apprenticeship to become a millwright,the studies and the fact that a lot of my trade is hands on;where as a lot of the political trade is in human studies,a limit should be studied, and kept on hand if anyone had the balls to implement it,meanwhile sleep tight the fronz is always on the perimeter looking,arrrrrivdercie baby.gfronzi .dec/17/2006

parts of the blend you can relate to.

Hello, perimeter pontificators ,to help someone on a personal quest ,an observation,.we questers are so unusual ,that their actually aren't very many of us,so transfer of tactics,that would possibly have some meaning to another,is hard to do .So feast in this ,oh by the way it's fronz,still on the perimeter,i don't remember t he last time I've slept,HOLD IT! THIS IS WHAT I WANT TO PASS ON !DO YOU LIKE HURTING YOURSELF?well that's what I'm doing,pushing it to the limit,this is part of the super blend ,only to be tried by people,that are fit to do it,when you reach the point of hurt,is when the spirit is immaculate,it's recorded even amongst the American natives,their most spiritual moments, of open soul,was when t hey were ,hurting,did i just give you something to believe in?I hope it falls upon the right ears.GFRONZI/17/DEC/2006

ha ,ok

Hello, you perimeter priests,the fronz here.If you notice the comment in the last blog your instant reaction IS ,IS THIS PERSON RUBBING YOUR SEXUAL ORGAN.Well if I'm going to be professional about this,i must take that to be a true reply,and even if it's a goad,it is a good one.Yes i do have a position ,not being a parent,one that might reach the young,capable to impart what sometimes even the best of parents can't,why, because I'm still that little boy,with the wide eyes,hoping that everyone else will also be professional,here is your first lesson son or daughter,prepare for unprofessional ism in all forms ,but it works in a strange fashion ,the more the part holds in a social order the more unprofessional it gets,in 1963 i watched the top dog of the whole planet ,of the most powerful and most envied country in the world, get his head blown off in public,viewed by millions of people,and To this day dec.17.2006., WE STILL DON'T KNOW WHO ORCHESTRATED IT,CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT KIDS ,TO THIS VERY DAY, THE BEST POLICE,THE BEST SECRET INTELLIGENCE,AND THE HIGTH OF CHINESE TECHNOLOGY,CAN'T TELL US WHO DID IT !Learn from that kids,i would say some unprofessionalism,is happenin somewhere?So don't try and follow me ,this act is just to hard and dangerous,I've just been lucky,that's RIGHT KIDS ,THE PAPER BOY ,THE WAITRESS THE GAS ATTENDANTS,WILL HELP YOU AND ACT PROFESSIONAL,USUALLY,BUT A MAN WHO HAS A POSITION HE WANTS TO PRESERVE ,WILL CRAWL ON HIS BELLY THROUGH A MILE OF SHIT, JUST TO PUT A PILL IN YOUR HAMBURGER.ARE YOU LEARNING?THIS IS BOOT CAMP FOR THE INNOCENT'S,I WILL NEVER LIE TO YOU.GFRONZI

Saturday, December 16, 2006


Hello,perimeter pariahs,it's fronzi ,still would like feedback on my motive for such a blog,raw feed only please, I'm a big boy i can take it,it won't disturb my flow,but possibly direct it, to a fine edge, like on a well made sword.That puts up the question why does anybody do this blog thing?There must be a multitude of answers,advertisement,loneliness,social vandalism,fame,get laid,let me assure you non of these are in my reso^ne d'tre,.I will give you my whole bodily function system report,on my feel for a reason,all of my life i've been different,than everyone else ,i think it has something to do with my attention span,while the whole school was watching the basketball game,i'd be sitting in the bleachers,looking at the structure of the building or the reactions of fellow students ,man i was out there as a kid ,it was a long and confusing journey,one that most people don't take,but at the culmination of that journey,i came back with all the knowledge,and observations that i had been studying ,while the rest of the class was doing their thing.Now with the help of an array of prescribed, and personal drugs,i am capable of aligning my thoughts,and am capable of expressing them with an honest sense of security,one that everyone lacks in his youth,but one that would confound me now, if not for all my helpers.So I've lived on the perimeter all my life,and there are no stars to guide you ,out here, out here we is stoned immaculate.g.fronzi\dec/16/06 i love you jimmy morrison you said it all.


Hello,perimeter plyers,Lisa,my dear ,only from investigation of the past do we unlock the future,you sound like your looking for something,like what is the true philosophy?Ask me and i will give you an answer, just ask.fronz dec/16/06

Friday, December 15, 2006


Hello,out here in the perimeter,there are no stars,out here we is stoned immaculate!hello perimeter passengers,it 's still fronz ,you know don Henley sings in one of is songs "the more i know the less i understand"today was one of those day's,by the time i figure it out, it will be to late, but help came out of the blue,the experience was so powerful, i cried,the only way to connect it with another entity,is.Have you ever smelled fresh overturned earth,of course you do ,this is an unspoken language,by relation to something common, to probably not only humans ,but all upper level sentient beings,if you can grasp that, your one step closer to understanding,and communicating with any life form,pick up the earth and break it up and any sentient life form with smell capabilities, will come to it, to absorb your experience,you have communicated.The i want to learn, feel good ,chemicals get released and both species look at each other and smile,earth, mama ,good ,perplexed?I don't think so?What is it about that scent that we bond to?It can't be nitrogen,it smells like rotten eggs,it can;t be fat or sugar,because it would ferment or rot,it's something else something almost primordial,but it ,I'm certain means good to a broad span of entities,i need feedback on this please.HOW do you rate this observation to your experience?This is how we assemble a common reality,by how we know a smell,a colour,an assembly of sounds,has the ability to open a common door of perception,there is power in this observation,if you pursue the whole gamut of languages,because if ,I'm not mistaken ,the bible has a passage that states, first there was the word, and the word was god.The right assembly of words and other perspective communication,can change the way millions of people will live forever,the people that had command of the word ,might be long gone,but they will never die,because the word, repeated and loved,opening the feel good portal,lives forever.FRONZ\DEC\15\06 REMEMBER OUT HERE THEIR ARE NO STARS,YOU HAVE NOTHING TO GUIDE YOU,BUT YOUR STOMACH,AND YOUR ,HEART.

gang reply

Hello,fellow perimeter,walkers,it's the fronz,I'm going to gang reply, because i wanna say something, so ,ANONYMOUS, the wizard blend, is a personal tool,you can't use mine ,because your makeup is different than mine,you've,got to find your own way, but let me tell it took a lot of adjusting to find the right tool, for the right,plain, i need , i think you dig?LISA ROCK ON BABY!And,MR. PUFFER,you gave yourself away,i have known MR. PUFFER, for many years ,we go so far back women needed an escourt,to drink!HE is part of sault history.And just as he said he would,we sat, and tossed a few around,he with his blend, and i with mine,and something came up from my soul,i asked MR.PUFFER,WHAT IS MY MOTIVE ?THAT IS NOT QUIT CLEAR IN ME, AND WOULD LIKE FEEDBACK,AND NO HOLDS BARD,GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT UP, AND HOT OF THE PULSE ,IN OTHER WORDS THE TRUTH AS YOU SEE IT,THANK YOU GFRONZ\DEC.15\06

Thursday, December 14, 2006


HELLO ,PERIMETER HUGGERS,the fronz thinckin again ,this time under the influance of the wizard blend.Whatever we can pick apart from this vast sea of humanity,it happens everyday,billions of people get up from bed, and do what they do,and most of them ,try, at least try to do the right thing. Not really all that bad of a place afterall,sleep tight ,bacause as g/n/r says theirs a heavan above you baby.fronzdec/14/2006

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Hello, Fronz here,do you know what iv;e been doing ,well when i saw that someone was watching,it suddenly put me in a different, plane of thought,that plane being,that i am now responsible,not just some kid playing on the net ,now I've got to put up or shut up .DO you see how much we need each other, just by saying one word,you,v managed to transfix me,and that is good, because ,i am only human too ,and need feedback to direct me,i hope I've been in line so far,if any of you smell shit ,correct me immediately!I also have to admit that i am not a parent,and i could pontificate all i want but i can;t put my seal on my comments about parenting,all I'm going by is observation,the topic of motherhood and parenting,can go from sickening stories and facts to people that have put as much as they could,towards being a good parent,so ,i have decided that this very touchy field,will be introduced in short vision,within context of other blogs i will put my view,and I'm sure you'll find it quit entertaining,if not thought provoking,thank you,thank you all but stick around ,I'm not shutting up.gfronzi dec.13\2006 ARRIVEDERCI BABY!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Lisa,if i saw a man beating a nail with his fist,and then i gave him a hammer ,what would be the ripple effect?fronz 12/12/06

Monday, December 11, 2006


Hell,i got some replies,thanks,this will keep me going, i would like to reply en mass with this MR PUFFER,yes Mr puffer right now it seems that way ,i am not finished ,all parts of society are going to be evaluated,wait till i get to fathers.too LISA I MAY BE FUCKED BUT ,CHECK ME OUT ONCE A WHILE,MAYBE I'LL SAY SOMETHING THAT CAN HELP YOU.AND TO YES THANK YOU YOURS WAS THE MOST ENIGMATIC ,REPLY.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

social deception

Hello,gees i hope someone is reading this stuff, or else I'm wasting my time,if your out there,could you please just put "yes" in the comments ,or else I'm just a raving lunatic.Well today another uplifting observation.When man was still unorganized, and still basically a cave man ,he new only one thing for shure,that being ;he knew who his mother was;maybe not his father ,but he did now his mother.She took care of him ,fed him, guarded him, and so on .Why?I know many women are going to raise hackles shortly, but you can't deny this observation.You might say an instinctual trait, to nurture and protect?I'm shure that this exists,a love,but there is also something called survival,I'm shure many mothers have died for their children, but ,the mother wants to survive too.The ramifications in primeval times are obvious,but in modern man.Now i am not talking about all mothers,but the vast majority are failures,even in comparison with the cave dweller.And yet the modern mother has more knowledge and services to rely on ,real help, from all forms of North American government,I'm talking about the direction of our future here,and it should mean a lot to all people,because if our future is a failure,we as a species are not the grand poobas we think we are,and should push that nuclear eraser now,shure there are good kids, and there are bad kids ,and it all evens out in the end,BULL,to progress, means not even out, it, means to win.Excuse me ,but I'm tired now, I've been in front of this screen for days ,i will recap the subject on return thank you.g.fronzi dec.9/06

Friday, December 8, 2006

angels among us

Hello,if your down trodden,if your at your darkest hour,if there seems to be no way out,or in,this is when you will see them,actual people,usually not your friends, but people,that know of your plight,and without fanfare or recognition,help you,it could be a jail guard, a police officer,a lady in your companies ,staff,these people give their help,to you,without recognition,I'm speaking from first hand experience,you all know who you are,the good Samaritans,they want to fill a space in their lives by helping you,and will never be recognized for it.Yes there are angels among us ,for when you least expect it,it works,and you can go on for another day,don't be surprised that these people are not your friends,even though they say they will help,some of the lowest forms are a actually setting you up for a worse fall,rid yourself of those friends and go it alone,it is safer.God bless you weary travellers,if your true walk it,if your kicked down,slowly get back up,because the truth is still unchangeable,and it will come out,sentencing your ,defilers to hell,you see they don't believe in another existence,so they feel they can covertly lie cheat and steal from you,hang on ,walk with pride they will be exposed for their true nature.REMEMBER OUT HERE ON THE PERIMETER THERE ARE NO STARS TO GUIDE YOU, OUT HERE WE IS STONED IMMACULATE!GIANFRANCO FRONZI DEC 8\06 OH BY THE WAY todayIS MINE AND JIM MORRISONS BIRTHDAY,POOR JOHN LENNON WAS WASTED ON THIS DATE ALSO,I WISH I COULD HAVE MET THEM,BUT IN THOSE DAY'S IT WOULD HAVE JUST BEEN A SMASH,ARRIVEDERCI BABY!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

get it straight

Hello,whomever,I'm sitting here at 3 .30am,when one of my favorite topics came to mind,that being ancient ROME,as i was thinking about it,i recalled a phrase the Caesar [played by Richard Harris one of the most moving actors of our time],to his general played by Russel Crowe,who did an excellent portrayal,he was telling Russel how Rome was formed as a republic,and how he wanted to make him his predecessor after his death,and return Rome back to the people. Well I pulled out my funk and wagnalls school dictionary to see exactualy what a republic is defined as,here it is,"A state in which the sovereignty resides in the people or a certain portion of the people,and the legislative and administrative powers are lodged in officers elected by and representing the people".Interesting?So, naturally i looked up Democracy,and here it is,"A form of government in which political power resides in all the people and is exercized by them directly."HMMMMM. you know what i mean?GIANFRANCO FRONZI dec 7 2006 sleep tight.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

lying to yourself

Hello,if your reading this, stick around,for three easy install........?Catch Fraze,whether you realize it or not catch Fraze's are not a modern day occurrence, they;v always been with us.Usually they are Lead on, to a type of air or feeling the user of the catch Fraze is trying to create,one of the slimiest to come around was" family values" boy when they realized what the were doing, they dropped that one in a hurry!But did the people who used this Fraze actually believe themselves,so much so that they felt compelled to use it.As humans it is possible to lie to yourself.The reason being that we cannot,decipher all our actions, we just accept the action that works for us.

Sunday, December 3, 2006

cotinuation of homo sapians[last blog]

Hello,whomever,I'm still going,i hate sleep it's such a waste of time.I would like to pick up where i left off in the last blog.Jesus.yes i find it hard to believe,that Jesus would have been so lame as to let certain doom or injustice,from occurring,so i searched my soul at what he could have actually been trying to say,remember that all his words went threw many lips before they were put down on paper,i thought and thought,one of my thought selections led me to do a comparison of my theories on how to comport yourself in certain situations,what i instantly saw was that each situation is different,so a blanket answer,such as turn the other cheek,is not supported by reason,he might of made such a statement,but it might have only applied to a certain question or scenario.We may not , and probably will ever get the true meaning of this statement,and it is definitely not enough to base a whole way of life.I believe a better reply would be" turn the other cheek,if your opponent is unworthy, of you doing something in defence of yourself".In the old testament God was portrayed to be a real heavy dude ,he was mean,vindictive,heavy on payback,an entity that you feared and still should fear to this day,but then ,the book contradicts itself and says he loves us all and is forgiving,i think we shouldn't dwell on simple fraze's that actually cannot be verified,hey people say a lot of things in their relationships with friends,and when those friends are waiting for every word that may come along during a conversation ,things get a little to tight.Yet in the big picture,we get a revolutionary way of thought that didn't exist,before Christ,a vision and code ,that is really something to live by,so good of a credo,that it reverberates still ,2000 years later.I AM GOING TO LEAVE THIS TOPIC ,AND RESUME IT AT A LATER DATE,AS I FEEL YOU CAN ONLY TAKE SO MUCH AT ONE TIME,I WILL TURN BACK TO REAL TIME,OPTIONS TO BELIEVE IN, AS I FEEL THAT THEY ARE IMPORTANT TO THE SEEKERS OF GUIDANCE,remember out here there are no stars to guide you.gianfranco fronziDEC/3 2006 THANK YOU GOODBYE.

homo sapiens

Hello,whomever may read this,on observation:the couse of events, in todays world,are proof that we thirst for blood ,and still fight evolution as much as we can.Thousands of years from now we will all have mixed the genes, that we all possess, and will be one race,what would we call ourselves then ?I think then we would be close to ,sapiens,as we are far from it now.even mother teressa would get exited at the smell and sight of blood ,yes we are still just animals ,and hold our ability to destroy,other entities ,including other humans,as being superior,how sad.Don't lie to yourself, because, if what i;v just written you disagree with ,you better reply,and enlighten me and others.when ,what happened on Sept. 11 changed the world as to the way we look at each other,a part of us liked the fact, that a reason to do battle ,was cast onto the card table.women gloating at the possibility of their spouses leaving, and maybe dying ,setting them up for life,with a nice government pension,men ,having been given a reason to have some fun,and play with guns,the rest of the population getting some good news breaking entertainment.Yes we love it it is in our blood,that is why man has never given up on war,it;s great,poor john Lennon ,actually believing that their is a chance for peace,peace sucks,it;t just a miss America answer to a panel of judges question.Do you follow me?Now would if we could speed up,the process of reaching this, inter species that we should become?it is possible.HOW,first of all the major religions, should be giving some hard guidance to their flocks,unfortunately ,their corruption and interest in the earthly side of existence,has made them untrustable,their only duty now is to keep the names of their long gone spiritual leaders from disappearing,i did;t hear one word,about universal help when, black Africans were being murdered ,and hacked to death.What happened?We. unfortunately are selective saviors,only if money or relations are threatened do we react.LET YOUR SOUL WANDER ON WHAT I;V JUST SAID.WE MUST DWELL ON OUR SIMILARITIES,not on our differences,let;s say you were a young man,and your country was invaded by outsiders that you would want to impose their lifestyle on yours ,thinking that theirs is better,would you not be severing heads on the net?Think about it.the message was given to you thousands or hundreds of years ago,by your spiritual leaders,and it;s quit similar to all parties,because most of modern religion is based on similar credos,as a matter of fact the Muslim and Christians,are splinter groups from long ago. I wouldn't dought right now that orders are, to not capture Bin Laden, for he wants topmost is martyrdom,he probably is throwing himself at American troops, as they fien indifference,ha, what a vision.Make no mistake about me, if i felt that my country or my neighbores country ,was threatened,i would be there,even at my age,to offer my services as best i see i am believer in Christ's teachings but ,i am caught on the fact that someone else has delivered it to me,do you really think that Jesus would have turned the other cheek,when Germany was bent on world domination?No, i think he would have been one of the first to hit the beaches in France.And he would be riding a Harley into Berlin ,I'm tired now i will continue ,this train of thought,later it will give you something to believe in thank you g fronzi 3 DEC \06