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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Monday, December 31, 2012

Sunday, December 30, 2012

" A Kiss In The Rain "

Perimeter pulses .
 Have you ever kissed your lover in the rain ?
The situation and the wetness causes a stronger heartfelt kiss , one you could loose yourself in ,
Taken away , temporarily  , by the celestial effect of Love .
If your in that first period of love where everything is exiting , or if your not .
Remember to orchestrate a " A Kiss In The Rain " .
It will tell you how much your lover really feels for you.
Arrivederci baby .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 30 / 2012

Friday, December 28, 2012

True Time

Perimeter paradigm .
Time again .
One thing about time we all forget , that is , " time is money " .
Anyway , time is the way we measure increments of " A Count Up " .
We designed it to suite our celestial movements .
Yet if all of these movements were to stop , time wouldn't .
On the doomsday that just past .
The odds of a large destruction seem to be due .
But mathematics isn't the cause of anything , just the measurement .
    If odds were calculated , well lets say since the Biblical flood , things haven't been all that bad .
You've got to consider that more people have been killed by man in the last , 100,000  years , than anything natural .
Arrivederci baby .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 28 / 2012

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lawrence Krauss: Our Godless Universe is Precious

This is the best bigthink I've seen , finally a physicist puts the cap on the pyramid .
 He states regardless of any belief , or unknown scientific fact , our actions are what is important . So he says let's shine and leave our sign , of who we were , and let history judge us .Bravo. Dr. Krauss . Exquisite .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 27 / 2012

The Good Mistake , Revisited , Addendum 2012

 Saturday, august 15, 2009
The good mistake revisited
Hello perimeter parents .
 I'm going to take you to another plain of existence , back to check on the good mistake.

We were collapsing space , moving at top speed when my system manager Tinn yelled out , were pushing a wave in front of the ship , the advance scanners must have not detected occupied space.

We've got to bring her out of hyper velocity slowly or we will shatter our Chrystal's they must be running at high temperature , we've probably caused a lot of damage ?

Inn, i called to my helmsman , find out where we will stop , then scan for a hospitable planet , we might have to wait for help .

The ship started to vibrate as we quickly slowed down , we had too , the wave of , probably a gas , would have become a wall if we continued.

We will be completely stopped shortly Tinn said .
  Any luck Inn , yes there is a young system with one planet in bio .
Check the crystals , start the vortex , take us to this planet , i rattled out in one order , the crew jumped to perform the tasks .
 Inn , take us towards the bio planet and scan it for known unsuitable environments .
Yes sir .
  We had little choice as far as our survival,the ship with the damage incurred could give up function completely.
Do you wish to try orbit sir ?  No , lets use up what we've got to approach straight in , at least we can free ourselves from the ship .

    Or die ?  Inn said . Or die i repeated .

The crystals are full of seams their useless , we've only got back up power , maybe enough to get us on the planet , but we'll be stuck there till help reaches us , Tin reported.
Alright everyone strap into your survival pods , set them upright and transfer controls over to them , we'll be going into atmosphere shortly.
I could feel the effects of gravity and with it the sensation of falling , our craft was not made for atmospheric flight , so we sliced at the mercy of it's reaction and entered at high velocity keeping a steep angle of descent.
    We are heading for water sir , land not to far off . hopefully we'll slice into the water .

With that , we plunged into the sea lodging ourselves under a sunken overhanging cliff.
Integrity i asked , leaping out of my pod , Tin reported , ship sane , but we're stuck under this overhang.

We all fell silent , send a distress report to all channels , include all ships final activities , hopefully there is someone nearby . There was nothing we could do.

We sat quietly , all pondering for solutions .Tin i asked ? Sir ?
   How much breathable air time do we have?

Well sir , if we make contact shortly we could survive , the air is only being filtered now , not generated , so ?

   How deep are we ? Could we make it to the surface ?
   Actually were not that deep sir , we could make it if we had too . How many spans would that be ? Ten maybe ? I didn't have much time to advance scan , not at that speed.

  Well I've got to lead , I'll go first . Operate the air lock , and I'll stay in communications from above.
I hadn't actually swam since the academy , so holding my breathe i slowly climbed up to the surface , land was visible but far off . My suit being body tight didn't interfere with my slow swimming progress , suddenly i felt a bump from below me , then an actual lifting and dragging by something bellow me , with that i heard a cackle from behind me and a push from two different aquatic species , the speed was incredible , and i was at standing level in quick time .

Looking behind me i saw two ,what looked like air breathing aquatic entities , and they were smiling and cackling ,  all the while nodding their heads up and down , i thanked them , told them i had nothing to offer , as they cackled and circled me, i reached out to pet one when a stone hit my hand , they both submerged as another stone hit my shoulder .
I turned towards shore , there was a camp of hominids shrieking and pointing at me , they looked to be a lower species , all hair and using hands and feet to move about , they were throwing more stones most were missing me but i had to gain respect , so i took my photon compression emitter and fired a blast at their camp blaze .
 Flames shot into the air and blew the fire out , sending everything into darkness .
I slowly headed for shore certain that i wouldn't have any problems now.
Tinn over ? Loud and clear sir , you make quick friends , those sea creatures helping you out.
You didn't see them coming Tinn ? Sir as you were ascending they raced from the depths , they have a natural sonar capability and are air breathing creatures.

  Alright whats the scenario ? Well sir it's mixed , the males are all on the hillock to your right and are fighting among-st themselves , what does tactics report on this behavior ? Already accessed sir , among-st life forms at this level it denotes preparation for battle.
As we speak a small party is descending towards you .
Suggestions , Tinn  ?
If you look directly in front of you you will see a large tree , destroy it as a show of power . What ? And destroy a perfectly good tree     Alright better yet , to the left of that tree two dead ones , back to back , fire at will sir , no bios emissions from them.
     I raised my arm and fired a packet at the first dead fall , it broke and flamed crashing down , i then slowed my emitter and fired at the second it exploded into flame.
Good work captain , all males are scrambling deeper into the forest.

Where are the females ? They are all laying low to your right , at the edge of the forest , probably watching or concerned ?
 Concerned of what ?
Well sir if you turn to your left not far off , you will see two entities one standing with what looks like a sharp pole , and one sitting , both holding each other.
I slowly turned , as my suit lights fell upon them surprise , was my reaction , are you getting this Tinn ? Yes sir all recorded .
What do you see ?  Looks like two different species , one protecting the other ,why did they not run like the rest ?

    The sitting female which is like the species common here is ill , full of large tumors , incurable and in great pain , a stone hanging from her neck is emitting radical unstable emissions , this could account for the tumors , and the lone male that protects her , could be a mistake caused by the stone emissions , he is the only one on this land mass .
I can't scan the entire planet from here , hold it ,  there are similar embryonic development in some of the females at the edge of the forest , he has mated .   All embryos different in subtle ways such as colour of skin and hair.

They will never know they are brothers and sisters i said .
 No sir.
I began moving towards them , sir the stick can't penetrate your suit , but a blow to the head could be fatal , i suggest backing off , protocol suggests...?
Hang protocol Tinn ! We are out here to learn , and this looks like a lesson.
Yes sir.
      I slowly approached the pair , the female , either from fear , or pain kept her head lowered , what we assumed had to be her relation shook , with the stick ready to strike.
I raised my hand and offered it to him , he with apprehension slowly reached out and grasped it . I smiled , he returned it , then placed his hands and attention on his mothers shoulders . I reached down placing my finger under her chin and slowly raised her head , her deep dark eye's squinted at me and i was moved by her suffering ,     Tinn i hailed , yes sir , he said softly , what are her options ?
    None sir , he replied , your med kit sir , yes Tinn ? Well , you have the full crew version , two ampules of dormia will do it.
I winced at the thought , but inhaled deeply as i loaded the injector .
  I lowered myself and put my arms under hers and slowly i lifted her , as she reached standing she again looked up at me , her eye's deep black pools of need , a need that spanned all species and conditions , i then injected her , as the dormia took effect she slowly transformed facially , she looked relieved , happier , and thankful all at the same time . Then she slowly slipped away , closing her eye's and clinging to me.
     A feeling of urgency came over me , i looked at the boy and as our eye's met i seemed to have blinked off for a moment , to return to Tinn's voice asking , what was that all about sir ?
What are you asking me Tinn ? You and the boy both yelled out .
    I did ? I said confused . Yes sir , I'll bring up the audio , you weren't preempted by the boy either , it was simultaneous .
  I then heard the record of a cross between a howl and a yell , i slowly lowered the body towards the boy , and we both lowered her gently to the sand.
  Waves of emotion were coursing through me and both of us sat on the rock beside her , tears were coming from our eye's . Are you all right sir ? Tinn asked in wonder .
  Your to young Tinn to know , yes sir your from the first generation to use the rebuilt anti aging genetics , i remember you saying about your monitors not even being in colour.
Yes this is my last season , i will now slowly follow this great mother to Ya.
I don't believe sir .
   I know , i said . I'll be here you keep working on solutions.

I've just made contact sir , you will love this , it's right from way back , I'm connected through Google , they must have a spacial cell close by.
Alright I'll be right  here , i said , as i sniffed my tears up my nose , o.k. sir . over.

   The force looked and saw a lesson in something intangible had been added to the pot of progression and two assemblies had learned today , all was going as planned . Aug/15/09/tatwogf/

Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 27 / 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012
Christmas 2012
Perimeter poppies .

The reason for Christmas .

Man is a pack animal , we quickly form groups or alliances to survive .

       These  factions all have a common form of communication .

" Christmas " , to a large part of the world , is a huge confirmation ,

of a certain way of thought , behavior , and reconfirmation .

So that the feeling is reborn  to solidify our credo of peace and love , or at least remember it .

Merry Christmas  ,
Planet Earth .

I love you all .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 25 / 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

the beatles/ in my life / Classic music vid.

Perimeter  paused , i remember , i was in bed as a little boy ,when my parents called me down to see the most outrageous thing they could imagine .
It was the Ed Sullivan show , the new sensation that was taking the world , especially the women , by storm .
 The youth of today can't relate to how influential the Beatles were in evolution .
We followed these young lads in everything they said and did . And they took the world to places and ways of thought we hadn't ever seen .
A group of fine British Young Men .

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December /23 /2012

Friday, December 21, 2012

Doomsday Rainchech , Official ,

Perimeter periods .

This is the receipt , Signed by the deliverer , an   ,  L . Satan .

" It's in the Bag "

Perimeter plutocrats .

It's 5 o'clock AM , December 21 / 2012 .
There seems to be no problems yet .

Oh , excuse me , someone is at my door .

O. K. I'm back , that was a bizarre visitor , by the name of ,
" L .Satan ",
He handed me a doomsday " Rain check ", and said he'll inform us of the new doomsday date when his new shipment of ,

                      " Fire and Brimstone "
,gets here .

Better get yours now , because brimstone is getting used up fast .
Don't worry it's in the bag .

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 21 / 2012

Gun Smoke

Perimeter pines .

Before Julius Caesar introduced the era of Emperors in Rome .

The Roman Army couldn't enter Italy south of the Rubicon River .

The senate and the people knew that a general with his troops in their home ground , would be like giving a Lion free reign to patrol the  streets .
And they would take over .
Well  , Caesar crossed the river and the senate ran for the hills .
The age of emperors was started .

This should be a lesson to us , that we better consider .

Because the governments want to disarm the people , and use more of their armies on home territory .

" The People aren't the ones to worry about , The Army on homeland
soil , is the force to worry about ".

The reason ? The leaders of the country are under the guns of their military . Impeding their decisions and power .

Then , well let's say when President Obama was running his first election , he promised to pull out of Afghanistan , upon being elected, he discovered who really ran the show , and ended up sending more troops .
Yes my friends he was introduced to a bullet with the name "Obama", engraved on it .
An offer he couldn't refuse , so the illegal war in Afghanistan continues .
Why just the other day i thought i saw a squad of Afghan terrorists hanging around main street .

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 21 / 2012

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Soldiers of Misfortune

Perimeter pugnacious .

Our store bought military .
The reason for the absence of the Mandatory Military Services .

They are going to be the casualty and the excuses for events they have no control over .

Thus they , like the Vietnamese Peace keeping Mission .

 Will be the " Soldiers of Misfortune ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . December /  20 / 2012

Koko's Kittens through the Years

To anybody out there that think animals are creatures with no soul and live from basic instinct , watch this video . G.Fronzi .

Monday, December 17, 2012

Mayan Calendar Again

Perimeter periods .

Mayan Calender pole shift . What most people don't see is that the force of the poles is very weak , it barely moves  strips of magnet . The reason for that is that we are closer to the north, the compass always turns north in the northern hemisphere . Therefore it would take an external force to just spin the upper mantle , otherwise we'd be pole shifting all the time .
Also the poles can and could be shifting without the earth moving at all . So relax , it's in the bag , not a medicine bag either .
 Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 17 / 2012

Arrivederci Illuminati

Perimeter pulses .

Illuminati .

  They say this a real and secretive web of the super wealthy .

  If So, my Question is ,  are there Italian Illuminati ?

   Considering it seems to stem from a British background .

 The Term  , "Illuminati " tho , is Italian , meaning , the bright ones , the ones that shine , the ones who are enlightened .

   Anyway , do you think that these are happy people ?
I've had the good fortune of having   , well at least brushed shoulders ,with the very rich .
  When your a guy that has my makeup , and your traveling in foreign lands you attract just about everybody.

  And if i would have a choice , whether be extremely rich , and how i am today ?   I'd  still pick myself .

  The reasoning ?
  With big money  comes  billions of little problems .

 Down to , as example , if i were to have a child that was born ill , well no big deal , i just now have more to live for .

 To the super rich , this child must be hidden and the spiritual bond for something you don't want to admit to is weak .

Just that anguish that you feel , not for your actions but your position.

It's a slow death , but nothing an ounce of crack can't cure .

  No if your a common man feel no lacking by not being rich .

But hug and kiss your children , let them know everything will be alright .

Arrivederci Illuminati .

Gianfranco Fronzi December  / 17 / 2012

Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Good Mistake . 2

 Time line,------ millions of years ago , hurtling through space ,a piece of ancient matter , is captured by the attraction of a blue bios rich planet .
  The finger , of the force ,t hat commandeers the occurrence , wants this to happen .
  This piece of astral debris, ignites as it enters the planets atmosphere,and it burns a trail through the sky.
 At impact, it is just a small misshapen stone .
  However it's voyage did not go unnoticed , a life form ,capable of acknowledging , that what he had just seen is interesting , goes to the impact sight , and digs with a flat piece of wood , and he find the remnants of the debris.
   It is an odd stone with sharp edges , and tiny passages strewn over it .
The entity feels the stone , it is still warm , he tastes it , upon placing it to his tongue , he feels , from years of harmonious cohabitation with the world around him , that the stone has a difference , to it , it lends a different sensation , vibration , and taste .
    The entity feels , he has something special , and has a bargaining chip , with this he might be able to trade for , food , or tools , or sexual favors .
  He holds it with one of his feet , and with his hands , threads a long piece of sisal , through one of the cavities .
    He then heads back to his community . With the stone around his neck , he proudly , but jealously shows it to his clan , everyone is fascinated by it , larger males try to take it , but he scurrilously backs away , guarding his little prize .
     He turns his attention to the other jewel of his eye , a young female of the clan , to him she is all of his desire , she is beautiful , and has not born any children yet , the ruling males always guarded her as their own , and would not allow him the possibility of mating with her .
    But now he has the stone , he holds it up for her to see , she suddenly sees him as more attractive than ever , she also is in her breeding cycle , and chemical urges, along with the possibility of acquiring the stone , lead her towards our fortunate friend .
All the while the force that developed this whole scenario ,  is working in the background , making what is about to happen possible . They meet , alone , he holds the stone up to her , and sexual urges take over .
   She now proudly wears the stone about her neck , it not only embellishes her ,  but makes her  , his companion  , through acquisition .
    Everything is going just as the force has planned .
  Inside her womb is a new life , but what our happy couple don't know is that the stone has properties that emanate from it , properties that affect the structure of existence around it.
  It is radioactive .
   The child is born , and it is horrible , it is almost hairless , its feet are elongated , not able to be manipulative , it has hands that are of a different shape , with an ability to grasp , are also hairless , he is of a lighter colour , in skin and hair , and the strangest thing of all , he has blue eyes .
    The father is horrified , and picks up a large rock to kill it .
 The rest of the males are in agreement with the reaction , and also want to destroy the mistake .
   But the mother , being it her first born , and having come from her body , will have none of that.
    With support  from the other females , who can understand her urge to protect .
   The males have to acquiesce to this , fearing female retaliation.      

The mother and child are forced to live on the edges of the community , supported by other females , and males seeking sexual favors .
   The father having abandoned her , and her mistake , only coming around when he felt the urge .
    The child meanwhile , grew , and survived , and at a point gave up using all four limbs to move , and stood upright , with an amazing ability of balance , and speed , he could also fashion objects quickly , and precisely with his deformed hands .
  The other males could sense the threat , but even as a child the boy was a match , in cleverness and agility .

The force saw everything was as it should be , and protected the good mistake .

Gianfranco Fronzi   FEB\19/07

Survey, Oil or Water, interesting 50/50 , back and forth

Perimeter penalties .

I would like a Simple Survey .

"Oil and Water" , they don't mix .

Which would you pick as a lifestyle ?

Oil ? check funny on the reaction boxes at bottom of entry .

Water ? Check interesting , in the box below .

I would derive some insight , and so will you , so ?

Which is it ?

 " Oil or Water  " ?

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi  . December / 15 / 2012


Perimeter paradigms .
Paradigm , "The generally accepted perspective of a particular discipline at a given time " .
A change in Paradigm , is usually significant in humanity .
To offer a new way of thought , sometimes takes centuries .
In today's  evolution it could be something  immediate .
We've got to take baby steps , to learn a new way of walking and talking .
Patience , has it's place , and it's drawbacks .
In a new world , the survival of the all , has to be taken into account .
For aren't we that special creature , the one that forms groups ?
Groups formed by ways of thought .
The seers of the past weren't giving immediate salvation , they were giving what we need to survive
today .
So we should all act as we've been taught , no more shady moves designed by singular organizations , but
a whole vision that we all see .
Dig it ?
Arrivederci baby .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 15 / 2012

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Webcam videoFronzi hard at work playing around with his computer . from ...

Just playing with the internet , so what ?

Gianfranco Fronzi December /11/2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Perimeter paste .

From Shitting on the Machinery  , from my Pompous Chair .

To kicking around " The Story Machine " .

I Arrogantly ask you , Who gets a life of such , Diversity , Love , Pain , and the interactions with the diverse characteristics , and points of view , of the people that i interact with .

I only hate one person on this planet , the person that was involved in the death of my dogs , and i could add senility could have had a hand there , and she was used ?

 Otherwise I , when I see someone , that is at least trying , to put on a good personality ,I take into account this person , As well as , Myself , and how complex and taxing life is , for all of us .

From this view you can reach a more heart felt relationship , and will always feel good when you see or think of that person .

Be like "Leo "because he still "Rules"

Arrivederci my friends .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 12 / 2012


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Stymied of Trying

Perimeter plankton .

The mistakes are often ones of trying .

"Trying to Like Something "

Take a Musical piece , if it enters your soul by surprise , you'll probably like it .

But if you are prepared to like it , you probably won't .

This brings to light a teaching tactic .
     " The students must get to like what they're learning ".

So an air of discovery and common jokesters , would make what's needed to be taught , wanted to be learned .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December . / 11 / 2012

Rider or Horse

Perimeter pancakes .
If the World is what we ride on , and it was compared to being a Horse .
Humanity would , as being  the rider , be charged under the most vile laws towards an Animal .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 11 / 2012

Arrivederci Baby .

Friday, December 7, 2012

Welcome Home

Perimeter published .

You can feel it can't you ?

It took thousands of years .

We are in for a change , but into the good , can you feel it .

Resistance is futile , you all will be assimilated .

" Welcome Home " .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 7 / 2012

Aerosmith - Amazing (Orchestral Version)

Perimeter police , this is amasing. Gianfranco Fronzi . December /7 / 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What's In A Name

Perimeter people

Time to change Earths name to ," Home" .

Gianfranco Fronzi December /5/ 2012

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Whitesnake - Too Many Tears (Studio)

This is a hidden Gem , enjoy .      Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 4 / 2012