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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Richard Branson: UN to Call On Governments Worldwide to Decriminalise Al...

You are person that speaks with forked tongue . Drugs are destroying western society . it always was a bad move to illegalize what grows freely at our feet . Destroying lives of people and their children by charging them outrageous prices for what is basically free . The drug laws are laws of imposition , they impose on mankind so that the authorities can profit and control the people , because everyone has a drug of choice . NOW , give us back our planet , and your rite to use what is put here to help us , you know I;ve listened to your idiotic rants , if it sys blue you say no it;s green and a ploy to create a new world order . Well we;re in the order your worrying bout , we want a new one that uses reason and freedom , not another minute on what you think but with what we all know . free the planet .

Gianfranco Fronzi . November / 22 / 2015

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Rev. Douglas James Cottrell PhD: The Great Pyramid Queen's chamber myste...

+therealnightwriter Yea , a stepping stone towards the Kings Chamber , is a little far out .

But what isn't about these mysterious buildings ?"
I believe they were built before writing was used as communication even hieroglyphics .
Something happened I believe , that a society could predict , such as an asteroid heading this way .
If they built the pyramids they would possess this ability .
Then , with machinery, built what we see today , I'm considering that they were technologically advanced ?
As a matter , one scientist named NOAH , collected all the DNA of all the species he could, to repopulate the planet . the Ark wasn't a huge boat , but a vessel equipped with the tools to do this .

Gianfraanco Fronzi . November / 21 / 2015

MUST SEE!!! Someone That Speaks The Truth

IF the UNITED STATES IS involved ? It wants out now . believe me whoever is behind this has lots of money , and is afraid of it becoming worthless ,

Gianfranco fronzi . NOVEMBER / 21 / 2015