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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

coronavirus solvents

In this time of pandemic disease.
I would like to add,
Have you tried non petroleum solvents that can be ingested .
The virus or bacterial find it hard to stay alive when a solvent is in the body.
Gianfanco Fronzi
March 19 / 2020

Tuesday, March 17, 2020


This revelation is directed mainly for the Sault Ste Marie district.
The Saint Mary's river is moving twenty five hours a day at about thirty miles per hour.
This movement alone could generate a lot of electrical energy.
With stations stacked down the river.
But we have only one generating station.
Do you know why?
Because at the bottom of the river is many feet of toxic waste from the steel plant and the Paper mill.
They don't want to disturb this mess. Both industries don't want to take responsibility because they blame each other.
I think it's time for some big project. And in our interest now that electricity is replacing oil as energy.
Using shoring , barges and pumps along with machinery, and doing a section at a time , we could become the largest producer of electricity on the planet, and all free , well the cleaning and construction  would cost but after that it's Jed Clampett shooting at some food.
That energy in that river is phenomenal and shouldn't be wasted.
The cleanup could be done and installation could happen along side so only one area can be done with one section and we could install while removing..
There you go free energy.
Gianfanco Fronzi
Tuesday March 17 / 2020

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Starve the fires

With the problems of the wildfires that we are having there could be an easy solution.
Instead of loading the planes with water, fill them with baking soda.
This will rob the fire of oxygen, and put out huge swathes of fire, anything would do as an oxygen depletion.
It's worth a try.
Gianfanco Fronzi .
March 8 /2020

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Dark side of the moon. Useful .

Does everyone realize that the moon rotates in time with its orbit, so we are seeing the same side all the time , incredible isn't it ?
Taking from the song Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd the last voice says, '
' You know there is no dark side of the moon, as a matter it is all dark , it just reflects the sun.'
That's the ticket, if we are always seeing the same side we could put reflectors on it to send us more light and with light energy.
Do you see what I mean?
Gianfanco Fronzi
February 22 / 2020

Friday, February 7, 2020

My theory,

Not to disturbe anyone, but to even theorize a big bang is insane. 
Why should all of what we see today,  have been compressed in a singularity? 
We can't judge the movement of the matter that we see, and say it is all expanding outward at even rate, when we know that it isn't that way. 
Galaxies crash into each other and debris is random. 
There are unshakable laws to the universe and one of the most solid is that, energy,  basically everything is energy in one form or another,  can't be created or destroyed, so there is nothing out there that wasn't already here in some form or another. 
I like to think of the universe as a huge machine,  with energy moving to where it is attracted to or repulsed from. 
All the while in a huge rotational movement. 
Gianfranco Fronzi  
February 7 ,2020

Thursday, July 4, 2019


This is complete insanity , Iran wasn't doing anything wrong , it was sticking to the contract , that idiot tore it up for no reason , I agree with the Iranians they are mentally ill in the United States . History will not forget what is happening here and if that is making the United States great again you are nuts the United States has reached a new low .

Donald Trump threatens Iran with obliteration

This is complete insanity , Iran wasn't doing anything wrong , it was sticking to the contract , that idiot tore it up for no reason , I agree with the Iranians they are mentally ill in the United States . History will not forget what is happening here and if that is making the United States great again you are nuts the United States has reached a new low .

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

To All Canadians , a vision

My vision is from contemplation which I do while I'm doing something else , but eerily sometimes it is spot on .
I have been noticing , through observation and actions of world leaders an eerie trail leading to an even more eerie end .
What I'm seeing is a global form of right wing governing and they are connected ,and seem  to want to take over and subjugate the people.
I'm almost convinced that Trump has delayed the attack on Iran because he is waiting for his smear campaign on Trudeau to put the conservatives in parliament .
Then we would be drawn into the war because they will follow their conservative leaders , Trump and also Putin of Russia , our good name would be added to a murderous action .
They then will fake a solar flare attack and shut down power and communication systems including the internet , thus throwing us into a dark age where they will only rule. They can do this using ground based EMP cannons .
I've been watching their actions and meetings and something is not right , leading me to this possible vision .
I am not liberal but I definitely am not conservative .
Is this the end times or the end of a way of life  ?
Beware fellow Canadians don't hand us over to Nazi United States.
Stay Canadian , like Chretien staying out of their bullshit search for weapons of mass destruction , he saved our good name .
Then the bush bootlicker Harper tore it down .
Gianfranco Fronzi
July 2 / 2019

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Odd properties of light

Starlight crosses unfathomable amounts of distance to reach your eyeballs , it is measured in light years.
Therefore light must carry a lot of energy with it to keep going, yet when it hits your eyeballs no blast, but nothing.
There is something here that doesn't jive .
Gianfranco Fronzi June 25 / 2019

Monday, June 17, 2019

We are able and we Do

What would that show?
I'm a Canadian born in Italy .
All I know is Canada and I love it.
We have taken in refugees from the war torn middle East.
You're damn right, excuse our naivety but we do stuff like that.
I would hope that they don't prove us wrong for doing so, but so far they've been alright.
Remember there is only one sun one planet, one God.
We aren't interested in your religion, but we are interested in our position where we could have helped but didn't.
And then a little boy, a toddler, his body washes up on a Turkish beach. Trying to escape the hell his country was in he boarded a boat at night, the boat sank and he drowned .
That boy had applied for refuge in Canada, the government at the time was not that way and we lost him.
We don't want to be like that again because we can do that.

Gianfranco Fronzi  June 17 / 2019

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Jaded Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada

The results of years in a life of suffering are,
Being Jaded to things that should make you happy.

Gianfranco Fronzi May 30th,. 2019

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Attempts at getting Mankind

Perimeter pleserasauruses .
Having posted on Facebook already that , ' It seems like there were several attempts to make Mankind 'This way of thought has been accepted in academia as well as the population .  Lets continue .
One of my favorite segues in english is ' Having said that ', well having said that , what does attempting to make mankind have to expose on , our beliefs or reality , and our take on God or a creator designer ?
Lets go right to God .
If a God was attempting , was he  a designer an artist that scrapped a piece of work then worked  on another piece , hoping to get a better hominid ?
Because God as we see him , he would just have to snap his finger and whammo mankind .
Or are we a work in progress ?
To be destroyed and a new work take place on a new kind of life form or hominid life ?
In the case of the absence of God , and nature taking its course , well we are obviously the results and the survivors , Neanderthal , and cro-magnon , just didn't quite make it .The only differences are few , a little bit smarter and complex , with a detailed language .
But the defining event was the creation of 'Money ' and as Cindy Lauper sings ' Money changes everything '.
Money is a promise by giving the bearer a token to be able to trade it at a later date instead of actually trading tangible goods .
Now how did we con ourselves into that situation ?
 Because its mutable , it has a life of its own , it can grow in value or be redistributed and cause a valueless system .
When the value should always match the promise .
Who pulled the toga over our eyes on that bullshit ?
Well we attached manny actions to give money life , we attached the creadeters ability to produce , or having another form of value that is related to its quantity .
Well then money is a ' Lie ' . that really has no value at all .
If it did well then the organization that offers currency is resource rich and can back its currency .
Not so , it has become the organization that can inflict the most damage that determines that can value the currency of the entire planet .
Doesn't that sound a little screwy ?
My money or your life ?
We are being dupt and put our lives in the hands of money  drunken people that have no interest in how we fare ,   but how they fare by their manipulation of money .
Getting back to God he isn't finished , because if he was it would be a lot easier to actually combine our abilities and  knowledge , and have a easier time by agreeing instead of sticking to what we want or influencing the outcome , we will never reach that point . So a new species will either come from mankind or we are destroyed and the new kid in town is taking over .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Aptil 

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Victims of Love

My weakness will entice you .
My indifference will bait you .
And my Love will Destroy You .

Gianfranco Fronzi
February 23 / 2019

Monday, January 7, 2019

Suggestions From Personality Definitions

People when they say to you over and over " I don't do anything wrong ,I dont steal , I dont cheat ,
Make sure that they include .
 "I don't Lie " .
Otherwise what they've said in the other virtues are made negative .
If they can lie .

Gianfranco Fronzi
January  / 7 / 2019 .

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Enter the Procession

Life is More than just an  existence .
It is more like a procession.
Based on Mistakes and Corrections that you personally make.
That lead up to a view.
Or you could describe it your Movie.
Movies are always judged by the people that viewed it.
If you think it's you are going to be judged by your deity they already know what you will react to and how you will end  at it.
The judges are the people that knew you.
Will they come out feeling ripped off  , wasting there time and money?
Or would they come out feeling good and  rooting for you ?
I would suggest that we play our roles well .
Gianfranco Fronzi.
Wednesday/ January/ 2/ 2019