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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Squeals like a pig .

Perimeter perpetrators .
As viewed on Faciabook .
Is the English language used for repressing people ?

This viewpoint , even though I haven't read the whole article , stops me to include it in my ,
" Most Moronic " articles I've ever seen by Truthout , and Faciabook . 

 English was my second language , I'm an Italian born Canadian . 

When my Parents came to Canada , they didn't expect anything to change because we are here .

 And we felt it to be our duty to learn the English language . 

Do you see anything lacking in my ability to express myself ? 

Be proud of the common language " English " that you have .

Not find a form of repression to foreign languages .

It's up to them to become Americans , not us into a service state .

 In the schooling I'm sure this topic is well taken care of .

Depending on if the freckled faced kid behind you squeals like a pig . 

Gianfranco Fronzi .   December /14 / 2014

Let's try it .

Perimeter pulled .
No Borders .
I would like to give an incite that may be dreaming on my part , yet could be a solution for our most troubling actions as a species .
When we were established as a species , as most species we started to mark boundaries .
This template of our survival , grew with us , as in more and larger territories , or countries .
If I be so bold to suggest ?
Don't you think we should step out of a long running outdated problem ?
Why not ?
All the Regions keep their policies , but lets all drop international borders .
Mankind will have no reasons to compete and a new found freedom , one that anyone can't turn on and say , you're an American , or you're Chinese , or you're European .
No it's , I'm an Earthling .
Wouldn't that cause a lot of trouble ?
Gianfranco Fronzi . Oct. / 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Retirement , this is the End . , Sault Ontario , East , West , North and South , New York , L.A.

Perimeter pipe fitters .

Your Work and the limit of Retirement .

Have you ever heard this reoccurring  statement ?

" He retired , and then bang , two weeks later he was dead "?

Well here's the tale in common words .

When you're working , it's a period that you treasure because it's an escape from modern life .

It's biggest separation is from , " Drug of Choice ".

And everybody has one .

When you retire you suddenly find that you're going to do more of that drug with your free time .

Well let's take for example , Alcohol , a favorite amongst the population , so favorite that when the

Alcoholic retires , he falls into continues binge , or drinking till complete intoxication .

To the point of eventually dying from over drinking , which doesn't take long .

If you can get by on Marijuana , it's a healthier choice , but it is a gateway drug .

The trick for the Marijuana user is to stick to just marijuana . Otherwise the next options for most thrills without leaving the house , will show you its ramifications .

For the ones that cross over to Cocaine or " Up "drugs , you'll ,
go broke , do things your going to regret [ this pertains to all drugs , alcohol or these third party drugs except for marijuana ].

You'll dive into Cocaine because , if that first " Line ", is good cocaine , " It's too good ".

And if you're not smart enough to see it's power you'll go into a different lifestyle .

The key is to take heed from reading stuff from people that have taken and regret the trip .

Cocaine is also a corrupter of morals , and viewpoints .

Usually snorting is replaced by smoking it as "Crack", crack is a more intense but short lived stone .
Therefore you'll do more repeatedly , sapping your money and family life .

The real key , is seeing this in your personality , the " Addictive  one ", and not allowing failure .

Now for the worst " Opiates ".

Cocaine is ,  water soluble , therefore if you can abstain for a week and change environment or influence you won't suffer from the life threatening withdrawals that both the Opiates and Alcohol have .

Alcohol is water soluble also , but it enters every cell in the body , then the pain as it has to come out

of every cell in the body , is devastating .

Opiates are the same , but both them and Alcohol , are a concern , because the addicts have the " sensory reawakening ", Marijuana has some lesser effect of this also , but the user can't reach a level of intoxication which the rest can .

With Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal you'll be laying in bed lacking the " Courage " to get up and get a Glass of Water .

So to wrap up this sermon .

The " Key " is to see your " Addictive Personality " beforehand and not trying the " Lock " of any Drug if you can do without them .

As a side note ; the users  of ,  "Intravenous " , as a delivery is now back in fashion and has returned by the hundred fold .
When intravenous is the delivery , you've now stepped out of the ," Comfort of living " , to a serious

  " ball and chain ".

And you'll have to join a club of similar users , because you'll need to support your Intravenous habit at any cost , even  at the price of your  Soul .

So " Keep on Rockin in the Free World ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 8 / 2014

Adam , Had no Balls .Sault Canada , East , West , North and South . New York , L.A. TORONTO .

Perimeter pullers .

Adam had no Balls .

If God created Adam ?
Why would he give Adam a sexual position he couldn't use ?

I believe , if it is so  ?

 Then  , "Adam " was like the Angels , sexless .

To put Adam into a sleep to extract a sexual partner , must have included a transformation of Adam

himself to being a separate form of human life ?
                                                                   " A Man"  .
On Jesus ,

 Let's look at one story , the curing of the blind man .

If you know the story , Jesus didn't cure the blind man completely with his first spit made mud pack ?

He had to make another mud pack to fully restore his sight ?

Doesn't a miracle work immediately ?

 Or was this a  cure and not a miracle at all ?

You decide .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 8 / 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Saving an African Icon

When I look out at the stars in the sky I dream of good things , like the possibility of a place or planet where personal growth isn't measured by stimulations of nerves to create stronger bodies and growth . A place where as we walk past each other , of any species , and we instantly share our energies , from an entity that could afford to give to one in need .
You'd probably say it wouldn't work ? There couldn't be such a place where it just all works that easy ?
Did you see here what these people did for this Elephant ?
It's a start .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 5 / 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love or Hate . East , West , North , South , Sault Ontario , Toronto , New York , Los Angeles , and All ships at sea .

Perimeter perpetrators .
Love or Hate ?
You decide .
If there is a God .
Take yourself .
Would you work on an unfinished project , that criticizes itself .
And because of its criticism , you'd give up on it , or hate it ?
No way , It's got too much fun for entertainment purposes alone .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 2 / 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

The good Mistake . 2014 . East ,West , North , and , South . Toronto , New York , Sault , Los Angeles .

Hello Perimeter Parents , I'm Going To Take You To Another Plain Of Existence , back .

To Check On The Good Mistake.

We Were Collapsing Space  , Moving At Top Speed When My System Manager Tinn Yelled Out , we're  Pushing A Wave In Front Of The Ship .

The Advance Scanners Must Have Not Detected Occupied Space ?

We've Got To Bring Her Out Of Hyper Velocity Slowly .
Or We Will Shatter Our Chrystal's , they Must Be Running At High Temperature , We've Probably Caused A Lot Of Damage?

Inn , I Called To My Helmsman , find Out Where We Will Stop , Then Scan For A Hospitable

Planet , we Might Have To Wait For Help ?

The Ship Started To Vibrate As We Quickly Slowed Down , we Had Too , The Wave Of ,
  Probably A Gas ?
 Would Have Become A Wall , If We Continued .

We Will Be Completely Stopped Shortly , Tinn Said , any Luck Iin ?
  Yes , There Is A Young System With One Planet In Bio .
Check The Crystals , start The Vortex , take Us To This Planet , I Rattled Out In One Order .
The Crew Jumped To Perform The Tasks  , Inn ? Take Us Towards The Bio Planet , And Scan It For

Known Unsuitable Environments.

Yes Sir .

We Had Little Choice  , As Far As Our Survival , the Ship With The Damage Incurred Could Give Up Function Completely .

Do You Wish To Try Orbit Sir ?

 No , Lets Use Up What We've Got To Approach Straight In , at Least We Can Free Ourselves From The Ship.
Or Die ? Inn Said.
Or Die I Repeated.
The Crystals Are Full Of Seams , They're  Useless,we've Only Got Back Up Power, Maybe Enough To Get Us On The Planet ?
 But We'll Be Stuck There Till Help Reaches Us , Tin Reported .

Alright Everyone Strap Into Your Survival Pods , set Them Upright And Transfer Controls Over To Them , we'll Be Going Into Atmosphere Shortly.

I Could Feel The Effects Of Gravity , And With It The Sensation Of Falling , our Craft Was Not Made For Atmospheric Flight , So We Sliced At The Mercy Of It's Reaction And Entered At High Velocity Keeping A Steep Angle Of Descent.

We Are Heading For Water Sir , land Not To Far Off .
Hopefully We'll Slice Into The Water .
With That , We Plunged Into The Sea Lodging Ourselves Under A Sunken Overhanging Cliff.

Integrity , I Asked ?
Leaping Out Of My Pod , Tin Reported , ship Sane , but We're Stuck Under this  Overhang .

We All Fell Silent , send A Distress Report To All Channels , include All Ships Final Activities , hopefully There Is Someone Nearby?

There Was Nothing We Could Do.

We Sat Quietly , all Pondering For Solutions.
 Tin I Asked ?
  Yes Sir ?
How Much Breathable Air Time Do We Have?

Well Sir , if We Make Contact Shortly We Could Survive , the Air Is Only Being Filtered Now , not Generated , so ?

So ? How Deep Are We ?
Could We Make It To The Surface ?
  Actually Were Not That Deep Sir , we Could Make It If We Had Too .
How Many Spans Would That Be ?
Ten Maybe ?
I Didn't Have Much Time To Advance Scan , not At That Speed .

Well ,  I've Got To Lead  , I'll Go First . Operate The Air Lock , and I'll Stay In Communications From Above.

I Hadn't Actually Swam Since The Academy , So Holding My Breathe I Slowly Climbed Up To The Surface , land Was Visible But Far Off .
My Suit Being Body Tight , Didn't Interfere With My Slow Swimming Progress , suddenly I Felt A Bump From Below Me ?
Then An Actual Lifting And Dragging , By Something Bellow Me , with That I Heard A Cackle
From Behind Me ?
 And A Push From Two Different Aquatic Species , the Speed Was Incredible , And I Was At Standing Level In Quick Time .
Looking Behind Me , I Saw Two ,What Looked Like Air Breathing Aquatic Entities ?

And They Were Smiling And Cackling , All The While Nodding Their Heads Up And Down .
  I Thanked Them.
Told Them I Had Nothing To Offer , as They Cackled And Circled Me , I Reached Out To Pet One .
When A Stone Hit My Hand ?
They Both Submerged , As Another Stone Hit My Shoulder ?
I Turned Towards Shore , there Was A Camp Of Hominids Shrieking And Pointing At Me , they
Looked To Be A Lower Species?
 All Hair And Using Hands And Feet To Move About.
They Were Throwing More Stones , Most Were Missing Me , But I Had To Gain Respect , so I Took My Photon Compression Emitter , And Fired A Blast At Their Camp Blaze , flames Shot Into The Air And Blew The Fire Out ,  Sending Everything Into Darkness .

I Slowly Headed For Shore , Certain That I Wouldn't Have Any Problems Now?

Tinn Over ?
Loud And Clear Sir ,  you Make Quick Friends  ?
 Those Sea Creatures Helping me Out , you Didn't See Them Coming Tinn ?
 Sir As You Were Ascending They Raced From The Depths , they Have A Natural Sonar Capability And Are Air Breathing Creatures .

Alright Whats The Scenario ?

Well Sir , It's Mixed , the Males Are All On The Hillock To Your Right .
And Are Fighting Amongst Themselves .
What Does Tactics Report On This Behavior ?
 Already Accessed Sir , amongst Life Forms At This Level It Denotes Preparation For Battle .
As We Speak A Small Party Is Descending Towards You.
Suggestions , Tinn?
If You Look Directly In Front Of You You Will See A Large Tree , destroy It As A Show Of Power.
What ? And Destroy A Perfectly Good Tree ?
Alright Better Yet , to The Left Of That Tree Two Dead Ones Back To Back , fire At Will Sir , no Bios Emissions From Them .

I Raised My Arm And Fired A Packet At The First Deadfall , it Broke And Flamed Crashing Down , I  Then Slowed My Emitter And Fired At The Second , It Exploded Into Flame.

Good Work Captain , all Males Are Scrambling Deeper Into The Forest.

Where Are The Females ?
They Are All Laying Low To Your Right , at The Edge Of The Forest , probably Watching Or Concerned ?
Concerned Of What?
Well Sir , If You Turn To Your Left Not Far Off , You Will See Two Entities , One Standing With What Looks Like A Sharp Pole , and One Sitting , both Holding Each Other.

I Slowly Turned , as My Suit Lights Fell Upon Them  ,Surprise , Was My Reaction ?
Are You Getting This Tinn ?
Yes Sir , All Recorded.
What Do You See ?
 Looks Like Two Different Species One Protecting The Other ,Why Did They Not Run Like The Rest ?

The Sitting Female Which Is Like The Species Common Here Is , full Of Large Tumors , incurable .
And In Great Pain , a Stone Hanging From Her Neck Is Emitting Radical Unstable Emissions , this Could Account For The Tumors?
 And The Lone Male That Protects Her ?
Could Be A Mistake Caused By The Stone Emissions?
He Is The Only One On This Land Mass ,  I Can't Scan The Entire Planet From Here .
Hold It ?
 There Are Similar Embryonic Development In Some Of The Females At The Edge Of The Forest , he Has Mated . all Embryos Different In Subtle Ways Such As Colour Of Skin And Hair.

They Will Never Know They Are Brothers And Sisters I Said ?
No Sir.

I Began Moving Towards Them , Sir The Stick Can't Penetrate Your Suit , But A Blow To The Head Could Be Fatal ,I Suggest Backing Off , protocol Suggests?

Hang Protocol Tinn !
We Are Out Here To Learn , and This Looks Like A Lesson .
Yes Sir.

I Slowly Approached The Pair , the Female , either From Fear , or Pain , Kept Her Head Lowered.

What We Assumed Had To Be Her Relation , Shook , With The Stick Ready To Strike .

I Raised My Hand And Offered It To Him , he With Apprehension Slowly Reached Out And Grasped It .
I Smiled , he Returned It ,Then Placed His Hands , And Attention On His Mothers Shoulders.
I Reached Down Placing My Finger Under Her Chin , And Slowly Raised Her Head .
Her Deep Dark Eye's Squinted At Me , And I Was Moved By Her Suffering .
Tinn ?
 I Hailed.
Yes Sir , he Said Softly .
What Are Her Options?
None Sir , he Replied .
Your Med Kit Sir?
Yes Tinn?
Well , you Have The Full Crew Version , two Ampules Of Dormia Will Do It.

I Winced At The Thought , But Inhaled Deeply As I Loaded The Injector.
I Lowered Myself And Put My Arms Under her  , And Slowly I Lifted Her .
As She Reached Standing She Again Looked Up At Me .
Her Eye's Deep Black Pools Of Need , a Need That Spanned All Species And Conditions .

I Then Injected Her , as The Dormia Took Effect She Slowly Transformed Facially.
She Looked Relieved , happier , and Thankful  , All At The Same Time.

Then She Slowly Slipped Away , closing Her Eye's And Clinging To Me.

A Feeling Of Urgency Came Over Me?
I Looked At The Boy And As Our Eye's Met , I Seemed To Have Blinked Off For A Moment , to Return To Tinn's Voice Asking .
What Was That All About Sir ?

What Are You Asking Me Tinn ?
You And The Boy Both Yelled Out .
I Did ?   I asked  Confused?
 Yes Sir , I'll Bring Up The Audio , you Weren't Preempted By The Boy Either , it Was Simultaneous .
I Then Heard The Record Of A Cross Between A Howl And A Yell ?
I Slowly Lowered The Body Towards The Boy And We Both Lowered Her Gently To The Sand .

Waves Of Emotion Were Coursing Through Me , And Both Of Us Sat On The Rock Beside Her , tears Were Coming From Our Eye's .
Are You All Right Sir ? Tinn Asked ?
 In Wonder.
Your To Young Tinn , To Know.
Yes Sir , Your From The First Generation To Use The Rebuilt Anti Aging Genetics , I Remember You Saying About Your Monitors Not Even Being In Colour .

Yes This Is My Last Season , I Will Now Slowly Follow This Great Mother To Ya .

I Don't Believe Sir.
I Know , I Said.
I'll Be Here You Keep Working On Solutions.

I've Just Made Contact Sir , you Will Love This ?
It's Rite From Way Back , I'm Connected Through Google , they Must Have A Spacial Cell Close By ?
Alright I'll Be Right  Here .
 I Said , as I Sniffed My Tears Up My Nose .
O.k. Sir.over.

The Force Looked And Saw A Lesson In Something Intangible Had Been Added To The Pot Of Progression . And Two Assemblies Had Learned Today , all Was Going As Planned.


Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 1 / 2014

" God is the Smile On a Dolphins Face "

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

" From Many Come None , From None Come Many "

Perimeter people .

Think about this next time you have to make a decision .

                                                      " From Many Come None ,
                                                        From None Come Many "

Gianfranco Fronzi . November / 25 / 2014


Sunday, November 16, 2014

George W. Bush Killed Tomas Young

This I believe true . This man Thomas Young signed up for duty right after 911 to show what he thought were the perpetrators of the disaster response  . Instead a corrupt government sent him on an illegal senseless war in a country that had nothing to do with 911 . The reason was To fined Weapons of mass destruction , none were found , but Mr. Young was shot , paralyzed and died .
With this man went the whole reason to have celebrated being U.S. citizen , my country Canada didn't fall for the lies and my Prime Minister Jean Chr├ętien kept us legal .
Mr. Thomas if you can see the effect your life will and does have , you will be the driving force that might let God bless it again .
For the rest of us , you're going to have to fight me to drive the bus to Hell when Bush Cheney and their murderous crew come to their moments of truth .
Thank You , Thomas Young .

Thursday, November 13, 2014

What type of weather do we want ? Lights effects in transition .

Perimeter Postulates .
What type of weather do we want ?

If so much light is reflected , that we see a bright moon or earth , this should give an indication of how effortlessly light is in its redirection .

Meanwhile does the darker portions of the planet absorb most of the light that is reflected in dark colors ?

To darken snow covered areas mechanically , would we heat up ?

Or Whiten the dark areas . to cool down ?
Gianfranco Fronzi  .  November / 13 / 2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

In a World Where Freedom Is Outlawed Only Outlaws Will Be Free

This is one of the defining videos of the modern era .
Spread it far and wide .
Fronzi Approved .

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Any Doubts ?

Perimeter  politicians .

One of your best Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in front of our eyes , and to this day nobody knows the whole truth . Do you think 911 is going to be the same ?
Maybe ?
 But you've got people that were employed to guarantee your safety .
Add up all the failures of 911 .
Two passenger jets entered New York downtown air space .
They impacted into two buildings that were known targets of terrorists .
Meanwhile your President took refuge behind school  children .
The most guarded military headquarters on earth is also hit by another passenger jet .
Meanwhile your head commander gave the order to stand down .
Was he hoping for the best outcome ?
They then announce that it's mastermind was a well known terrorist .
But instead of searching for this terrorist , who they say is hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan , they go and proliferate an illegal war .
Killing , destroying and wasting , the U.S. , and Iraqi's , people , looking for , now here's the clincher , " Weapons of Mass Destruction " .
Which they don't find .
People of the United States , if I did my job as poorly , brazenly wrong , and uncaring ,
I would have been killed mysteriously on nightshift .
Yet they still insult you , not us Canadians because our Prime Minister ,
   " Jean Chr├ętien"
 Wouldn't spill Canadian blood on a fools venture , and sided with reason and sanity .
You on the other hand are all guilty , because you did nothing but follow like .....?
Gianfranco Fronzi . October / 12 / 2014

Friday, September 26, 2014

Satao - The Death of a Great Tusker

How disheartening , this is a blow to the whole planet , if not existence itself .
How do you stop what you can't get a grip on it ?
Sign petitions , send money , send help ?
Anyone reading this that has watched this video , and that has the power , or access to people with the power , please put it to use , we can't , as humans allow this to continue . If there's a reason for war this is the only type of reason .
Killing  Human Greed .

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Unidentified Flying Objects ; help needed , be observent .

Perimeter penalties .
As the solo writer in this Blog " Something to Believe in " .

I would like to give myself a " Rite" , a " Power " , that also includes me giving some " Rites , and " Powers " .
That is .
The "Power to Judge " , How do I give myself these Higher Powers ?
Because on Observation of Myself  , I would listen Too Me .
My " Ratings " for " Mankind " ;
You'd be surprised , but I think we're doing great , except in a few categories , the main one .
Has got to be ; at this point , September / 24 / 2014 .
        " War "
I've got to think " Logically " , and " Mathematically " .
And I'm forced to say ,
" If not for the fact that " War still Exists " , I'd have no Reasons to Look at Mankind and say ,
Going as expected " .
Yet , no , a Baffling need to " Be stupid " , is still around when Not Needed .
This Forces me to Lower Mankind's  " Fronzi " Ratings .
Arguments ?
Name the last War Where ; a country had to Defend Itself ?
The position that directs a country , isn't because of need , the results of war have shown no changes by , winning or losing a war .
The same future and ways of life , might have not fought at all  , because the results are the same .
It's only natural to follow the money .
And that's it .
Bad move , because the " Bait " money , isn't gained by the war .
But by the " Intelligence " and " Resourcefulness " of the " People " , win or lose .
Capice ?
Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 24 / 2014

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ISIS The Start of World War III? David Icke

ISIS , is a religious political group I guess ? But there's one other political group that is conjoined by religion , the Israelis .
If you're sane you should know that world war 3 isn't a necessary thing . To accept the idea that ww3 is inevitable is creating it . Just everyone pull out of the middle east , the world war will be fought by the people that create the situation , we will just clean up .
The Israelis should have known their position , the United States has no contract to back Israel in illegal warfare . So Israel will have to deal with other factions , like sympathetic Islamic states , or  Russia , and China .
Pull everyone out , let the cleansing happen over the wound , not all over the body .

Sunday, September 7, 2014

General Wesley Clark tells of how Middle East destabilization was planne...

You've got to keep in mind this is a General of the United States . Selling his book isn't the main reason here because he's got a fat pension he could loose , along with his life . This man , even though the video is old , is telling you exactly what he knows .                                                           I personally would like to apologize to the countries that were disrupted , and I promise you from the bottom of my soul , not all of the people of North America  knew this was happening , I would say none but obviously some did .                                                                                                                    We can't go backwards and we don't have the power to . So lets pray to our Gods , that there is a reason for them allowing this manmade catastrophe ? The people will get their turn to bite their devious and heartless employees back , and I think it's coming ? So hang on and don't strike while we clean house , if we can ?                                              May God , Allah , whomever  your own God is , Watch over Us . Goodbye .                                                           Gianfranco Fronzi .September / 7 / 2014

Monday, September 1, 2014

Our definition of Species .

Perimeter phenomenon .

I've been doing a study of species that I admire or love the most .

And one entity ; " The Elephants " has , I believe , not been appreciated enough .

So I write about it today , if this document survives future generations can look and see what happened , and it's possible impacts .

I judge the level of a species by judging it's civility .

There's no use looking any further , a savage antisocial such as the " Shark " species I judge at a low level .

Having said that , and keeping with the thought , the "Elephants " species I've got to rank at above ours ; and possibly as good as it gets on this reality .

They are herbivores , they are so sensitive they die from loneliness and worry .

Yet they are due to be extinct from the wild within the decade .

There is one factor that is the most judgmental in reverse , our levels of civility , that being ,

" The Ivory " trade .

Which causes " Poaching ", a killing and mutilation of elephants with tusks .

Now the human race that is specified for this demand are the " Orientals ", which carve the Ivory.

This heartless action in this age of ano 2014 , is exposing the level they are at .

As me , I would take up a different trade , change my talents for anything else than to not live with the fact that my livelihood comes from the "Ivory " of an entity such as the Elephants .

There is a great love for these creatures though , and maybe with this on our side , maybe ?

No amount of apology can be given , no greater a loss can be achieved .

Even though I'm thousands of miles from them , I sense their presence on the planet .

When mankind losses that presence he'll have few to replace it .

The truest loss wouldn't be the elephants , it would be ours .

Gianfranco Fronzi . August / 31 / 2014

Friday, July 25, 2014

Marijuana . [ some facts ] North , South , East , West .

Perimeter plunged .
I will begin with a disclaimer , not for me so much , as too, not sway your decisions .
I do not condone the use of Marijuana .
This entry is just my view of this fascinating gift .
I've been a marijuana smoker for a long time now , I'm from that generation .
Now at almost sixty years I feel I have the rite to speak .
Therefore .
This plant " Cannabis , Marijuana ", has  definitely played a massive role in the involvement of Mankind .
The initiative beginning of using Marijuana is either capturing , or a psychological nightmare .
But I didn't start doing drugs to get high .
And weathering the levels of consciousness has placed me to the position of control , as in .

" The ability to function even when stoned ".
I write this now under it's effects .
Judge me .
I believe this biological life form to have some spiritual connections with humans .
Thus a tiller in our way of thought , and a path to more deeper visions .
If you walk the perimeter , you know what I mean .
Gianfranco Fronzi . July / 25 / 2014

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Winds of Change . East , West , North , South , and all ships at sea .

Perimeter plunged .
Winds of Change .
Have you ever felt something on the horizon ?
Have you ever wondered is it just you , or is everyone feeling it to ?
In these last Hundred years more has been learned , categorized , and picked through .
But the most baffling questions still elude us .
Or are these questions even needed answers too ?
Just keep this and you'll be fine .
A Blow Job isn't going to rule the world .
But neither is a bullet .
So when you get your game face on , put on a ring , or bracelet , or necklace ,
To remind you to stay real , in a world that banks on deception .
Evil is just as stupid and entertaining as a runaway train , just watch it's crash .
You know why ?
Because the toll it takes evil  to support itself  , is the reasons to just turn away  , and go your own way .
Hang tight , there's a big blue world to save . But who assigned you to save it ?
So let's keep on " Rocking in the We World ".
Gianfranco Fronzi . July / 13 / 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bearing Bears . Sault Ontario Canada .

Perimeter primers .
This is a reply to the reinstated bear hunt in Ontario .

To say the hunt was reinstated for safety reasons is the biggest two faced lie I've seen since Bush went looking for weapons of mass assumptions . I live here , I know the bear and I know the statistics , and so do the rest of Northern Ontario . Do I have to say it ? Lets suffice with "0".
This hunt is purely for , you guessed it , " The Fu--ing Cash ".
In other words the province of Ontario is saying to everybody , anywhere .

 " We need money , and don't feel we can afford it , so a  few bears that could be controlled by conventional forms of birth control , are important , and We're Going to Let A Bunch of Hunters Surgically , Control the Population For Us "?

I was raised with hunting most of my life , so I feel I know the consensus of our wildlife and witnessed what has happened by the changes every year .
I feel Ontario is just on the brink of no return as far as natural biology .
Countries that are deeper such as South Africa are fighting for their lives at this point , and they've been doing it ever since the sixties . We've never done it .
In fact I see this return of a messy type of cull , like the bear hunt , as a step backwards .
Learn people , look around then use the knowledge you find .
I can see the hunt as a quite enjoyable vacation , and if things were different I'd have no problem with it .
But we've got the knowledge , this is , 2014 .
Solutions are available .
1. Photo Rifle .
If the hunters have a photo camera mounted on their , unloaded and no pin or bullets , rifle they can snap a picture of what they could have shot .
This would provide a great outdoor experience , put money into Northern Ontario , and the bears live on , controlled surgically according to modern methods of birth or nuisance .
After the hunt a big dinner for all licensed hunters , with trophies from the pictures , could be supplied by the province , or organizations that could use information the hunters return them .
Remember , together we all walk out of here , otherwise we die alone .

Gianfranco Fronzi  . June / 18 / 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pride [definition ] Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter prides

Why do you think a Lions family is called a " Pride " ?
Well all creatures of the mammalian , carnivorous , are very proud oriented , and are proud of there existence . These circus entertainers used the wrong training method , that being , breaking their pride .
The proper method is to bond with them and give them the respect and love they can agree with , if there is a reason to exploit them to begin with ? Otherwise , this is what the reaction that a creature as proud as the Lion will eventually give you . I'm surprised that mankind hasn't destroyed all the Lions on earth ? Deeming them as too dangerous to exist along with us . They're doing it now to another proud and powerful friend of mankind , a friend that has constantly given to us , but still too proud to bend .
    " The Pit Bull Terriers ", " Staffordshire Bull Terriers " , " American bull  Terriers " .
You've got to ask yourself , what has changed ?
I believe it's not the Terriers , but some of mankind , some have become insensitive to them our old friends , and some are just too cowardly to even be in their proud presence .
Do you think the Terriers don't know this ? Do you think they don't feel the difference in the air . They depended on us for a fare shake . And we took their innocence and corrupted , killed , tortured , and now exterminate what we've created . When all they want is to help and please us with their extraordinary abilities .
Shame mankind , Shame . It's you that should be controlled , because you're the perverted one .
Someday we will possibly be able to understand and correct this , maybe too late , but a possibility ?
Gianfranco Fronzi . May / 28 / 2014

Sunday, May 4, 2014

White paper , Laboratories , Alcohol , Marijuana , 1 page , Sault , East , West ,North , South .

Perimeter poppers .

From the Fronzi Laboratories deep in the Canadian Shield .

The following white paper on Marijuana dangerous interactions .

On extensive study expanding over forty years , the results of Marijuana combined with alcohol .

We've concluded that Marijuana when mixed with Alcohol , at this point the inexperienced could be grasped by a narcotic effect , this effect usually has a sequence .

First the inexperienced drink , from , one bottle of beer , or one glass of wine , then they smoke , marijuana .

Alcohol is usually the first drug most people encounter , because of it's legality , and it's instant effects .

Marijuana isn't tolerated physically by all of the public , and this mixture is almost devastating for them .

The effects aren't a real danger to society , other than driving safety , but they're a danger to the user .

Marijuana by itself has a positive effect , the use of power tools or driving it's only drawbacks .

Alcohol has the effect sought by the younger public , it's effects , if addiction has been reached , as in , needing to drink more than three drinks or beer a day , is the deception drug .

But the combination effects are not deceiving , Large portions of memory loss , inattentiveness , hallucinatory , and moral carelessness .

The victim sometimes will return to this distortion of reality enjoying the liberation's of responsibility , but as the occurrences of this intoxication accumulate the victim starts to forget reality from actual fact , or fantasy .

Recommendations , don't drink and smoke in combination .

The idea can be summed up in this fraise ; " You want to get Fucked Up , not Fuck up ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . May / 4 / 2014


Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Carnivore , Sault Ontario , North , South , East and West .

Perimeter prices .

The position taken on MANKINDS taste for flesh is a complicated one . The Holy Men of India saw meat as the perfect food , since the digestion of roughage is already done for us . But they only ate it when meat energy was needed , to strengthen , otherwise the body was kept on a minimal diet of all foods especially meat .
The spiritual drawback is in the relationship the meat eater has with his meat . In earlier times the meat source , say a cow , was raised and well known by the owner , basically it was a family friend .
When it's flesh was needed there was a sacrificial demonstration to thank both their Deity and their friend the cow . Having removed ourselves from appreciation of life for appreciation of taste , has removed a piece of existence   that also took our appreciation of all life , even ours .
Thank You .

Gianfranco Fronzi . April  / 29 / 2014

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Consciousness , Sault , East West North South

I'm a bit confused , I can't let go of the fact that if my consciousness wasn't observing life , that life wouldn't continue on without my observation .
So if on another consciousness it's 100 degrees to freezing point it is a completely different existence , and thus changes the freezing point ?
Lets use a better example , money , if a dollar in the USA  and a dollar in Canada are worth different in buying power , then Canada and the US are different states of consciousness ? In a way I guess ? But in the big picture both dollars contain the same buying power it just takes more or less to place a value that is equal .
Does this make sense ? I do believe it does ? So scrap the mumbo jumbo and realize the reality of this consciousness . It freezes the same here all the time , even if you say 0 degrees or 100 degrees .

Meat , Sault , East , West , North , South

Perimeter plates .

The position taken on MANKINDS taste for flesh is a complicated one . The Holy Men of India saw meat as the perfect food , since the digestion of roughage is already done for us . But they only ate it when meat energy was needed , to strengthen , otherwise the body was kept on a minimal diet of all foods especially meat .
The spiritual drawback is in the relationship the meat eater has with his meat . In earlier times the meat source , say a cow , was raised and well known by the owner , basically it was a family friend .
When it's flesh was needed there was a sacrificial demonstration to thank both their Deity and their friend the cow . Having removed ourselves from appreciation of life for appreciation of taste , has removed a piece of existence   that also took our appreciation of all life , even ours .
Thank You .
Gianfranco Fronzi . April / 27 / 2014

Monday, April 21, 2014

Who's Image are you ?

Perimeter prines .
I've been busy , so feast on this , a bit I wrote on a Youtube Video .
Well it's my attempt to explain how I look at the mystery of what I deeply suspect is the right words , using the English language . So here goes , hang on to your helmets .

This debate of creationists , where they believe the Earth to be a few thousand years old is some fanatic splinter group , because there are creationist scientists , doctors , all professions , that have actually seen things that have no rational explanation . If you look at the Universe , it seems to come down to one singular part , that being , " Energy " . Yes , heat fire , spark , life .
Why is it so hard for people to vision that biological life is , " Intelligent Energy " ?
Having said that , imagine another directed Intelligent Energy , but an older more larger than us , so large that it contains our universe if not more , and we live on one of it's spinoffs of a shard of it's energy potential .
Do you vision what I've just written ? And the ancients wrote that we're made in his image , well our problem is we don't know what we look like . When you look in the mirror that chunk of meat isn't you .
You glow .
Gianfranco Fronzi . April / 20 / 2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Real People , " Mind Grinders " version ,...

Perimeter postholes .

Why you can't photograph real people .

The eye of the camera will never capture the true beauty of " Real People " .

When you see a centerfold beauty , your getting all the best falsehoods a picture can be constructed to

show ,
agreed ?

 Don't get me wrong I can't stop loving it either , but with total objectivity we've got to assume we're getting jerked off ,

agreed fellow mind grinder ?

Therefore , " Real People " , unprepared or not , can't come up with the faces a trained specialist like [ the sweetest little honey from Hollywood }, could effect the camera lens .

Think about it .

To use your installed media renderer .

View the entire argument [ Why you can't photograph real people }, as inside a slinky spring , from foggy beginnings to futuristic possibilities , inside this spring , do you follow me ? Otherwise return later .

With this spring , expand it , thus giving you a larger more complete than the compressed regular viewer settings , default being reality .

Arrivederci my fellow " Mind Grinders " , nobody gets out of this alive .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Sunday . February , 23 ./ 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Young and Stupid

If you look at the time scale you'd see that us as in Homo Sapiens have only been around for 100.000 years give or take . So we fit in nicely with old wise tales of our deep past . Also we're becoming a different creature faster than usual and evolution does fit the recent era .

Rip .

Where did you miss the picture , you feed a man one day he'll come back tomorrow , yet you kill a man and steal his land and whatever else it's ok. he's dead . So cutting the war budget isn't as profitable as using it on social programs . You decide , cause your the guilty . Every time you do nothing about your governments actions your just as guilty as they are , that's how they go to sleep at night .

Whats up .

I know you've all given up color for speed but coloring topics help . With your ability to enter any windows computer you should be repairing and telling us why , because if we pay for a product why does it needs updates ?

Obamas Effort

President Obama Sir , if there is any cause to really fight and correct it's the plight of one of earths finest citizens , The Elephant .

Run the command

Perimeter planners .

" Run ."

The word " Run " , should be handled very carefully , in the human social interplay .

On a personal level The word "Run " , when interpreted as a command , is a start pistol to various good results , and sudden endings .

The position to hold and should be taught is " Think of all repercussions from allowing to be lead into a vulnerable position such as haste ". Then pick the worst possible , and decide if you'd enjoy that much pain ?

No , all you really have in time is your professional time , and a professional takes his time .

Gianfranco Fronzi . February / 9 / 2014

Free Bird ,........North , South , East and West and all Ship at sea .

Free Bird .

Perimeter photos .

May I preach?

Why not ?

I'm as good as anybody else .

Well , I'm childless , but I'm exited for your children .

What took the British Secret intelligence years to develop , for James , is now on my phone .

Wow , what's next ?

How bought freeing of soul ?

Well that's a toughie pandemic ally .

But not quite , just like an individuals sane brain is a complicated mess , usually .

A connected Borg with technology would be next to heaven , except for having to assimilate all aliens .

A wider Wi Fi effect would occur , your soul connected to the feel and view of different viewpoints.

kind of scary huh ?

But if you got to choose the limits and differing exclusions or Apps you can install .Like

 "Ice Cream Manwich "? Or Jelly Bode ?

Boldly Go Where No Man has gone Before .

Gianfranco Fronzi . February / 20 / 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

In Memory of Ned

When I watch these remembered videos of Elephants , even though I don't know them , I feel more dissatisfaction towards life's mysterious cycle of death .
      Ned , and his species  are a very welcomed addition to Earth , it's hard to find a human as Righteous .

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

96 Elephants: A Killing at the Bai

Surprised ?
Yes this is what a faction of humans do to one of Earths Finest Citizens .

Don't even Try to Say it Doesn't Work , Sault Canada , East , West , North , South , and all Ships ar Sea .

Perimeter populists .

Don't tell me it doesn't work .

Because I saw with my own eyes .

A group of people , move from a distant foreign land , with very little support or funds .

With civility and talents , they created a life that people still are killing for .

No my friends it works .

Their secret .

" They with all their hearts , truly believed , in themselves , and in fellow man ".

So don't give us your excuses , give us your dreams .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January /28 / 2014

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Elephant training abuse (AAA video) in English

From what I see a dumb animal abusing one of earths finest . All trade to abusing countries should stop , regulations imposed , and charges laid . Thailand is the subject of this video , Strike Thailand off the list , nothing as fine and civil as the Elephant should be subjected to incivility . Goodbye Thailand your finished .

Remember .

Perimeter please .

Remember , " A collapse of a Government , isn't a collapse of the People ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . January . / 15 / 2014

You like ?

Perimeter positrons .

" Live Life as If it was Worth the Price of Admission ".

Gianfranco Fronzi .  January ./ 15 / 2014

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Rolling Stones - Out Of Tears - OFFICIAL PROMO

Perimeter plyserorasaurs .
Prepare to enter your heart , under the guidance of the " Rolling Stones " .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 5 / 2014