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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

" Simplified Redemption " . ; Sault Ontario Canada . Toronto , New York , Los Angeles , North , South , East , West

Perimeter population .

Nice out here isn't it ?

Out here there are no stars , out here we are in no need of navigation , out here is real .

" Simplified Redemption "

Well it is Simple .

Just take , Everything you think you are .

Everything you say to everyone , that you are .

Everything you aspire to be .

And .

Live it .

Simple yes ?

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 29 / 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Human studies . Sault Ontario Canada , North ,South , East , West . Toronto .New York , Los Angeles .

Perimeter ping pong .

We here at the Fronzi institutes for advanced human studies [ a division of The Fronzi Multi billion dollar World Wide Empire ] , how done our species definitions study .

First event o questioning .

A Lion ; How would you define yourself Mr . Lion ?

Reply ; I am a Lion .

Asking a Beaver ?

I am a Beaver .

Asking a fish ?

I am a fish .

and every species responded properly .

On asking humans .

We were given a myriad of replies .

First question , How would you define the human race ?

First answer , We are the dust of stars ?

Second ; we are Vibrationary entities that can cross dimensions .

Third ; we are ; what we think we are .

Fourth ; we are Angels and we're waiting to go back to heaven .

Fifth ;We are intelligent apes .

Sixth ; we are spirits that have lived on other planets .

Seventh ; We are in a created hologram , created by Aliens , or God .

Eighth , we are an infection on this planet .

Upon completing the study the campus concludes .

Mankind is one twisted MFO .
Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 21 / 2014

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

United States Authorities ,;" Beg " . Sault Ontario Canada . North South , East , West . Toronto , Los Angeles . New York

Perimeter pieces .

There's something still , like a wound that never heals , festers .

It permeates through humanity , globally .

It's killing me , and I'm Canadian .

I am now " Begging " , " Begging ".

And I rarely " Beg " ? Usually it's to a female , or before I say , " your pardon " ?

Could the United States Authorities , " Please , I'm Begging " .

Could you Please ?
                                        Show us a Photograph or better , a Video , of an , " Airliner ".

                            That has impacted with the " Pentagon " ? Please ?

Any video or photograph , that disproves what hurts everyone on this planet ?

The obvious murder of Good Citizens , by some involvement of the " Government " ?

I am Begging , you can't steal from us "The Land of Opportunities "?

The last of the places the world could depend on .

America , Land of the Free , Home of the Brave .

Send us your Poor , your Huddled Masses .

Where exactly do we take Dorothy ?             " Kansas" ?

No I don't think so?

Gianfranco Fronzi  . January /12 / 2014

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fu--ed up . - Not Fu--kup Ceremony .

Ceremony .

To live life perfectly .

You must live each instance with " Ceremony " .

If you're going take your favorite pastime , let's use a section of humanity that can benefit the most from Ceremony , drug use .

Perimeter pieces .
Fucked up not Fuckup .

Instead of just staying high as much as you can .

Put stipulations on yourself .

Use , the act of repetition , to have more body rather than just repetition .

By adding a Ceremony before you take your hit , this scenario , as .

A drug user goes to purchase the drug users narcotic , this user then instead of applying Ceremony , they can't wait they find privacy at the dealers house and do some drugs .

Well they might as well give the rest of their money to the dealer .

If you have imposed a Ceremony on yourself it would have boundaries and procedure to your habit .

Instead the druggie , upon purchasing the dope , waits until his set aside timing event .

At home they prepare for the "Event " .

They keep everything in order and clean , they then ingest a portion of drug that has been sized up by a lot of personal calculations .

Then they take the event , which starts to fade as soon as it reaches its peak , and includes the plunge of withdrawals as part of the trip .

And abstaining until the next allowed Ceremony .

Dig it ?

Remember ,

" You want to get fucked up ",

" Not Fuckup ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . January /7 / 2014

Don't waste Time .

Perimeter peacnicks .

Time .

When you stop using it , or don't care what time it is .

It's not wasting Time .

It ceases to Exist .

Gianfranco Fronzi / January / 7 / 2014

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello . Letters from the pit .Sault Canada . you can't touch them

Perimeter plastics .

If you recall how you learned anything , well the way I learned was with a lot of mistakes .

That's not the hard way .

The hard way is not making mistakes , and doing , and learning nothing .

I think we as humans , hope that the people with financial and obligated positions aren't

Learning that same way , no ?

No ? Well they use a creepy way of viewing life .

They cut humanity into categories .

The people we need , this includes from the usably useless .

Which they keep to use against the dangerous free radicles .

And their paid staff .

Then there's the ones that you just don't want to touch .

These people we see every day , in restaurants , in videos , in pictures , everywhere .

They're the people that make a world worth living , they are usually  aged  , weak , and giving

they're the ones we walk past to go to a lecture by someone that needs an entire lecture for something

they'd have a simple answer for .

These people I question , and want to hear .

I've spent hours in gas stations , restaurants , bars , wherever I could say hello .

Asking for answers from the pit of questions , on seeing the type of person I feel would be   the people most likely  to bear the answers .

So when I was  traveling with my Harley , wherever I was , I didn't want to necessarily speak to other bikers because they've got a whole bunch of reasons for not trusting anybody even if they're on a motorcycle .

No I'd be on the side of the road talking to a farmer who was taking a break , or the parking lot of a side of the highway restaurant . Where I'd just eat by my bike , people would usually then approach me to see what an obvious loner with his dog in sidehack is doing .

This is the soul in being on a Harley , and looking like your deserving of  inquisitiveness .

Some people would share , drugs , some would share stories they wouldn't tell anyone else .

But what a place and position to be , with people , real good real people .

So when your feeling down go and find these places and let people find you , don't ask for anything tangible , but ask them how life is in their part of the of the world .

Using common language never have I ever met someone that approached me to harm me or desire to scam me .

These are the suffering masses who with a grin tell me how everything failed them but they survived .

These are the people you don't want to touch cause what they're telling you is how they know the life bikers and people that can be classified as free radicals , have to live .

To be at least as free as they can . This is why the alternative , is worth their soul , who else would you trust ?
When people need freedom they don't trust their authorities they trust the guy with the Hog and the sidehack and his dog . I am honored , and may your idols take care of you , This is the America I want to remember anything else is pale when such colorful reality is giving you a bad touch , that we bend down chuckling about it . Do what you will but you can't touch them .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 5 / 2014

This is creepy . ... Must read , North , South , East And West .

Parimeter pumps .

I ask the rest of humanity ,

 " Who would have ever dreamt that most of our locked in the ground petroleum , would someday return to the surface of Earth ?
Doesn't it make you feel used ?
Like an anthill farm , we pumped  , ignited , heated , and fueled most of Crud Oil .
Was this the plan ?
Kinda creepy ?
Earth wanted an oil change and we were the army ants .

Gianfranco Fronzi . July /7/2014 . 

Winner of 2014 English Language Definitions Category .

Perimeter pneumatics .
We've been wrestling for the past year here at the universities  languages and communications campus , comprising the " Fronzi Multibillion Dollar Universities " ,
A division of the Award Winning " We don't need No More Stinking Mastodons ", Floor cleaner .
The Word Definition for " Depression " .
            " A very Severe Disinterest ".
Winner .
Gianfranco Fronzi  . July / 29 / 2014


Femina Veritas . North , South , East , West , and all ship at sea .

Perimeter phenomenon .

Having lived from the old system of thought in the 20th century to today , I'm not quite sure if feminism was a step foreword for the females .

Sure they should be paid and have the same rites as men , but their power as females I believe has diminished .

Before they were seen as the weaker sex , and men would do anything to protect them . But also depending on their situation , they could be trapped in a world of abuse .

So without losing the respect of men by wanting to be men , women should find a midpoint rather than an equal point . Otherwise they will find a world where they've lost everything by diminishing the values of their sexuality .
Men normally love women , but depending on the individual female they can arouse great resistance .

Then their rites and power will be taken away from the individual female without any feelings , I apologize but this is how it is .
The female then resorts to the even more dangerous position of deception and the use of their sexual favors , this is dangerous ground because whatever women like this think , men aren't stupid , they might play along but the end of the game could be very devastating .

Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 26 / 2014

Repetition , bad idea . Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter Ping-Pong .

Repetition ?

They say , " History Repeats Itself " ?

Could  this be  , the real problem ?

We as an evolving species , aren't using our abilities .

 When we allow the parts of History that we have deemed to be non productive .

To Repeat .

That then puts us in the really " special species " home .

You know ?

The home that all the other species don't want to talk about ?

Get with the Fricken Program ?

Nice functions , with groups of Men with suits and ties , representing the courses , of the history , of a region .

Isn't allowing the ability for our species and regions ,to see ,  This fact ?

   It's happening again ?

"We apologize but it's happening again people " is their only response .

Excuse me but , we don't want that again .

The reply .

Of a region or species , that  ,  when they say  .

" Excuse me but We don't want That to happen Again " .

It's not loud enough .

Muffled by it's own size and diversity .

Bad history Should Never be Repeated .

Or let's just put ourselves out of our , self imposed , ignorant ,  misery .

When you designate , and hire a politician , you're placing all of your , existence , in their hands .

A very successful example from the twentieth century , a certain , " Adolph Hitler ".

Well ?   What could have been without him ?

How about " No Regrets "?

Because everything we justify today is based on regrets of Yesterday .

 Lets remove regrets and we're rockin in The Free World .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 3 / 2014

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
— George Orwell

"Propaganda," Goebbels once wrote, "has absolutely nothing to do with truth."