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Sunday, January 10, 2016

As it was in the Days of Noah -The Real Reason for the Flood -Transhuman...

You can guess what a supposed group of special people want you to think , but what do they offer ?

I believe that Noah was a scientist in a pre known world of high tech ,nology .
At his quest to preserve the lifeforms on earth was an impending
disaster , probably an object that they could see heading for earth . So he collected as much DNA of all life he could and with a smaller vessel than an Ark he waited for the impact .
He survived it but most of the earth was
disrupted ,
I feel his first contact with humanity again was in the
MID-EAST , Egypt , the LEVANT , or the areas within reach of the main remaining megaliths .
As can be viewed on Egyptian stoneworks, the attempts to restore life DNA was confusing because a mix of
human , animal life forms are depicted , these as we now know couldn't reproduce .
And so
on .
Gianfranco Fronzi . JAN . / 10 / 2016