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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Real People , " Mind Grinders " version ,...

Perimeter postholes .

Why you can't photograph real people .

The eye of the camera will never capture the true beauty of " Real People " .

When you see a centerfold beauty , your getting all the best falsehoods a picture can be constructed to

show ,
agreed ?

 Don't get me wrong I can't stop loving it either , but with total objectivity we've got to assume we're getting jerked off ,

agreed fellow mind grinder ?

Therefore , " Real People " , unprepared or not , can't come up with the faces a trained specialist like [ the sweetest little honey from Hollywood }, could effect the camera lens .

Think about it .

To use your installed media renderer .

View the entire argument [ Why you can't photograph real people }, as inside a slinky spring , from foggy beginnings to futuristic possibilities , inside this spring , do you follow me ? Otherwise return later .

With this spring , expand it , thus giving you a larger more complete than the compressed regular viewer settings , default being reality .

Arrivederci my fellow " Mind Grinders " , nobody gets out of this alive .

Gianfranco Fronzi . Sunday . February , 23 ./ 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Young and Stupid

If you look at the time scale you'd see that us as in Homo Sapiens have only been around for 100.000 years give or take . So we fit in nicely with old wise tales of our deep past . Also we're becoming a different creature faster than usual and evolution does fit the recent era .

Rip .

Where did you miss the picture , you feed a man one day he'll come back tomorrow , yet you kill a man and steal his land and whatever else it's ok. he's dead . So cutting the war budget isn't as profitable as using it on social programs . You decide , cause your the guilty . Every time you do nothing about your governments actions your just as guilty as they are , that's how they go to sleep at night .

Whats up .

I know you've all given up color for speed but coloring topics help . With your ability to enter any windows computer you should be repairing and telling us why , because if we pay for a product why does it needs updates ?

Obamas Effort

President Obama Sir , if there is any cause to really fight and correct it's the plight of one of earths finest citizens , The Elephant .

Run the command

Perimeter planners .

" Run ."

The word " Run " , should be handled very carefully , in the human social interplay .

On a personal level The word "Run " , when interpreted as a command , is a start pistol to various good results , and sudden endings .

The position to hold and should be taught is " Think of all repercussions from allowing to be lead into a vulnerable position such as haste ". Then pick the worst possible , and decide if you'd enjoy that much pain ?

No , all you really have in time is your professional time , and a professional takes his time .

Gianfranco Fronzi . February / 9 / 2014

Free Bird ,........North , South , East and West and all Ship at sea .

Free Bird .

Perimeter photos .

May I preach?

Why not ?

I'm as good as anybody else .

Well , I'm childless , but I'm exited for your children .

What took the British Secret intelligence years to develop , for James , is now on my phone .

Wow , what's next ?

How bought freeing of soul ?

Well that's a toughie pandemic ally .

But not quite , just like an individuals sane brain is a complicated mess , usually .

A connected Borg with technology would be next to heaven , except for having to assimilate all aliens .

A wider Wi Fi effect would occur , your soul connected to the feel and view of different viewpoints.

kind of scary huh ?

But if you got to choose the limits and differing exclusions or Apps you can install .Like

 "Ice Cream Manwich "? Or Jelly Bode ?

Boldly Go Where No Man has gone Before .

Gianfranco Fronzi . February / 20 / 2014

Saturday, February 1, 2014

In Memory of Ned

When I watch these remembered videos of Elephants , even though I don't know them , I feel more dissatisfaction towards life's mysterious cycle of death .
      Ned , and his species  are a very welcomed addition to Earth , it's hard to find a human as Righteous .