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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Hello, perimeter positions,you know I'm a very inquisitive person,and for the stupidest things,for instance I'm hooked on the origins of the line,in gladiator,[WHAT WE DO IN LIFE ECHOS IN ETERNITY]THIS IS ONE OF THOSE [ IT SAID IT ALL] FRAISES.I Would really like to know,the origin,was it some wright er just doing his job, or, it sounded good so we used it?Because it does say it all,it demands you to do your best whatever your you have to do,if any one out there knows or can find out how to find the origins of this fraise,i would appreciate the insight,,,,, FRONZ FEB28/07

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

by the way

Hello, by the way if you get a pop up when you click on comments you can defeat this by holding down the ctrl button while clicking on comments,i don't know what that's all about,probably her majesties no.1 man Austin powers trying to get a life.fronz


Hello,PERIMETER PAY ROLLERS,FRONZ HERE,if you've noticed I've installed a hit counter on the blog page,this does nothing except record the hit,your privacy is still intact.I had to know if this was worth while continuing on,and it seems to be ,so pitter patter.You know ,as bad as it can be portrayed, there are good people out there,good politicians,good lawyers,good policemen,doctors,so on....The only problem is that they don't usually reach the position of control or direction ,that their profession has,this unfortunately is usually handled by a ruling group,or the head of a group of insiders.THESE people are usually the worst, to have this position,but believe it or not ,nice guy's finish last and thugs rule.fronzfeb 27

Thursday, February 22, 2007

lost in the[X]

Hello, perimeter politicians,I'm still wasting oxygen,but in return I'm giving you back high grade carbon dioxide,for the plant life right?For every problem,that there could be, if looked at from a less aggressive angle,you will find that there is somebody, or something, that depends on the mear fallout created by what the opposite angle,consumes.This is where the newer generations should look,for all the answers to their questions of ,whats is there left for us?Or everything has been done,and we 've got nothing ,we're lost in generation 'X' .Well puppies, it was all done in my day to buddy,and we didn't have as many options for instant success,but had to depend on brute force to fill our bill.That meant physical labour,something that most 'X'rs refuse to do.Everybody wants to be a desktop re arranger,we 'vie got millions of them,by now?LOOK FOR FALLOUT,IF THEIRS NOTHING BUT RICH OLD GUY'S ,WITH PROBLEMS ,FIND THE FALLOUT,THAT'S WHERE YOU WILL GET THE PAYOUT.YOU DIG?"BUT YOU KNOW ,I THINK ,THAT AN EXCUSE AT AN EARLY AGE, SHOWS LACK OF INTELLIGENCE OR POOR ENVIRONMENT WHILE GROWING UP AS A CHILD.Yes if you see parents that put some effort into giving real time answers and guidance,you do see better children,on average.Don't hide behind your [X] symbol because ,it shows weakness, and weakness in prime age is not conducive to success.Even though you won't have the credibility,because you have to earn it,you can still show off you strength.AND for you eggheads strength doesn't mean beating someone else up,but by showing him up.dig.IFyou need any more help you can order my book,[When to stop masturbating]IT'S SOLD UNDER, YOUR BUTT ,PRESS, FOR THREE EASY INSTALLMENTS OF 29.95$,OR BETTER YET GO TO THE LIBRARY AND TELL THEM TO BUY IT.HA! JUST KIDDING, SIMPS.FRONZ/22/2/07REMEMBER SMOKEM IF YOU GOT EM.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER PREVIEWERS,this is the antifronzi,mr fronzi has replaced me for the time being,he mentioned something about,i think he said formatting?When ever he does this he leaves me in an awkward position,you see being his cosmic opposite forces me to asses myself in comparison.But i kind of like the change of scenery,the only complaint is the bizarre existence led here,yes means no and no means yes.Come on man,get with the program,i think some formatting is required here,help means pry,and give means take,please spare me ,i get a chuckle every time i get to visit.In my reality,we just take and make no excuses, at least it's better than having to playact some role to achieve a goal,we just take it man!Why do all that work, so the blade can be inserted gently,give it to them baby!I realy feel for my poor opposite,yea right. But you know what the scary part of my reality is?Well,even though I'm his opposite ,and we can't exist on the same plain ,at the same time,on my plain,there isn't any stars either,and we're not stoned or immaculate.ANTIFRONZI/feb/20/07

Monday, February 19, 2007


 Time line,------ millions of years ago , hurtling through space ,a piece of ancient matter , is captured by the attraction of a blue bios rich planet .
  The finger , of the force ,t hat commandeers the occurrence , wants this to happen .
  This piece of astral debris, ignites as it enters the planets atmosphere,and it burns a trail through the sky.
 At impact, it is just a small misshapen stone .
  However it's voyage did not go unnoticed , a life form ,capable of acknowledging , that what he had just seen is interesting , goes to the impact sight , and digs with a flat piece of wood , and he find the remnants of the debris.
   It is an odd stone with sharp edges , and tiny passages strewn over it .
The entity feels the stone , it is still warm , he tastes it , upon placing it to his tongue , he feels , from years of harmonious cohabitation with the world around him , that the stone has a difference , to it , it lends a different sensation , vibration , and taste .
    The entity feels , he has something special , and has a bargaining chip , with this he might be able to trade for , food , or tools , or sexual favors .
  He holds it with one of his feet , and with his hands , threads a long piece of sisal , through one of the cavities .
    He then heads back to his community . With the stone around his neck , he proudly , but jealously shows it to his clan , everyone is fascinated by it , larger males try to take it , but he scurrilously backs away , guarding his little prize .
     He turns his attention to the other jewel of his eye , a young female of the clan , to him she is all of his desire , she is beautiful , and has not born any children yet , the ruling males always guarded her as their own , and would not allow him the possibility of mating with her .
    But now he has the stone , he holds it up for her to see , she suddenly sees him as more attractive than ever , she also is in her breeding cycle , and chemical urges, along with the possibility of acquiring the stone , lead her towards our fortunate friend .
All the while the force that developed this whole scenario ,  is working in the background , making what is about to happen possible . They meet , alone , he holds the stone up to her , and sexual urges take over .
   She now proudly wears the stone about her neck , it not only embellishes her ,  but makes her  , his companion  , through acquisition .
    Everything is going just as the force has planned .
  Inside her womb is a new life , but what our happy couple don't know is that the stone has properties that emanate from it , properties that affect the structure of existence around it.
  It is radioactive .
   The child is born , and it is horrible , it is almost hairless , its feet are elongated , not able to be manipulative , it has hands that are of a different shape , with an ability to grasp , are also hairless , he is of a lighter colour , in skin and hair , and the strangest thing of all , he has blue eyes .
    The father is horrified , and picks up a large rock to kill it .
 The rest of the males are in agreement with the reaction , and also want to destroy the mistake .
   But the mother , being it her first born , and having come from her body , will have none of that.
    With support  from the other females , who can understand her urge to protect .
   The males have to acquiesce to this , fearing female retaliation.      

The mother and child are forced to live on the edges of the community , supported by other females , and males seeking sexual favors .
   The father having abandoned her , and her mistake , only coming around when he felt the urge .
    The child meanwhile , grew , and survived , and at a point gave up using all four limbs to move , and stood upright , with an amazing ability of balance , and speed , he could also fashion objects quickly , and precisely with his deformed hands .
  The other males could sense the threat , but even as a child the boy was a match , in cleverness and agility .

The force saw everything was as it should be , and protected the good mistake .

Gianfranco Fronzi   FEB\19/07

Sunday, February 18, 2007

looking for something?

Hello, perimeter prosecutors,are you looking for something?Well you've found it.I will give you directions, to finding what this nagging question,you have, is located.First, of course ,I've got to give you the assembly of reality,that will confirm the location ,thus your journey will be quicker and understandable.First, like Dorothy in wizard of Oz ,we have to find ,[Mr, know it all],this entity is known around the world by many different names ,few have actually seen him, a few have purported to have spoken to this individual,not so much in recent history,it seems that this entity has left us ,for the time being.Yet most people believe that he ,she or it, does exist,the accumulated conformation of millions of people,leaves something to be said for the existence of this force.The problem is,most people only try and asses this force when they are in troubled times,when they should be in close contact at all times,children are usually in touch,animals are to,they seem to recognize the force because they don't question it,it's just there.When we see our religious leaders, on media ,they seem to be looking towards the cosmos,and this is where most people look, or think this entity lives,up on a cloud ,or maybe some other planet,and he visits this area every millenia or so.Yes i know your not stupid you have gone ahead and you know where he lives now? right?Well lets put it this way, for this force to work ,it has to be located in the very building blocks of life, and reality itself,not floating on some far of gaseous cloud.Built into you is all you need to asses this force,but you don't want to use the keys that would give you the ability to feel the force,you are concentrating on what your payoff is.Well there is no payoff,there is only your reaction, to the assemblage of reality, you have been assigned ,the reaction of most people is to grab and hold as much as they can,i think you get the scenario?In the last entry to this blog i had mentioned that i assumed that there is more negative force than positive,both forces in constant turmoil,but stable enough to assemble,reality as we know it.Just look at where we found one of the greatest reactions known to us,nuclear force,why it was in the tiniest place,waiting to be released.Well OPPENHEIMER,the physicist that assembled the theory of nuclear reaction,believed he had found something that didn't belong to us,that it was ,belonging to a higher power, and it so overwhelmed him ,that he spent the rest of his life ,trying to give some meaning ,if not to himself ,but to man ,of what his research had uncovered.The truth of the matter, is that it doesn't belong to us, in fact nothing truly belongs to us,except your reactions, to what has been given to you.SHURE we think we've come up with our own personal creations,the language that is letting me transpire this thought process to you,man could say is his own,but you all know that the language itself is assembled not from us ,but from our interpretations,of all around us.When the energy that it takes to assemble,your reality is called back ,and it has to go back otherwise,you cannot complete the reactionary forces needed to assemble you,at that point the battle of positive and negative ,leave ,and the force of pure constant,reality assembly ,takes over and you find your ticket to the show behind the scene,this scenario was always flashing before you all the time, but you refused to actually give into it,or see it.Seek and you shall find,look inward here we will find the answer to all our questions,it takes time ,but it's a cumulative thing,and must be checked on a regular basis,any questions?feb18/07 FRONZ[FEEDBACK PLEASE]

Friday, February 16, 2007


HELLO,perimeter playwrights,whats it all about?This existence called life,well it's still worth exploring compared to the finality of death,death leaves a lot of unanswered questions to the living,such as i could have, or i should have,there is no replay when the final action is activated,and the only ones who really care are the people that you left something behind with.Whether you left good thoughts or a sense of exhilaration ,at your demise,you still left something.One of my favorite questions is,IF YOUR LIFE WAS MADE INTO A MOVIE WOULD YOU LEAVE THE THEATER WITH A GOOD FEELING?OR WOULD YOU LEAVE WITH A BAD TASTE IN YOUR MOUTH?This i find to be one of the best way's to really asses yourself, and your position,because the answer is almost instant and visceral.But it doesn't give you the answer on how to make your life into a feel good movie,that is found in other self questioning,such as who do you think you are ,or if you saw yourself as an historical figure ,who would you pick to identify yourself.It is said that everything boils down to mathematics,so lets explore that side of reality,in the mathematical and universal scope of things,there is a positive and a negative force,and according to physics,negative always goes to positive,it can be reversed ,but naturally this is the case,why?Well i can only assume,that there is more negative force,so it overwhelms positive,or that the existence we call the boundaries of reality,is made up of mainly negative,and it wants to transcend to positive,because the nucleus being positive doesn't move,if it did a piece of steel would not be apiece of steel,yet negative ions from a piece of steel can move freely ,all over and even be shed from the main piece,yet the piece of steel remains the same,only with a different polarity.This should give you a benchmark,on your relation to your existence,be the positive be the rock,let negative have to come to you for completion.I hope you can catch what I'm trying to transpire,because i think it's something to believe in.fronz feb./16 /07

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Hello, perimeter pantheons,its me the fronz,Have you ever seen fog so thick ,that well you know ,you can't see your nose in front of you?Well sometimes life becomes just that foggy,at this point,the only thing to do is follow your instincts,be brave,and work your way slowly out of it.The obscurity of the fog has to eventually lift,and hopefully everything is still intact.You have to believe in yourself and navigate slowly through what has created the fogginess in your life,and always keep your goals in mind, with your head up and chest out.This is all you can do,sometimes in a fog things don't always appear as they really are ,a rocky point,could actually be a soup kitchen,a leaping fish, actually could be a poodle,keep your sights straight and keep going,for you guessed it,the truth and the right will persevere.Even in death ,for example JULIUS CAESAR,JESUS CHRIST,JOHN AND BOBBY KENNEDY,the death sealed their message, and the truth, forever to be repeated,the story retold and continued forever,so at least you've got that to look foreword to.SLEEP TIGHT KIDS THE FRONZ IS OUT THERE LOOKING FOR YOU.ARRIVEDERCI BABY!FEB.13/07

Wednesday, February 7, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER,passion seekers.It's me fronz,why not?why not throw it all away on love,what better reason,i see it as the only reason.In my life,I have had some of the most exemplary people,and friends you could ever meet,my interaction with all life forms ,has given me the best,God must have sent them,to be there for me.There is only one problem,i keep living ,and i keep loosing everything i love,I WOULD GIVE EVERYTHING I HAVE TO PREVENT WHAT ALWAYS HAPPENS TO ME.GOD BLESS YOU ALL HOPE FULLY WE WILL MEET AGAIN.Yes I've walk amongst thieves ,and never had anything stolen,I,ve had the most beautiful girlfriends,all good to me,and we all parted in good terms,ya I've seen sun and I've seen rain,and i hope to see you all again.You see i know that there is a force out there,because every time evil tries to harm me ,it gets caught in it's own doing,it's bizarre,but i think that's why the evil leaves me alone and strike at my heart,so don't get too close to me .If it's beyond my power ,God will take care of you.I love you all ,FRONZ/FEB/07