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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Ask not what your Country can do for You , But what your Country can do Without You ?

Perimeter Populace .

 Ask not what your Country can do for You .

But what your Country can do Without You ?

Thank you .

Gianfranco Fronzi . June / 23 / 2015

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Roll me Away .

In this song by Bob Seger .

The difference in freedom of life between the era's that the song was written , and now ,

Tuesday /16 / june /2015 .

If the music of an era doesn't have this one option .

That being ; "What Mr. Bob Seger is singing about , he could actually go out and live it ."

Yes , he could get on a Harley and literally , live on the road .

That's how rich America was .

That it could afford a life , just wandering .

Can the generations that produce today , can they compare ?

That when we knew we were in a blessed land .

That's when , your with friends , the musics awesome , the fires burning , stars are out , and

Bob Seger came on with his new hit " "Roll me Away "

That's when You'd whisper , to yourself .

" God Bless America ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . June / 16 / 2015




Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fronzi Universities " Most Hypocritical , Self Gratifying ,[ At another entities expense] " Phrase " of the "English Language " Train of thought .

Perimeter Potions .

After 25 years of exhausting debate , forum postings , and all out fist fighting .

Our professors assigned to the indescribably heinous section of "Most Popular words " Division .  

Fronzi Universities " Most Hypocritical , Self Gratifying ,[ At another entities expense]".

                                                   " Phrase " ,

                        Of the "English Language " Train of thought .

Gianfranco Fronzi . June 4 / 2015

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Hunger

The Hunger .

Perimeter police .

The extremes that mankind has perverted his soul .

As in why does he hunger not for just food , but for anything that he feels a want , a need for ,
even when he has no needs at all ?

The Lion , a top carnivore , doesn't want or need anything but to eat to survive .

Yet the Lion will lay with the lamb were it not for hunger .

The Lion doesn't rejoice or find pleasure in his need to kill for hunger .
Yet mankind does .

The passage " When the Lion lays with the Lamb ", Isn't an actual Lion and Lamb .

It is a direct hit towards mankind . This is written  for you . Not a statement of a sign that we should be watching for .

But an antiquated way of thought , one that deals with mankind killing  its own , for no reason but to satisfy " Ego ".

So when you've somehow given up this type of reaction of ego , then the direction of mankind will fly .

Would you like suggestions ?

One that pops into mind . To circumvent ego , and killing of any life form whether it be mankind itself , or any nonthreatening life form .

A universal law should be instilled and enforced as mandatory .

That being .

Anything , or anyone you demand , order , or physically perform , the action of taking life .
" You must Eat it , or them , entirely  ".

As in , ingesting them , human , or any non threatening life form .

It's their life .

Bon Appetite .
Gianfranco Fronzi .

May . 20 / 2015

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Israel 2015 . Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter populas

Interesting , the Israelis are an interesting people .
But it is the Israeli people that bear the honor of the toil .
And the suffering of Anti-Semitism .
I don't believe the world knows what anti-Semitism is ?
And why it exists ?
Are the Jews just a good target for discrimination ?
The Jewish people are the ones who pay for "whomever " of their "Own ", that put them in such positions .
What and who did such a thing to them ?
I think it's time the Jewish people clean up that part of their existence before fighting without an answer ?
Since they see themselves as a  religion rather than a country , there's a clash .
The prophecies might tell us what might happen someday , but everything will someday .
I fear for the middle east .
But not just the Israeli people , the Muslims also .
Because we here in America don't here your screams or your funerals .
We're beginning to view it as another problem that is taxing us , instead of  resolution , the situation is getting worse .
Because the Muslim radicals are banding behind the destruction of Israel , people that were just happy to live in a desert environment are now inflamed .
Their oil was all they had , and it's not enough now to sustain their life in the middle east .
Your problem though isn't solvable .
Because of how you've both used the worst representative , your silent God .
I believe your God is forced to remain silent ?
Because he can't represent both religions .
He's got to watch you and whomever else you both drag into your troubles ,
 break his wishes .
Your God isn't for just you two factions , God is the same for everyone in this reality .
Even if he doesn't exist , somehow it's in mankind's makings to have this way of thought .
And somehow this way of thought has planted itself deeply in mankind's makeup .
Such a vague and , at the same time , " Formidable ", " Force " ,is being warped .
For the benefit of the evil .
Otherwise what is happening , and what has happened , to the  people of Earth .
Wouldn't have happened .
Take that to your " Bank ".
Gianfranco Fronzi . April / 21 / 2015

Saturday, April 18, 2015

David Icke - Do You REALLY Want to Know This??

This video is from 2011 .
But the situation is actually getting worse .
The end with the cool song is the interesting part .
It shows some scenes of mankind's inhumanity to itself .
The last picture frame of the terrified Muslim girl , I believe ?
I suggest  looking  at it again , just the very end , with the little girl , arms upraised and terrified .
Is this what we consider to be modern life 2015 ?
Regardless of who or what caused 911 , if that was your daughter ?
Wouldn't 911 seem to be a bit shy of what you'd wish for the people that caused that look on her face ?
And why ?
That's the ridiculous question ?
Why ?
Would that could give everything take instead ?
When in the end , they'll find ?
That they took paradise and were tricked into trading it for a golden calf .

Gianfranco Fronzi . 4 / 18 / 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015

WikiLeaks' Collateral Murder US Soldier Ethan McCord

Sometimes it makes you wonder how does the country that had it all , even God was on its side , become this decrepit mess it is today ?
Is it that we see it ? And this happened all through history ?
Or is it that something has left the side of America ?
We shouldn't forget .
The Soldiers are signed up career soldiers .
Thus they are basically " Mercenaries ".
That makes matters worse .
If we are on the dawn of a world war ?
I think we need a good spanking , because we've left a lot of innocent blood in the middle east .
And all for what ?
Nothing we couldn't buy ?
You've made us Americans all murderers , I don't like that .
Therefore I don't like You . 
Gianfranco Fronzi April / 11 / 2015

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Elephant Rolling in the river

Have you ever seen mothers so concerned ? They watch closely and reach out to guide in a gentle way .
And with one Roar they all exit the water . And other Elephants come to check their friends and family .
If you can't see the true nature of this creature , you aren't natural .
Very Fronzi Approved >

Monday, March 30, 2015

Midway Island, North Pacific Ocean, Unbelievable !

This is possibly one of the easiest problems for mankind to correct .
We put in the center of the whirlpool a huge garbage nautilus collector , it fitted with solar panels would slowly rotate , it's open flute ends would scoop up the floating trash and bring it up or down in it's holding flutes interior ends . Then a ship could go out and empty it as needed . Then bring the oil based plastics on to a refinery .
Somebody with cash get on it .

Friday, March 27, 2015

" First there was the Word " . Sault Ontario Canada .

Perimeter plebs .

First there was the Word .

dkeberhard What you've all seen in this thread is how mankind progresses to war .
It escalated to physical threats and rebuttals of insults and name calling  .
If you'll notice this can be done by any country , or faction or regions of mankind .
You simply use words " I have acted uncivilized and now stand down ".
These words the two oppositions cant break without sacrilege to their beliefs or their humanity .
This is the key to the middle east problems and all problems , our ability to reason and act reasonable ," first there was the word ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . March . 27 / 2015

Monday, March 23, 2015

" Quarantine ". , Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter plebs .

A little sci-fi ?

This is the log entry of captain , James S Kwerk . no 376802 .
The ship has been refitted with a new style of propulsion , the " Atom to pure Discharge " engine .
With this engine we can and are going to attempt crossing empty space that is between galaxies .
 We're now reaching the very edges of our Milky Way and will soon be in deep space .

Report Mr. Zulu ?
Steady as she goes captain .
How far from the designated boundary are we ?
We'll be at the last vestiges of the Milky Way in a few minutes sir .
Sir ?
Yes Mr. Spuck ?
The singularity , it's appearing in front of the ship , pacing us .
What's it's signature , biological , decision's , evolutionary ?
No signature , but it's bringing the ships engines down in power slowly , well be stopped shortly .
What's it possibly up to ?
We're stopped captain , and held locked in place .
Any signal at all ? What does it want now that we're finally going to leave our galaxy ?
I'm getting some form of a , warning code , but it's not directed to us but repeating itself .
Can you decipher it ?
I'm trying now sir , it's one repetitive signal .
 I've got it sir , it's reporting the word , Quarantine ?
What ?
We're in quarantine ?
It seems that way sir , it mustn't want us to travel farther than this point , and quarantined us ?
Like some sickened virus ?
Yes sir .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March . 23 / 2015

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Antiquated reasons for, " Stopping ", " War " .

Perimeter plebs .

War .
I believe ? Is the most eye catching entries of any media ?

It catches the eye and the imaginations of our species .

What would life be without a fight ?

Let's answer this by asking yourself this question , bear with me for just a tiny bit to set this up , but it'll be worth it .

War , always needed oppositions  .
If you take this as true , then any oppositions  can be used as examples of the same process ,

"Opposition ".
Let's take your bodies defenses ?
They are defending and are being  " Attacked " by some grave disease .

You really don't feel don't feel good  .

Can you remember a time when you really haven't felt good ?

Alright ?

When we think of " War " , though , it's only felt when you directly , and  personally are ,

 "Effected" ,    by the spread of something that eventually , will destroy everything .

Alright ?

Then imagine being cured from this grave disease , your strength back , your thinking clearly .

 "And nothing but life is in your way" .

 Do you see and feel , the power ? the freedom ? of collectively , deciding .

 Ah ? 

I , at this era , have decided that combat  isn't a logical solution to a , " Fluid Existence ".

I would like existence to come before Victory , or Defeat .

Is this as plain as I can push it ?

Call me peacenik , better though would be , Economist .

You see , to me ,  it doesn't really matter what the future of war is .
I'm just giving you the release of a lot of good life as opposed to the same old Games , games that , I'm sure you'll all agree ? Are too expensive , to not question it's price , and realizing , the possibility of a boundless future , right at hand , within your lifetime .
The Army should then still be used , but not for protection , but in supporting the infrastructure .
Without any weapons , unless justified by an extreme Alien attack .
 You like ?
Lets free the money , lets let our cogon's hang lower a bit , and , do it .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March / 21 / 2014

Friday, March 20, 2015

2015 . The days of Truth . From Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter past

I  sense something is coming . What I don't know yet ?

But it seems to veer towards our social dependencies of religion , energy , and politics .

I believe we're walking on a fine edge , we can either fall one way , and go into a dark age .

Or we could use our technology and common sense to cast away all the foolishness of our barbaric past .

And format life to be as close to perfect as the other species here have .

Either scenario , for me personally , having lived a good life , I'm reaching my waning years , and am ready for the worst .

It would be a blow to the youth that still hasn't lived long enough to have experienced a full life .

Hopefully we're developed enough to accept only the truth , as a large disbursed population ?
I believe we are ?

 Maybe ? Maybe ? We can put ourselves into the mystic ?

Gianfranco Fronzi March / 20 / 2015

Friday, March 13, 2015

Perimeter perp

The Ancient Egyptians and their megalithic stonework .

What you've got to do is to be able to actually live in a human body during that era .

As an Egyptian the entity would be living in one of the first large organizations .

Yet this era was still closer to cave dwellers than they are to us modern day man .

Therefore the entities thought was vastly different than ours today .

A view I can give basic indicators of .

For instance , since the Egyptian was at a time that was so close to having to survive in a more savage conditions , he would still be in full sensory condition .

A condition where his fresh and clean senses are at peak .

This viewpoint , if you can imagine yourself stepping into an ancient Egyptians body ?

Imagine , you aren't effected by accumulated thought or toxins , so your senses are sharp .

Touching any object not only identified it by it's shape or color , also it's effects on all the senses at once was the way he would see it .

This viewpoint of all the senses at once give you something else that most of mankind has lost .

It also gives the " Properties "of what you're looking at .

So if you're looking at a funny colored rock you'd know a few things more .

Such as , its vibration , its periodic scale , its melting point , its abrasiveness , its shearing property , and so on .

Now if you thought if a piece of stone gave you the right feeling , it could preform this reaction , which is also identified by your system , lets identify this reaction as ; salty smell , deep visceral but hungry instead of full , a fine and even temperature , And vibration , when your hand hovers along the body of the stone .

This vibration  is also calibrating the "energy potential "of the rock .

Do you see what I'm getting at ?

If you care , try to calculate the amount and the mindset you'd have seeing life completely , through the eyes of a child ?

Make any sense ?

So it leads to different views of life , and all elements that exist in life .

Thanks .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March /13 / 2015

Perimeter plebs .

Don't be afraid , but it's going to be a time of great false propaganda ,
and the resurgence of the generation that started this renaissance .
We don't have enough youth to  do as we did .
Sometimes it's one act such as the student that stood in front of the tanks in China ,
in effect stopping them , and bringing China into the position it holds today .
 Our leaders of the major countries are listening ,
 they want direction from their people .
If the people stay silent they'll have to depend on their governmental intelligence , and military personnel .
 These groups are then going to give their personal directives ,
and they've failed us so many times since WW2 that they've now lost our belief .
The George W. Bush nightmare is the possible actions to repeat themselves ?
 Are we stupid ? Aren't we in the age of instant communications , we can answer to ourselves and also direct ourselves .
First we here in America have to tame the voting booth from easy corruption , then we've got to implement a Citizens power of Veto .
 To have this we need all the information at hand , no more are we shown a film of nothing impacting the Pentagon .
 To get this type of power a new wing of government must be installed , not another party or service , but a "Peoples Watchers" with the power of veto , and ousting any run amok corrupt government .
 A spiritual update is possibly in the coming ,
how I'm not sure , but it's due  , don't fear or panic .
 Because as one group " Mankind " , Whatever comes we stand a better chance of survival if we stand together .
 World government is touted as an illuminate plot ,
 by who ?
 The illuminate  ? This they don't want .
 A world united and questioning ?
  Then Man will be What he was Born to be .
 Free and independent .
Living in civil world .
If you say to yourselves , so what , let nature decide ?
That's exactly what I'm talking about , we are a very weak assembly when it comes to that .
Do you notice the other entities can take a lot more than us and win , an illness or predator microbe can be devastating , to us .
So Illuminate , or the gang , both get put in the same box . 
I'll miss you .
Not .
Gianfranco Fronzi March / 13 / 2013

Wanna Read Something ? Sault Ontario Canada .

Perimeter pieces .
The problem with human relationships is , that they're usually based on the wrong reasons .

Look at the early Mail Order Brides ,
 these couples didn't even see each other beforehand .
Yet they lived had many children and If we could have asked them at the end of their lives .
" Did you love your Mail ordered spouse " , you'd be surprised I believe , how many would say ,
he or she , was my deepest love and my hero .
You see love grows .
 And relationships should be seen by both parties as an alliance of care , with both understanding their roles in this alliance .
Gianfranco Fronzi March 13 / 2015

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Summer 2015 . Sault Ontario Canada .

Perimeter plebs .
Summer of 2015 .

Don't be afraid , but it's going to be a time of great false propaganda , and the resurgence of the

generation that started this renaissance .

We don't have enough youth to  do as we did .

Sometimes it's one act such as the student that stood in front of the tanks in China , in effect stopping them and bringing China into the position it holds today .

 Our leaders of the major countries are listening , they want direction from their people .

If the people stay silent they'll have to depend on their governmental intelligence and military personnel . These groups are then going to give their personal directives , and they've failed us so many times since WW2 that they've now lost our belief .

The George W. Bush nightmare is the possible actions to repeat themselves ? Are we stupid ? Aren't we in the age of instant communications , we can answer to ourselves and also direct ourselves .

First we here in America have to tame the voting booth from easy corruption , then we've got to implement a Citizens power of Veto . To have this we need all the information at hand , no more are we shown a film of nothing impacting the Pentagon .

To get this type of power a new wing of government must be installed , not another party or service , but a peoples watchers with the power of veto and ousting any run amok corrupt government .

A spiritual update is possibly in the coming , how I'm not sure , but it's due  , don't fear or panic . Because as one group " Mankind " , Whatever comes we stand a better chance of survival if we stand together .

World government is touted as an illuminate plot , by who ? The illuminate  , this they don't want , a world united and questioning . 

Then Man will be What he was Born to be , Free and independent , living in civil world .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March 12 / 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fronzi's word compilation [ additions to English Language ]. Sault Ontario Canada .

Perimeter pastimes .

Here at the Fronzi's Institutes at the Fronzi's  Multibillion Dollar World Wide Empire   .

Our linguistics division , having just successfully translated the Christian Bible from its Corny

English trashing by an English challenged translator , who lived with closely , and in the Employ of 

an English Monarch ???

We have chosen the word that will define " A person that lays in wait ", Predominantly on Video ,

Documentary Discussions , or any social input .

This definition  were first spotted  emerging from the " Youtube " sites and comments .

Now falling into mainstream general population .

The new definer word ?

                                                    " Troll ".

Reviving the fairy tale humanoid that lurked under bridges and was blamed for all types of calamities .

Gianfranco Fronzi  March ./ 8 / 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Crystal Blue Persuasion - 1969

Hello Millennials , may I call your generation Milly Vanilly ?
My tongue hurts repeating Millennials .
If you don't like it just write .
Watch this video , and you'll see my generation was outside not hiding in a washroom with an overpriced bag or something stuck in our arms .
Nobody had to tell us how to wipe our behinds .
You know why ?
" Crystal Blue Persuasion - 1969 "
Gianfranco Fronzi . March / 7 / 2014

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

We did this with the power of the Internet .

Perimeter pachyderms .
Check out the greatness of humanity , the Chinese have taken a stand on the devastation of the Elephant .
Thank you China .
From The planet and the Elephant .
Lets sink this forever .

Elephants rejoice! China has banned ivory imports for one year to help protect elephants. China's the world’s largest importer of ivory, so this is a great step. We look forward to further action .

We did this with the power of the Internet .

Gianfranco Fronzi . March /4 / 2014

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

" Marijuana Revisited "

Perimeter properties .

" Marijuana ".

To whom is it really a Danger ?

I think , that if anyone the user ? Who's suddenly " returns to innocence " , is in more harms way
Than the public ?

He's just as artificially imbedded in a world he's got to believe . .

Instead of the world that is all a lie , a scam , deceitful .

Are you getting the picture ?

My view ?

How can mankind , in so many years , have liberated so many other mood enhances ?

And the " Marijuana " , law has been debated now since the sixties .

what is this problem , the case of bad reactions ?

Well I'll tell you , a person only has that once and then they won't do it again .

Gianfranco Fronzi February 10 / 2014

Thursday, January 29, 2015

" Simplified Redemption " . ; Sault Ontario Canada . Toronto , New York , Los Angeles , North , South , East , West

Perimeter population .

Nice out here isn't it ?

Out here there are no stars , out here we are in no need of navigation , out here is real .

" Simplified Redemption "

Well it is Simple .

Just take , Everything you think you are .

Everything you say to everyone , that you are .

Everything you aspire to be .

And .

Live it .

Simple yes ?

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 29 / 2015

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Human studies . Sault Ontario Canada , North ,South , East , West . Toronto .New York , Los Angeles .

Perimeter ping pong .

We here at the Fronzi institutes for advanced human studies [ a division of The Fronzi Multi billion dollar World Wide Empire ] , how done our species definitions study .

First event o questioning .

A Lion ; How would you define yourself Mr . Lion ?

Reply ; I am a Lion .

Asking a Beaver ?

I am a Beaver .

Asking a fish ?

I am a fish .

and every species responded properly .

On asking humans .

We were given a myriad of replies .

First question , How would you define the human race ?

First answer , We are the dust of stars ?

Second ; we are Vibrationary entities that can cross dimensions .

Third ; we are ; what we think we are .

Fourth ; we are Angels and we're waiting to go back to heaven .

Fifth ;We are intelligent apes .

Sixth ; we are spirits that have lived on other planets .

Seventh ; We are in a created hologram , created by Aliens , or God .

Eighth , we are an infection on this planet .

Upon completing the study the campus concludes .

Mankind is one twisted MFO .
Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 21 / 2014

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

United States Authorities ,;" Beg " . Sault Ontario Canada . North South , East , West . Toronto , Los Angeles . New York

Perimeter pieces .

There's something still , like a wound that never heals , festers .

It permeates through humanity , globally .

It's killing me , and I'm Canadian .

I am now " Begging " , " Begging ".

And I rarely " Beg " ? Usually it's to a female , or before I say , " your pardon " ?

Could the United States Authorities , " Please , I'm Begging " .

Could you Please ?
                                        Show us a Photograph or better , a Video , of an , " Airliner ".

                            That has impacted with the " Pentagon " ? Please ?

Any video or photograph , that disproves what hurts everyone on this planet ?

The obvious murder of Good Citizens , by some involvement of the " Government " ?

I am Begging , you can't steal from us "The Land of Opportunities "?

The last of the places the world could depend on .

America , Land of the Free , Home of the Brave .

Send us your Poor , your Huddled Masses .

Where exactly do we take Dorothy ?             " Kansas" ?

No I don't think so?

Gianfranco Fronzi  . January /12 / 2014

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fu--ed up . - Not Fu--kup Ceremony .

Ceremony .

To live life perfectly .

You must live each instance with " Ceremony " .

If you're going take your favorite pastime , let's use a section of humanity that can benefit the most from Ceremony , drug use .

Perimeter pieces .
Fucked up not Fuckup .

Instead of just staying high as much as you can .

Put stipulations on yourself .

Use , the act of repetition , to have more body rather than just repetition .

By adding a Ceremony before you take your hit , this scenario , as .

A drug user goes to purchase the drug users narcotic , this user then instead of applying Ceremony , they can't wait they find privacy at the dealers house and do some drugs .

Well they might as well give the rest of their money to the dealer .

If you have imposed a Ceremony on yourself it would have boundaries and procedure to your habit .

Instead the druggie , upon purchasing the dope , waits until his set aside timing event .

At home they prepare for the "Event " .

They keep everything in order and clean , they then ingest a portion of drug that has been sized up by a lot of personal calculations .

Then they take the event , which starts to fade as soon as it reaches its peak , and includes the plunge of withdrawals as part of the trip .

And abstaining until the next allowed Ceremony .

Dig it ?

Remember ,

" You want to get fucked up ",

" Not Fuckup ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . January /7 / 2014

Don't waste Time .

Perimeter peacnicks .

Time .

When you stop using it , or don't care what time it is .

It's not wasting Time .

It ceases to Exist .

Gianfranco Fronzi / January / 7 / 2014

Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello . Letters from the pit .Sault Canada . you can't touch them

Perimeter plastics .

If you recall how you learned anything , well the way I learned was with a lot of mistakes .

That's not the hard way .

The hard way is not making mistakes , and doing , and learning nothing .

I think we as humans , hope that the people with financial and obligated positions aren't

Learning that same way , no ?

No ? Well they use a creepy way of viewing life .

They cut humanity into categories .

The people we need , this includes from the usably useless .

Which they keep to use against the dangerous free radicles .

And their paid staff .

Then there's the ones that you just don't want to touch .

These people we see every day , in restaurants , in videos , in pictures , everywhere .

They're the people that make a world worth living , they are usually  aged  , weak , and giving

they're the ones we walk past to go to a lecture by someone that needs an entire lecture for something

they'd have a simple answer for .

These people I question , and want to hear .

I've spent hours in gas stations , restaurants , bars , wherever I could say hello .

Asking for answers from the pit of questions , on seeing the type of person I feel would be   the people most likely  to bear the answers .

So when I was  traveling with my Harley , wherever I was , I didn't want to necessarily speak to other bikers because they've got a whole bunch of reasons for not trusting anybody even if they're on a motorcycle .

No I'd be on the side of the road talking to a farmer who was taking a break , or the parking lot of a side of the highway restaurant . Where I'd just eat by my bike , people would usually then approach me to see what an obvious loner with his dog in sidehack is doing .

This is the soul in being on a Harley , and looking like your deserving of  inquisitiveness .

Some people would share , drugs , some would share stories they wouldn't tell anyone else .

But what a place and position to be , with people , real good real people .

So when your feeling down go and find these places and let people find you , don't ask for anything tangible , but ask them how life is in their part of the of the world .

Using common language never have I ever met someone that approached me to harm me or desire to scam me .

These are the suffering masses who with a grin tell me how everything failed them but they survived .

These are the people you don't want to touch cause what they're telling you is how they know the life bikers and people that can be classified as free radicals , have to live .

To be at least as free as they can . This is why the alternative , is worth their soul , who else would you trust ?
When people need freedom they don't trust their authorities they trust the guy with the Hog and the sidehack and his dog . I am honored , and may your idols take care of you , This is the America I want to remember anything else is pale when such colorful reality is giving you a bad touch , that we bend down chuckling about it . Do what you will but you can't touch them .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 5 / 2014

This is creepy . ... Must read , North , South , East And West .

Parimeter pumps .

I ask the rest of humanity ,

 " Who would have ever dreamt that most of our locked in the ground petroleum , would someday return to the surface of Earth ?
Doesn't it make you feel used ?
Like an anthill farm , we pumped  , ignited , heated , and fueled most of Crud Oil .
Was this the plan ?
Kinda creepy ?
Earth wanted an oil change and we were the army ants .

Gianfranco Fronzi . July /7/2014 . 

Winner of 2014 English Language Definitions Category .

Perimeter pneumatics .
We've been wrestling for the past year here at the universities  languages and communications campus , comprising the " Fronzi Multibillion Dollar Universities " ,
A division of the Award Winning " We don't need No More Stinking Mastodons ", Floor cleaner .
The Word Definition for " Depression " .
            " A very Severe Disinterest ".
Winner .
Gianfranco Fronzi  . July / 29 / 2014


Femina Veritas . North , South , East , West , and all ship at sea .

Perimeter phenomenon .

Having lived from the old system of thought in the 20th century to today , I'm not quite sure if feminism was a step foreword for the females .

Sure they should be paid and have the same rites as men , but their power as females I believe has diminished .

Before they were seen as the weaker sex , and men would do anything to protect them . But also depending on their situation , they could be trapped in a world of abuse .

So without losing the respect of men by wanting to be men , women should find a midpoint rather than an equal point . Otherwise they will find a world where they've lost everything by diminishing the values of their sexuality .
Men normally love women , but depending on the individual female they can arouse great resistance .

Then their rites and power will be taken away from the individual female without any feelings , I apologize but this is how it is .
The female then resorts to the even more dangerous position of deception and the use of their sexual favors , this is dangerous ground because whatever women like this think , men aren't stupid , they might play along but the end of the game could be very devastating .

Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 26 / 2014

Repetition , bad idea . Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter Ping-Pong .

Repetition ?

They say , " History Repeats Itself " ?

Could  this be  , the real problem ?

We as an evolving species , aren't using our abilities .

 When we allow the parts of History that we have deemed to be non productive .

To Repeat .

That then puts us in the really " special species " home .

You know ?

The home that all the other species don't want to talk about ?

Get with the Fricken Program ?

Nice functions , with groups of Men with suits and ties , representing the courses , of the history , of a region .

Isn't allowing the ability for our species and regions ,to see ,  This fact ?

   It's happening again ?

"We apologize but it's happening again people " is their only response .

Excuse me but , we don't want that again .

The reply .

Of a region or species , that  ,  when they say  .

" Excuse me but We don't want That to happen Again " .

It's not loud enough .

Muffled by it's own size and diversity .

Bad history Should Never be Repeated .

Or let's just put ourselves out of our , self imposed , ignorant ,  misery .

When you designate , and hire a politician , you're placing all of your , existence , in their hands .

A very successful example from the twentieth century , a certain , " Adolph Hitler ".

Well ?   What could have been without him ?

How about " No Regrets "?

Because everything we justify today is based on regrets of Yesterday .

 Lets remove regrets and we're rockin in The Free World .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 3 / 2014

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."
— George Orwell

"Propaganda," Goebbels once wrote, "has absolutely nothing to do with truth."

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Squeals like a pig .

Perimeter perpetrators .
As viewed on Faciabook .
Is the English language used for repressing people ?

This viewpoint , even though I haven't read the whole article , stops me to include it in my ,
" Most Moronic " articles I've ever seen by Truthout , and Faciabook . 

 English was my second language , I'm an Italian born Canadian . 

When my Parents came to Canada , they didn't expect anything to change because we are here .

 And we felt it to be our duty to learn the English language . 

Do you see anything lacking in my ability to express myself ? 

Be proud of the common language " English " that you have .

Not find a form of repression to foreign languages .

It's up to them to become Americans , not us into a service state .

 In the schooling I'm sure this topic is well taken care of .

Depending on if the freckled faced kid behind you squeals like a pig . 

Gianfranco Fronzi .   December /14 / 2014

Let's try it .

Perimeter pulled .
No Borders .
I would like to give an incite that may be dreaming on my part , yet could be a solution for our most troubling actions as a species .
When we were established as a species , as most species we started to mark boundaries .
This template of our survival , grew with us , as in more and larger territories , or countries .
If I be so bold to suggest ?
Don't you think we should step out of a long running outdated problem ?
Why not ?
All the Regions keep their policies , but lets all drop international borders .
Mankind will have no reasons to compete and a new found freedom , one that anyone can't turn on and say , you're an American , or you're Chinese , or you're European .
No it's , I'm an Earthling .
Wouldn't that cause a lot of trouble ?
Gianfranco Fronzi . Oct. / 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Retirement , this is the End . , Sault Ontario , East , West , North and South , New York , L.A.

Perimeter pipe fitters .

Your Work and the limit of Retirement .

Have you ever heard this reoccurring  statement ?

" He retired , and then bang , two weeks later he was dead "?

Well here's the tale in common words .

When you're working , it's a period that you treasure because it's an escape from modern life .

It's biggest separation is from , " Drug of Choice ".

And everybody has one .

When you retire you suddenly find that you're going to do more of that drug with your free time .

Well let's take for example , Alcohol , a favorite amongst the population , so favorite that when the

Alcoholic retires , he falls into continues binge , or drinking till complete intoxication .

To the point of eventually dying from over drinking , which doesn't take long .

If you can get by on Marijuana , it's a healthier choice , but it is a gateway drug .

The trick for the Marijuana user is to stick to just marijuana . Otherwise the next options for most thrills without leaving the house , will show you its ramifications .

For the ones that cross over to Cocaine or " Up "drugs , you'll ,
go broke , do things your going to regret [ this pertains to all drugs , alcohol or these third party drugs except for marijuana ].

You'll dive into Cocaine because , if that first " Line ", is good cocaine , " It's too good ".

And if you're not smart enough to see it's power you'll go into a different lifestyle .

The key is to take heed from reading stuff from people that have taken and regret the trip .

Cocaine is also a corrupter of morals , and viewpoints .

Usually snorting is replaced by smoking it as "Crack", crack is a more intense but short lived stone .
Therefore you'll do more repeatedly , sapping your money and family life .

The real key , is seeing this in your personality , the " Addictive  one ", and not allowing failure .

Now for the worst " Opiates ".

Cocaine is ,  water soluble , therefore if you can abstain for a week and change environment or influence you won't suffer from the life threatening withdrawals that both the Opiates and Alcohol have .

Alcohol is water soluble also , but it enters every cell in the body , then the pain as it has to come out

of every cell in the body , is devastating .

Opiates are the same , but both them and Alcohol , are a concern , because the addicts have the " sensory reawakening ", Marijuana has some lesser effect of this also , but the user can't reach a level of intoxication which the rest can .

With Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal you'll be laying in bed lacking the " Courage " to get up and get a Glass of Water .

So to wrap up this sermon .

The " Key " is to see your " Addictive Personality " beforehand and not trying the " Lock " of any Drug if you can do without them .

As a side note ; the users  of ,  "Intravenous " , as a delivery is now back in fashion and has returned by the hundred fold .
When intravenous is the delivery , you've now stepped out of the ," Comfort of living " , to a serious

  " ball and chain ".

And you'll have to join a club of similar users , because you'll need to support your Intravenous habit at any cost , even  at the price of your  Soul .

So " Keep on Rockin in the Free World ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 8 / 2014

Adam , Had no Balls .Sault Canada , East , West , North and South . New York , L.A. TORONTO .

Perimeter pullers .

Adam had no Balls .

If God created Adam ?
Why would he give Adam a sexual position he couldn't use ?

I believe , if it is so  ?

 Then  , "Adam " was like the Angels , sexless .

To put Adam into a sleep to extract a sexual partner , must have included a transformation of Adam

himself to being a separate form of human life ?
                                                                   " A Man"  .
On Jesus ,

 Let's look at one story , the curing of the blind man .

If you know the story , Jesus didn't cure the blind man completely with his first spit made mud pack ?

He had to make another mud pack to fully restore his sight ?

Doesn't a miracle work immediately ?

 Or was this a  cure and not a miracle at all ?

You decide .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 8 / 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Saving an African Icon

When I look out at the stars in the sky I dream of good things , like the possibility of a place or planet where personal growth isn't measured by stimulations of nerves to create stronger bodies and growth . A place where as we walk past each other , of any species , and we instantly share our energies , from an entity that could afford to give to one in need .
You'd probably say it wouldn't work ? There couldn't be such a place where it just all works that easy ?
Did you see here what these people did for this Elephant ?
It's a start .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 5 / 2014

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Love or Hate . East , West , North , South , Sault Ontario , Toronto , New York , Los Angeles , and All ships at sea .

Perimeter perpetrators .
Love or Hate ?
You decide .
If there is a God .
Take yourself .
Would you work on an unfinished project , that criticizes itself .
And because of its criticism , you'd give up on it , or hate it ?
No way , It's got too much fun for entertainment purposes alone .
Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 2 / 2014

Monday, December 1, 2014

The good Mistake . 2014 . East ,West , North , and , South . Toronto , New York , Sault , Los Angeles .

Hello Perimeter Parents , I'm Going To Take You To Another Plain Of Existence , back .

To Check On The Good Mistake.

We Were Collapsing Space  , Moving At Top Speed When My System Manager Tinn Yelled Out , we're  Pushing A Wave In Front Of The Ship .

The Advance Scanners Must Have Not Detected Occupied Space ?

We've Got To Bring Her Out Of Hyper Velocity Slowly .
Or We Will Shatter Our Chrystal's , they Must Be Running At High Temperature , We've Probably Caused A Lot Of Damage?

Inn , I Called To My Helmsman , find Out Where We Will Stop , Then Scan For A Hospitable

Planet , we Might Have To Wait For Help ?

The Ship Started To Vibrate As We Quickly Slowed Down , we Had Too , The Wave Of ,
  Probably A Gas ?
 Would Have Become A Wall , If We Continued .

We Will Be Completely Stopped Shortly , Tinn Said , any Luck Iin ?
  Yes , There Is A Young System With One Planet In Bio .
Check The Crystals , start The Vortex , take Us To This Planet , I Rattled Out In One Order .
The Crew Jumped To Perform The Tasks  , Inn ? Take Us Towards The Bio Planet , And Scan It For

Known Unsuitable Environments.

Yes Sir .

We Had Little Choice  , As Far As Our Survival , the Ship With The Damage Incurred Could Give Up Function Completely .

Do You Wish To Try Orbit Sir ?

 No , Lets Use Up What We've Got To Approach Straight In , at Least We Can Free Ourselves From The Ship.
Or Die ? Inn Said.
Or Die I Repeated.
The Crystals Are Full Of Seams , They're  Useless,we've Only Got Back Up Power, Maybe Enough To Get Us On The Planet ?
 But We'll Be Stuck There Till Help Reaches Us , Tin Reported .

Alright Everyone Strap Into Your Survival Pods , set Them Upright And Transfer Controls Over To Them , we'll Be Going Into Atmosphere Shortly.

I Could Feel The Effects Of Gravity , And With It The Sensation Of Falling , our Craft Was Not Made For Atmospheric Flight , So We Sliced At The Mercy Of It's Reaction And Entered At High Velocity Keeping A Steep Angle Of Descent.

We Are Heading For Water Sir , land Not To Far Off .
Hopefully We'll Slice Into The Water .
With That , We Plunged Into The Sea Lodging Ourselves Under A Sunken Overhanging Cliff.

Integrity , I Asked ?
Leaping Out Of My Pod , Tin Reported , ship Sane , but We're Stuck Under this  Overhang .

We All Fell Silent , send A Distress Report To All Channels , include All Ships Final Activities , hopefully There Is Someone Nearby?

There Was Nothing We Could Do.

We Sat Quietly , all Pondering For Solutions.
 Tin I Asked ?
  Yes Sir ?
How Much Breathable Air Time Do We Have?

Well Sir , if We Make Contact Shortly We Could Survive , the Air Is Only Being Filtered Now , not Generated , so ?

So ? How Deep Are We ?
Could We Make It To The Surface ?
  Actually Were Not That Deep Sir , we Could Make It If We Had Too .
How Many Spans Would That Be ?
Ten Maybe ?
I Didn't Have Much Time To Advance Scan , not At That Speed .

Well ,  I've Got To Lead  , I'll Go First . Operate The Air Lock , and I'll Stay In Communications From Above.

I Hadn't Actually Swam Since The Academy , So Holding My Breathe I Slowly Climbed Up To The Surface , land Was Visible But Far Off .
My Suit Being Body Tight , Didn't Interfere With My Slow Swimming Progress , suddenly I Felt A Bump From Below Me ?
Then An Actual Lifting And Dragging , By Something Bellow Me , with That I Heard A Cackle
From Behind Me ?
 And A Push From Two Different Aquatic Species , the Speed Was Incredible , And I Was At Standing Level In Quick Time .
Looking Behind Me , I Saw Two ,What Looked Like Air Breathing Aquatic Entities ?

And They Were Smiling And Cackling , All The While Nodding Their Heads Up And Down .
  I Thanked Them.
Told Them I Had Nothing To Offer , as They Cackled And Circled Me , I Reached Out To Pet One .
When A Stone Hit My Hand ?
They Both Submerged , As Another Stone Hit My Shoulder ?
I Turned Towards Shore , there Was A Camp Of Hominids Shrieking And Pointing At Me , they
Looked To Be A Lower Species?
 All Hair And Using Hands And Feet To Move About.
They Were Throwing More Stones , Most Were Missing Me , But I Had To Gain Respect , so I Took My Photon Compression Emitter , And Fired A Blast At Their Camp Blaze , flames Shot Into The Air And Blew The Fire Out ,  Sending Everything Into Darkness .

I Slowly Headed For Shore , Certain That I Wouldn't Have Any Problems Now?

Tinn Over ?
Loud And Clear Sir ,  you Make Quick Friends  ?
 Those Sea Creatures Helping me Out , you Didn't See Them Coming Tinn ?
 Sir As You Were Ascending They Raced From The Depths , they Have A Natural Sonar Capability And Are Air Breathing Creatures .

Alright Whats The Scenario ?

Well Sir , It's Mixed , the Males Are All On The Hillock To Your Right .
And Are Fighting Amongst Themselves .
What Does Tactics Report On This Behavior ?
 Already Accessed Sir , amongst Life Forms At This Level It Denotes Preparation For Battle .
As We Speak A Small Party Is Descending Towards You.
Suggestions , Tinn?
If You Look Directly In Front Of You You Will See A Large Tree , destroy It As A Show Of Power.
What ? And Destroy A Perfectly Good Tree ?
Alright Better Yet , to The Left Of That Tree Two Dead Ones Back To Back , fire At Will Sir , no Bios Emissions From Them .

I Raised My Arm And Fired A Packet At The First Deadfall , it Broke And Flamed Crashing Down , I  Then Slowed My Emitter And Fired At The Second , It Exploded Into Flame.

Good Work Captain , all Males Are Scrambling Deeper Into The Forest.

Where Are The Females ?
They Are All Laying Low To Your Right , at The Edge Of The Forest , probably Watching Or Concerned ?
Concerned Of What?
Well Sir , If You Turn To Your Left Not Far Off , You Will See Two Entities , One Standing With What Looks Like A Sharp Pole , and One Sitting , both Holding Each Other.

I Slowly Turned , as My Suit Lights Fell Upon Them  ,Surprise , Was My Reaction ?
Are You Getting This Tinn ?
Yes Sir , All Recorded.
What Do You See ?
 Looks Like Two Different Species One Protecting The Other ,Why Did They Not Run Like The Rest ?

The Sitting Female Which Is Like The Species Common Here Is , full Of Large Tumors , incurable .
And In Great Pain , a Stone Hanging From Her Neck Is Emitting Radical Unstable Emissions , this Could Account For The Tumors?
 And The Lone Male That Protects Her ?
Could Be A Mistake Caused By The Stone Emissions?
He Is The Only One On This Land Mass ,  I Can't Scan The Entire Planet From Here .
Hold It ?
 There Are Similar Embryonic Development In Some Of The Females At The Edge Of The Forest , he Has Mated . all Embryos Different In Subtle Ways Such As Colour Of Skin And Hair.

They Will Never Know They Are Brothers And Sisters I Said ?
No Sir.

I Began Moving Towards Them , Sir The Stick Can't Penetrate Your Suit , But A Blow To The Head Could Be Fatal ,I Suggest Backing Off , protocol Suggests?

Hang Protocol Tinn !
We Are Out Here To Learn , and This Looks Like A Lesson .
Yes Sir.

I Slowly Approached The Pair , the Female , either From Fear , or Pain , Kept Her Head Lowered.

What We Assumed Had To Be Her Relation , Shook , With The Stick Ready To Strike .

I Raised My Hand And Offered It To Him , he With Apprehension Slowly Reached Out And Grasped It .
I Smiled , he Returned It ,Then Placed His Hands , And Attention On His Mothers Shoulders.
I Reached Down Placing My Finger Under Her Chin , And Slowly Raised Her Head .
Her Deep Dark Eye's Squinted At Me , And I Was Moved By Her Suffering .
Tinn ?
 I Hailed.
Yes Sir , he Said Softly .
What Are Her Options?
None Sir , he Replied .
Your Med Kit Sir?
Yes Tinn?
Well , you Have The Full Crew Version , two Ampules Of Dormia Will Do It.

I Winced At The Thought , But Inhaled Deeply As I Loaded The Injector.
I Lowered Myself And Put My Arms Under her  , And Slowly I Lifted Her .
As She Reached Standing She Again Looked Up At Me .
Her Eye's Deep Black Pools Of Need , a Need That Spanned All Species And Conditions .

I Then Injected Her , as The Dormia Took Effect She Slowly Transformed Facially.
She Looked Relieved , happier , and Thankful  , All At The Same Time.

Then She Slowly Slipped Away , closing Her Eye's And Clinging To Me.

A Feeling Of Urgency Came Over Me?
I Looked At The Boy And As Our Eye's Met , I Seemed To Have Blinked Off For A Moment , to Return To Tinn's Voice Asking .
What Was That All About Sir ?

What Are You Asking Me Tinn ?
You And The Boy Both Yelled Out .
I Did ?   I asked  Confused?
 Yes Sir , I'll Bring Up The Audio , you Weren't Preempted By The Boy Either , it Was Simultaneous .
I Then Heard The Record Of A Cross Between A Howl And A Yell ?
I Slowly Lowered The Body Towards The Boy And We Both Lowered Her Gently To The Sand .

Waves Of Emotion Were Coursing Through Me , And Both Of Us Sat On The Rock Beside Her , tears Were Coming From Our Eye's .
Are You All Right Sir ? Tinn Asked ?
 In Wonder.
Your To Young Tinn , To Know.
Yes Sir , Your From The First Generation To Use The Rebuilt Anti Aging Genetics , I Remember You Saying About Your Monitors Not Even Being In Colour .

Yes This Is My Last Season , I Will Now Slowly Follow This Great Mother To Ya .

I Don't Believe Sir.
I Know , I Said.
I'll Be Here You Keep Working On Solutions.

I've Just Made Contact Sir , you Will Love This ?
It's Rite From Way Back , I'm Connected Through Google , they Must Have A Spacial Cell Close By ?
Alright I'll Be Right  Here .
 I Said , as I Sniffed My Tears Up My Nose .
O.k. Sir.over.

The Force Looked And Saw A Lesson In Something Intangible Had Been Added To The Pot Of Progression . And Two Assemblies Had Learned Today , all Was Going As Planned.


Gianfranco Fronzi . December / 1 / 2014

" God is the Smile On a Dolphins Face "