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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Caesars 13th vs. U.S . Division

Perimeter Populous .

Some fiction , what could happen if Julius Caesar's 13 Legion went up against a modern day U. S. division .

Division headquarters , General shmedley here .

Yes sir .

Your explanation of the exorcise , we simulate a battle against Caesars 13 Legion ?

That's right General , the opponents have been given your modern capabilities , and a computer software will run the simulation .

Is this a joke ?

No sir it's not .

Battle starts in  a half hour .

This should be fun ?

Alright gentlemen start .

Send in our choppers , check out his layout .

Yes sir .

Choppers report , no sight of the 13th .

What ?

Hold it sir , all helicopters are in distress , they've all crashed , some kind of cable bolas weighted at the ends were flung into the rotors .

Drones show Roman soldiers rising from holes in the ground , their shields covered them from sight .

Send in the armed soldiers . And spray those has beens back to Italy .

Yes sir .

Sir ? They're taking injuries from thrown weapons , their bullets can't hit because the Legion has  three layer shields , the first thin steel , then thin copper , then leather bound composites .

They've just hacked away our foot soldiers .

Didn't they use grenades ?

Yes sir but the Legionnaires would put a copper dome with spikes on them diffusing the blast .

Or they'd throw them back .

They're at our bunkers front door now sir .

They couldn't possibly get in here can they ?

Let's watch .

The man following the seam of the door with a shim looks like a technician .

That must be Caesar he's showing the direction of the door open ?

They're prying on the door , that won't do it .

Wait , two technicians are looking closer , they're pointing at the wall where the door mechanism is .

Now they're busting away at the concrete .

They could disarm the door but it would take awhile .

They've brought in a bronze tipped log on a swing ram .

They've accessed the hydraulics , the techs are making severing motions to the pipes .

They've broken the pressure lines with large axes .

Alright let's get personal , take out your weapons .
Bullet proof glass separates us .

A spray of darts and arrows bounced off the glass , a heavily armored man approaches the glass and says ,            

                              " Julius Caesar" .

He then gives a a downswing  and turns away , his soldiers then set fire to the whole bunker .

Arrivederci .

Gianfranco Fronzi . February / 20 / 2013

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