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Monday, May 6, 2013

Impression , studio evolute

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I feel that as a species , or rather a life form , impressions are important .

 But referring to the human species ,impressions are greatly effecting our judgments in life .

 Thus we get the wrong impressions .
Yet even when knowing that the impression is wrong we still fall for the impression we like , rather

than   what's known to be true .

This type of behavior covers a large area in human existence .

From Love to discrimination .

 Yet possibly not a wrong a wrongful thing  , considering we've survived with wrong impressions as a species .

This is due to the point that the wrong impression , isn't realized as wrong , as long as it is needed by the one entertaining themselves with a wrong impression .

Once the viewpoint of your dreamed impression say of someone else , doesn't fill our need to entertain it .

It all falls apart .

After a consecutive destructions of heartfelt impressions , the human then becomes harder to impress , and a new part of life overcomes us , the part that could be defined with the word sapient , or wise person .

Thanks .
Gianfranco Fronzi
April /6/2013

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