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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Ya pays You money and you Take your chances

Perimeter positrons .
War ?
War , a strange affair in this modern age .
   It's no longer used as defense but as a maneuvering tactic , as in moving other societies into the attackers way of thought .
 Or to garner the land and resources , all the while posing  as help ?
The greatest western empire known , the Roman , at least didn't lie for a reason , they told their victims exactly what was to happen .
The young soldier in the video though feels tricked into his position , but he should have read the fine print when he signed up for service , concentrating on the section that refers to , " You are being hired as a mercenary ", and you will do anything your ordered to do .
      Otherwise there isn't any terrorists or weapons of mass destruction , you are seen as the terrorists , with those weapons , by the people that you so twistedly want to help .
    Don't insult our intelligence any further , because now the gigs up , and the world will charge you to the point of restricting  U.S. citizens or  military from travel , by court rule .
   In such a situation the country of freedom becomes the country of criminals that aren't wanted .
     May God take America [U.S.] , back ?
Gianfranco Fronzi . October .5 / 2013

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