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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Free Bird ,........North , South , East and West and all Ship at sea .

Free Bird .

Perimeter photos .

May I preach?

Why not ?

I'm as good as anybody else .

Well , I'm childless , but I'm exited for your children .

What took the British Secret intelligence years to develop , for James , is now on my phone .

Wow , what's next ?

How bought freeing of soul ?

Well that's a toughie pandemic ally .

But not quite , just like an individuals sane brain is a complicated mess , usually .

A connected Borg with technology would be next to heaven , except for having to assimilate all aliens .

A wider Wi Fi effect would occur , your soul connected to the feel and view of different viewpoints.

kind of scary huh ?

But if you got to choose the limits and differing exclusions or Apps you can install .Like

 "Ice Cream Manwich "? Or Jelly Bode ?

Boldly Go Where No Man has gone Before .

Gianfranco Fronzi . February / 20 / 2014

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