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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Consciousness , Sault , East West North South

I'm a bit confused , I can't let go of the fact that if my consciousness wasn't observing life , that life wouldn't continue on without my observation .
So if on another consciousness it's 100 degrees to freezing point it is a completely different existence , and thus changes the freezing point ?
Lets use a better example , money , if a dollar in the USA  and a dollar in Canada are worth different in buying power , then Canada and the US are different states of consciousness ? In a way I guess ? But in the big picture both dollars contain the same buying power it just takes more or less to place a value that is equal .
Does this make sense ? I do believe it does ? So scrap the mumbo jumbo and realize the reality of this consciousness . It freezes the same here all the time , even if you say 0 degrees or 100 degrees .

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