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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Any Doubts ?

Perimeter  politicians .

One of your best Presidents John Fitzgerald Kennedy was murdered in front of our eyes , and to this day nobody knows the whole truth . Do you think 911 is going to be the same ?
Maybe ?
 But you've got people that were employed to guarantee your safety .
Add up all the failures of 911 .
Two passenger jets entered New York downtown air space .
They impacted into two buildings that were known targets of terrorists .
Meanwhile your President took refuge behind school  children .
The most guarded military headquarters on earth is also hit by another passenger jet .
Meanwhile your head commander gave the order to stand down .
Was he hoping for the best outcome ?
They then announce that it's mastermind was a well known terrorist .
But instead of searching for this terrorist , who they say is hiding in the mountains of Afghanistan , they go and proliferate an illegal war .
Killing , destroying and wasting , the U.S. , and Iraqi's , people , looking for , now here's the clincher , " Weapons of Mass Destruction " .
Which they don't find .
People of the United States , if I did my job as poorly , brazenly wrong , and uncaring ,
I would have been killed mysteriously on nightshift .
Yet they still insult you , not us Canadians because our Prime Minister ,
   " Jean Chr├ętien"
 Wouldn't spill Canadian blood on a fools venture , and sided with reason and sanity .
You on the other hand are all guilty , because you did nothing but follow like .....?
Gianfranco Fronzi . October / 12 / 2014

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