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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Hunger

The Hunger .

Perimeter police .

The extremes that mankind has perverted his soul .

As in why does he hunger not for just food , but for anything that he feels a want , a need for ,
even when he has no needs at all ?

The Lion , a top carnivore , doesn't want or need anything but to eat to survive .

Yet the Lion will lay with the lamb were it not for hunger .

The Lion doesn't rejoice or find pleasure in his need to kill for hunger .
Yet mankind does .

The passage " When the Lion lays with the Lamb ", Isn't an actual Lion and Lamb .

It is a direct hit towards mankind . This is written  for you . Not a statement of a sign that we should be watching for .

But an antiquated way of thought , one that deals with mankind killing  its own , for no reason but to satisfy " Ego ".

So when you've somehow given up this type of reaction of ego , then the direction of mankind will fly .

Would you like suggestions ?

One that pops into mind . To circumvent ego , and killing of any life form whether it be mankind itself , or any nonthreatening life form .

A universal law should be instilled and enforced as mandatory .

That being .

Anything , or anyone you demand , order , or physically perform , the action of taking life .
" You must Eat it , or them , entirely  ".

As in , ingesting them , human , or any non threatening life form .

It's their life .

Bon Appetite .
Gianfranco Fronzi .

May . 20 / 2015

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