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Friday, November 4, 2016

This is how it starts

This video is what I like to call Brainwashing . In many ways . First, we are attracted by the topic , possibly a military or at least a big change in Israeli / U .S . A. , RELATIONS . Then we hear what comes across as a person that has no real information but possibilities of what we want to get excited about it's almost narcotic . So when it's over or during , we feel like more entertainment , whose gonna die ? Well even though , no quotes , no reason , or film clip , proved the reactions inevitable . Or that Obama said anything , yet we have left with the idea that it Looks like Trouble . And this is how they brainwashed you and put in acceptance of the inevitable troubled Relations . I'd like you to know I fought with my Turrets Syndrome to write this drivel .
Gianfranco Fronzi
Fri . 11/ 2016

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