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Monday, December 12, 2016

Legislate ourselves

Can mankind legislate a quickening of the progression of it\s own species and is it worth doing ?
To be perfect as a society can be , is it possible to legislate global as in the nazi selective breeding for a super race ?
The argument hasn't even been made in any way , or is it lurking in the back of most peoples minds ?
Considering that most people especially the ones that are completely negative in nature , people who murder for any reason viewed by them as making the race more superior because everybody must think of themselves as superior ? And they base their superiority on the fact  they are trickier or are on a mission to pick a corpses pocket ?
It's not a question it's a fact that can't be denied , on my perusal of the species Homo Sapiens , it is a weird mix of individuals that would never move to some community levels because their in their own world not the big picture , and to some they'ed be proud and boast of killing someone for five dollars or some stupid jealousy .
Then there is the new type of race that just showed up lately that have a connection with other forces and can see many viewpoints at once , instead of their viewpoint being something they feel valuable or cheap the don't care because they are with their spectra vision not even paying attention to what's in somebody else's pocket  .
The many different types and situations that make up a race is complicating any type of communal type that would guaranty a logical functioning , it would have to be almost as militaristic as possible .
The technology doesn't spill over in the swamp or in the houses of the desirable , and every step forwards is taken away by a self-interest type specimen that usually is up to ten steps back .
Guaranteeing that up till recently mankind hasn't really moved in thought at all , it is the same creature today that it was in it's conception .
A different way of walking or style but no different at all .
I'm not in loathing but fear for them because their values are governed not rooted in a common way of thought , yet they all say that their life is just a normal everyday common one , it is actually  intertwined with many values that they secretly have .
Effecting an unpredictable outcome , one that keeps it in the same place .
If you throw a pile of sticks and look at the outcome it really doesn't matter it's still a pile of sticks .

Gianfranco Fronzi   Dec. 12/ 2016

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