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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Hello,PERIMETER PELOPS, authority,[I FIGHT AUTHORITY AND AUTHORITY ALWAYS WINS];JOHN MELLENCAMP.Mr. Mellencamps authority song although simple,it says a mouthful towards the assembly of social order.
Rarely is a law, or change to the order of life, ever implemented for the sake of your health,if you strip it all away you will usually find the same old reasons,money is a big one,taxes,fines,job justification,and just plain stupidity,all egocentric,but fueled by power ,to be able to impinge on the populous ,a change of life.
Canadians, do you remember the days when we could load up the car with all the necessary equipment and just go and hunt,without all the trappings of gun laws .Now i do agree that guns should be safely stored,but we already knew that we didn't need a law to enforce it,Orwell's fantasy is crept up on us and we as good citizens allow it to happen, because we see it as a good move, with safety in mind.
But just look at what we lost with just one law,the gun storage law,not including the gun registration law.We are now open to ,with law,the lose of our children, the lose of our privacy,the lose of our weapons,imprisonment,slander,jobs,and job opportunities,etc.,etc. basically freedom.
Authority, gains, money,jobs,infringements,power,etc. etc..
When are we going to stand up for our identity ,and see reason,and force authority to give a basis ,or hurttles,to the way laws are created and implimented.
I had the opportunity of being in court a while ago, and saw an old man on disability,get the basic fine of 5000,00 dollars for driving without insurance,is driving without insurance that dangerous?THAT is five thousand dollars,do you smell something?Bedfellows comes to mind,the insurance companies and authority ,in your pocket,and your privilage.They authoritativaly say to you that driving is a privilage,well why do we pay for all privilages,a privilage is granted by the entity that pays for it ,no,yes?
They lie, they cheat and they steal,all the while we are paying for their feild day and accept it,as good citizens ,professionalism please!fronz/16/05

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