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Sunday, June 17, 2007


Hello,perimeter pencil pushers,summertime,busy time for us northerners,but as i go about my business i ponder on differing quandaries,one that's really bugged me is the way the apple has taken advantage of mankind.
The apple without human intervention would probably be extinct,it's not a hardy plant and usually needs good conditions to survive,much less bear fruit,yet man almost every time gets sucked in to helping this weak organism just for the sake of a snack.
Well i say party time is over for you buddy we should give up all this do good support and let the dam thing evolve on it's own.
The statment i just made is rather bizzare,but put in place of the apple different life forms and see where it takes you.
Remember,out here on the perimeter there are no stars,[to guide you] out here we is stoned immaculate. FRONZ 6/17/07


Dave said...

You're wrong.
Apples are hardy and are indigenous to the north. What gives you the impression that without man's intervention this valuable fruit wouldn't make it on it's own?
Now if you were to replace the fruit with a "life form" and apply the same logic we would have a much better and strong willed society.
I do agree that there is too much government intrusion into our lives today. Socialism is all about intrusion and uniform subjugation.
Liberal socialism obstructs instinct and strips people of their will to survive without big government.
Let nature take it's course. Too many abled bodies are scaming the tax payer. An embarrasing number of people are just too lazy both in the mind and the body...plain and simple too many people are dependant on
Pierre Elliot Trudeau's "NANNY STATE".
I won't even get into Tony Martin's illogic ideology.
Look where all this got us. Canada needs help.

The Great Sage

Puff said...

We are apple's who have been geneticly enginereed in hopes of becoming the apple of one eye, as for the previous comments , me thinks you ramble on and put far to much seriousness and anger into such a simple statement .