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Sunday, June 10, 2007


Hello, PERIMETER PALAMINOS,on exiting my house today,i noticed A FLOCK OF VULTURES CIRCLING overhead,that reminded me of my father ,he said all birds except for crows are good to eat.Hmm,i wonder how they taste?


Dave said...

When I was a baby vulture my father, Papa Buzzard, would tell me not to be wasteful and to eat everything in front of me.
He would remind me of the many less fortunate vultures, particularly the ones that hang at city hall, who ate nothing but crow.
He had a haunting disdain for liberal and ndp vultures; they were the best fed. Papa Buzz used to say he would like to be in politics just so he could get a good feeding of lips and assholes...apparently years of lying turns politicians turn into one large asshole with lips.
Actually, vultures over your head are not a good sign, what's worse is if you're staring at them while on your back.
Vultures patiently wait for the pulse of life to faulter, much like many of our so-called friends.

As a point of interest.
Canada will, in the very near future will be one of the 3 most deadliest countries to live in...heed this message.
When full production begins in the oil sands of Alberta we will be the worlds largest supply of oil and that makes us a target for al-qaida.
We are in the beginning of WW111, the clash of civilizations, the clash of cultures, extreme islamic fascism, and vicious hatred for Western culture. They are here now and they are only going to get stronger.

The Great Sage.

Gianfranco Fronzi said...

Sage, from today's point of veiw, fossil fuels are being fazed out.