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Saturday, July 21, 2007


She was the pup that didn;t want to leave home,i named her PENNY,after an attractive and vivacious lady i know,she was the pup that needed the most help,her sensitivity you could see was in need of more attention than the rest of the gang.So i kept her,there was some offers to purchase her,but their intentions were not in line with my idea of how a pet should be maintained.Slowly she worked herself into our hearts,LEO had a companion ,and he fell in love with her,their was nothing he wouldn;t do for her benefit,he would give her the last piece of food on earth,and escorted her outside without having to be told,she in turn would protect us even from an ant that was crawling towards us,we became a good family,and their companionship and antics kept me entertained continuously.
From owning other dogs i knew to have her spayed before her first heat,and made arrangements with the vet to do so,with one stipulation,that i would be with her right up to the operating table.Why?Well ,when i was a child it was common to remove your tonsils at a certain age,my parents brought me to the hospital the evening before the operation,i asked them if they were going to return tomorrow before i went in,they said yes,well the next morning when the nurses came for me no one was there,they had to chase me around the room i was so terrified ,the experience was so traumatic that i wouldn't allow it to happen to one of my children.So i stayed with her till they took her in.That afternoon i went and got her, she was groggy and sluggish but o.k..I catered to her the rest of the day and she rested for most of it,at bed time i placed her on the lazy boy arm chair and said goodnight,as i got up to leave she reached out to me quickly with her paw, looking up at me with concern,she needed me to stay with her ,so i fell asleep half twisted, beside her all night.No level of speech could reach the amount of love i had for my two friends,Penny is beautiful,intelligent and protective,and she was going to become a very good dog,now she to is to be executed with her father,no horror can describe what we are going through,i have;t seen her for almost a year too,they are both at what calls itself the humane society.Actually there is nothing humane about this outfit,they are power drunk exterminators,hiding behind the guise of humanity,may they live a long life,with what they do,meanwhile god help my children.fronz/21/07

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