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Monday, July 23, 2007


FRONZ HERE,IF THERE is anything about my life that i could sum as one of the most enduring,it;s the fact that i had the fortune to have lived during the most interesting periods so far in history.
The late sixties,the seventies,eighties,90;s,and the new millennia.Within these eras man went through more transitions than any other time,even the renascence couldn't;t touch this period,more technology,more evolution,both spiritually, and socially occurred than ever before.
Peace,war,love hate,all of it passed ,leaving us with what we have today.
Well today we have an era that seems to be in a questioning and trail period,this should not be occurring because ,all the answers are already downloaded,the problem is that we don;t implement them,we still see with blinders on,remember ego?
Well don;t worry ,I'm here ,and so are others,that can deliver solid answers,the only problem is that the powers that do have a membership in the big boy;s club won;t let us speak,this blog is all i have,otherwise i;m classified as unstable,so my voice is listened to by the club,but only so that they can acquire free resolutions,it;s not that my ego is interfering with my progress ,it;s the fact that any suggestion i make has a complex accumulation of facts to assemble it,thus to just have a piece of it is more destructive rather than corrective.
One observation of the era is that there is a supttle change in social conditions,humanity is not as it was ,there is something slightly different,whether it emanates from the education systems,or the instant communications,man has become more of a text book creature, with no leeway for his earthly side,to loose our common sense is not conclusive to being sentient creature,yet you will notice that aberrations in social mores are becoming fewer even though the population is increasing.Could it be that humanity has become an aberration on mass,and an earthly soul hard to find?well I'm here so test me,i don't drink,but the only reply i can think of at this moment is to the bar!FRONZ/july 23/07

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Felina said...

I am here!!!

You are not alone.

A big kiss from Portugal!