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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Due Process , the real relation between time and energy

Perimeter  Passing , We as humans are trying to figure out if we're o.k , and are we doing right as far as our impact  on our environment .
My friends , to me as an observer , the clock i see has no hands , it’s possible for a great event to occur , or we’ve already gone to far , and the nuclear disasters , and pollution , is irreparable , and we disappear .
It means nothing to Earth , we’re doing exactly what the due process calls for .

It might have been time for the oil to be reintroduced onto the surface of earth , as smog or slick? It might be time for the deforestation ?
  Whichever , it’s got to be in the plan , who would have ever thought that the oil trapped underground , would someday , be strewn all over the planet ?

Catch my thoughts ? it’s just another try out . Like some alien sitcom , we’re in a holodeck , actually existing , for the unpredictability we bring to the show .

And the show must go on .
Arrivederci Baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . July / 31 / 12

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