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Monday, December 17, 2012

Arrivederci Illuminati

Perimeter pulses .

Illuminati .

  They say this a real and secretive web of the super wealthy .

  If So, my Question is ,  are there Italian Illuminati ?

   Considering it seems to stem from a British background .

 The Term  , "Illuminati " tho , is Italian , meaning , the bright ones , the ones that shine , the ones who are enlightened .

   Anyway , do you think that these are happy people ?
I've had the good fortune of having   , well at least brushed shoulders ,with the very rich .
  When your a guy that has my makeup , and your traveling in foreign lands you attract just about everybody.

  And if i would have a choice , whether be extremely rich , and how i am today ?   I'd  still pick myself .

  The reasoning ?
  With big money  comes  billions of little problems .

 Down to , as example , if i were to have a child that was born ill , well no big deal , i just now have more to live for .

 To the super rich , this child must be hidden and the spiritual bond for something you don't want to admit to is weak .

Just that anguish that you feel , not for your actions but your position.

It's a slow death , but nothing an ounce of crack can't cure .

  No if your a common man feel no lacking by not being rich .

But hug and kiss your children , let them know everything will be alright .

Arrivederci Illuminati .

Gianfranco Fronzi December  / 17 / 2012

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