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Friday, March 22, 2013

Universities report

Hello , here at the sprawling Fronzi University , social studies , we've been noticing a loss of trust with the authorities of North America .
Out of a well documented study , 95% of the citizens didn't believe that they actually voted their party into or out of office . Basically giving an air of disparity between the country and it's government .
Other pointers , All questioned agreed that change is needed . But when asked what to replace the present authorities with , non could define a replacement .

Also a trickle down effect fuels the citizens to become more justified in performing a crime .
The system is now considered to be more harmful to the citizens , 85% agreed .

A doubt of the parties opposition , and seeing one or the others as just government , 100% on this question . Casting a blanket on the whole system .

The Analysis , As observed through history , the people will continue on as long as they're comfortable , but disruption would instantly cause their teeth to bare . Thus pushing the government to initiating illegal warfare , and transactions , to keep them sedated . Thereby both are accepting corruption , it's at which level that the corruption  occurs which denotes it's acceptability .
Further papers linked to this study will be posted by the University staff and reported here on the university page .
On live reporting , Gianfranco Fronzi . March / 17 / 2013

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Anonymous said...

The true colors are starting to show through and when the government starts spending money for propaganda and muzzleing the scientist , librarians , historians and other intellectuals , along with his own backbenchers and caucas starting to show signs of disctontent means there is trouble in Paradise and the Emperor must find some evil plans to defeat the commoners so that he can appease the Iluminati and continue on his quest for total domination and finally his official coronation as Canada's Supremisists Leader for Life. Heed my warning or you could be found guilty of treason if your curriculum is not approved by the minister of information and sent off to a reprograming camp. Your Friend the "Magic Dragon"