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Monday, March 25, 2013

University report March .25 /2013

University report , G. Fronzi .

Social studies , governmental .

As the need for change , as in government catching up to the desires of it's citizens ,
... the university polls found ; United States ,disastrous situation , at no time has government been so irresponsible to citizens , during a period when ultimate responsibility is needed . Ranking it with no other date in United States history , other than the independence from Britain .

In Canada , the poll inspectors upon questioning citizens on their nationality , none replied , " Canadian ", showing the identity crisis still unresolved . Canadians still , the poll suggests 75% really don't know their systems operability , or if they're a country or still a British Colony . They're financial resources are lock solid , and the country fully capable of weathering any storm .

More from the University stats to be posted .
G. Fronzi reporting


Anonymous said...

Is this an accredited course ? Ralphie S

Gianfranco Fronzi said...

The University has to be contacted . 1-999-999-999