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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

" The Mechanic " , full version , Sault Canada , Toronto , New York , L.A. , and all ships at Sea .

Perimeter population .

A mechanic assembled a small biological machine , just your basic .

But the machine was intelligent , and burgeoned out into many machines .

The Mechanic couldn't cover all areas of his expanding creation , so he created next generation biological machines to monitor the runaway first .

This formed a clash of realities , with the top tiers like a pyramid , lesser until the mechanic himself sat at the top .

Any machine within the system , that wasn't in tune with the whole , was discarded ..

Any part out of tune would be heard making noise , and the squeak , or the grinding or breaking would be heard  by the staff or the mechanic .

An overhaul could be in order ?

Any part that isn't in tune is no longer natural , but has become supernatural , like a cancer it shows itself right on the interface as not good .

Arrivederci biobots .

Gianfranco Fronzi . November / 13 / 2013


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