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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Return to innocence . Sault , Toronto , New York , L.A .

Perimeter Psychologists.

Everything you've thought I've not done , I've probably done it ?

Everything you've thought I have done , I probably have ?

What more to want from life ?

But to give back .

Give back what ?

When you have gone through the scenarios , brought upon by this life , because somehow the action seems to find me .

You put me in a foriegn city , or even a different part of the Sault , it's going to be an interesting trip .

So the connected , and accumulated knowledge , affords answers that are to simple to see .

Giving answers freely , sure money would be nice but , wouldn't that denegrate the answer ?

I " Target the question " .

At this point it's just pain .

But when someone says to me ,

Fronz , I was in a grip of uncertainty , and you gave me the reply instantly , unaware that it was

always right before my eyes .

That keeps me going , affording me my place , in the huge human tribe .

Thanks Earth , mankind , and all life , I couldn't have had a better experience , wheather good or bad .

Arrivederci .

Gianfranco Fronzi . November /13 / 2013


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