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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pride [definition ] Sault Ontario Canada

Perimeter prides

Why do you think a Lions family is called a " Pride " ?
Well all creatures of the mammalian , carnivorous , are very proud oriented , and are proud of there existence . These circus entertainers used the wrong training method , that being , breaking their pride .
The proper method is to bond with them and give them the respect and love they can agree with , if there is a reason to exploit them to begin with ? Otherwise , this is what the reaction that a creature as proud as the Lion will eventually give you . I'm surprised that mankind hasn't destroyed all the Lions on earth ? Deeming them as too dangerous to exist along with us . They're doing it now to another proud and powerful friend of mankind , a friend that has constantly given to us , but still too proud to bend .
    " The Pit Bull Terriers ", " Staffordshire Bull Terriers " , " American bull  Terriers " .
You've got to ask yourself , what has changed ?
I believe it's not the Terriers , but some of mankind , some have become insensitive to them our old friends , and some are just too cowardly to even be in their proud presence .
Do you think the Terriers don't know this ? Do you think they don't feel the difference in the air . They depended on us for a fare shake . And we took their innocence and corrupted , killed , tortured , and now exterminate what we've created . When all they want is to help and please us with their extraordinary abilities .
Shame mankind , Shame . It's you that should be controlled , because you're the perverted one .
Someday we will possibly be able to understand and correct this , maybe too late , but a possibility ?
Gianfranco Fronzi . May / 28 / 2014

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