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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bearing Bears . Sault Ontario Canada .

Perimeter primers .
This is a reply to the reinstated bear hunt in Ontario .

To say the hunt was reinstated for safety reasons is the biggest two faced lie I've seen since Bush went looking for weapons of mass assumptions . I live here , I know the bear and I know the statistics , and so do the rest of Northern Ontario . Do I have to say it ? Lets suffice with "0".
This hunt is purely for , you guessed it , " The Fu--ing Cash ".
In other words the province of Ontario is saying to everybody , anywhere .

 " We need money , and don't feel we can afford it , so a  few bears that could be controlled by conventional forms of birth control , are important , and We're Going to Let A Bunch of Hunters Surgically , Control the Population For Us "?

I was raised with hunting most of my life , so I feel I know the consensus of our wildlife and witnessed what has happened by the changes every year .
I feel Ontario is just on the brink of no return as far as natural biology .
Countries that are deeper such as South Africa are fighting for their lives at this point , and they've been doing it ever since the sixties . We've never done it .
In fact I see this return of a messy type of cull , like the bear hunt , as a step backwards .
Learn people , look around then use the knowledge you find .
I can see the hunt as a quite enjoyable vacation , and if things were different I'd have no problem with it .
But we've got the knowledge , this is , 2014 .
Solutions are available .
1. Photo Rifle .
If the hunters have a photo camera mounted on their , unloaded and no pin or bullets , rifle they can snap a picture of what they could have shot .
This would provide a great outdoor experience , put money into Northern Ontario , and the bears live on , controlled surgically according to modern methods of birth or nuisance .
After the hunt a big dinner for all licensed hunters , with trophies from the pictures , could be supplied by the province , or organizations that could use information the hunters return them .
Remember , together we all walk out of here , otherwise we die alone .

Gianfranco Fronzi  . June / 18 / 2014

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