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Friday, July 25, 2014

Marijuana . [ some facts ] North , South , East , West .

Perimeter plunged .
I will begin with a disclaimer , not for me so much , as too, not sway your decisions .
I do not condone the use of Marijuana .
This entry is just my view of this fascinating gift .
I've been a marijuana smoker for a long time now , I'm from that generation .
Now at almost sixty years I feel I have the rite to speak .
Therefore .
This plant " Cannabis , Marijuana ", has  definitely played a massive role in the involvement of Mankind .
The initiative beginning of using Marijuana is either capturing , or a psychological nightmare .
But I didn't start doing drugs to get high .
And weathering the levels of consciousness has placed me to the position of control , as in .

" The ability to function even when stoned ".
I write this now under it's effects .
Judge me .
I believe this biological life form to have some spiritual connections with humans .
Thus a tiller in our way of thought , and a path to more deeper visions .
If you walk the perimeter , you know what I mean .
Gianfranco Fronzi . July / 25 / 2014

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