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Monday, September 1, 2014

Our definition of Species .

Perimeter phenomenon .

I've been doing a study of species that I admire or love the most .

And one entity ; " The Elephants " has , I believe , not been appreciated enough .

So I write about it today , if this document survives future generations can look and see what happened , and it's possible impacts .

I judge the level of a species by judging it's civility .

There's no use looking any further , a savage antisocial such as the " Shark " species I judge at a low level .

Having said that , and keeping with the thought , the "Elephants " species I've got to rank at above ours ; and possibly as good as it gets on this reality .

They are herbivores , they are so sensitive they die from loneliness and worry .

Yet they are due to be extinct from the wild within the decade .

There is one factor that is the most judgmental in reverse , our levels of civility , that being ,

" The Ivory " trade .

Which causes " Poaching ", a killing and mutilation of elephants with tusks .

Now the human race that is specified for this demand are the " Orientals ", which carve the Ivory.

This heartless action in this age of ano 2014 , is exposing the level they are at .

As me , I would take up a different trade , change my talents for anything else than to not live with the fact that my livelihood comes from the "Ivory " of an entity such as the Elephants .

There is a great love for these creatures though , and maybe with this on our side , maybe ?

No amount of apology can be given , no greater a loss can be achieved .

Even though I'm thousands of miles from them , I sense their presence on the planet .

When mankind losses that presence he'll have few to replace it .

The truest loss wouldn't be the elephants , it would be ours .

Gianfranco Fronzi . August / 31 / 2014

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