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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Don't Worry , Addendum Please Read

 Perimeter pleiades .

As i delve into whats going on , it's a mixed bag .

A mixed bag that contains as much of nothing , as it is full of everything .

It's up to each individual to give the all , that inch .

Don't be fooled , as baseless as darkness is , it is a powerful one , one that sometimes takes over for awhile , why ?

Because we fear the darkness . And allow it .

After all , fear is almost as enjoyable as pain , so we settle for it .

But the worst that could happen isn't death , the worst is leaving behind a debt to your existence .

      " Between  Life And Death The Most Important Part Of Your Life .

            Is when you're Dead and Gone "

No one came to die for your sins , but to effect your ability of survival .

  For such an action to work it takes a lot of time , blood , and tears .

But we didn't come this far to turnaround and go home .

I do believe it's time , to be bait again .

   Shame on us ?
        No . The trap isn't set right , and it's just as dangerous for the predator .

Don't be afraid , we've  got what it takes . The culmination of a species isn't in one member , or one person , the culmination is an overall point , arrived at by a sense,
a smell , a feel .

 Just demand , as Mankind what has always been yours ," Your Planet ".

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi  . November  / 29 / 2012


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