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Sunday, November 18, 2012


Perimeter pesticides .

 "Democracy " a big shiny lonely word .

There has never been a Democracy on this planet , according to history .

Even it's birthplace , Greece didn't ever have a Democracy .

The reason is the strangest part of Democracy .

Being , " the people are afraid of it "

Otherwise when there was rebellion they would have installed it .

No , they fear leaving their lives , in their own hands .

And need someone to blame if the social existence falls .

As we move along in this era , it actually seems as if it'll never be used , and more devious forms of government , with no concern for the public , is growing .

To the point of 911 where they actually murdered their own citizens .

We are standing on the head of  a pin actually , fore with the ability to communicate instantly we are in a shadow of a democracy , but it's like a slam rag magazine missing parts or adding parts as it travels .

I think we could handle true vote and have to live by it , but would a group that doesn't like a topic of vote , or it's results , cause manipulation of the vote , or worse , civil war ?

 We'd have to live with that regardless .

Some European countries are very close to Democracy , we should study their results , and fashion the best world order available , I'm not scared , are you ?

Well get on it baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . November / 18/ 2012

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