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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Our Sexual Urgency" , comments , Sault

Perimeter  pulses .

On sexuality , " Does  your libidos move following your health" ?

Or does the Libido create your health , and your physical health follows your  " Sexual Urgency "?

Sexual Urgency , is a very powerful deceptive force , it's an insane driver , but a powerful driver .

Yet health is circumstantial , as in , injuries , physical as well as psychically , we can't say

either way  if the injuries effect instigates a defeat of Libido , or , if  healths defeat is riding on a

raging  ,  Libido ?

It , I'm sure will come to a head .

Having sex would then be the cure if Libido rules .

And staying healthy is the cure to an enhanced Libido .

If your having trouble relating the two , think of them an equation , both equaling each other , thus

balancing each other , but not knowing common denominator .

Which should also be equal , but isn't .

  An impossibility , you say ?

  Yes , this is where mechanics takes over and mathematics can only predict .

 My stance .

Hold it , what do you mean , run down and fu-k one ?

Lets walk down and fu-kem all .

Arrivederci Baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . No e be   / 27 / 2012

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