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Monday, April 29, 2013

Light theorizing

 Perimeter pulses .

Light one of my fetishes .

They say that nothing can go faster than light .

Therefore , I'm to assume light is unstoppable it's speed so great it can penetrate or outrun anything .

Yet just about everything stops it , and in theory effects it .

If a " Black Hole ", has so much gravitational force light can't escape it , something doesn't jive , the light has to much speed to be held back right ?

Either of the possibilities , gravity or speed of light isn't following it's theorized  laws .

Next lights inability to penetrate , but to reflect in colors , or it's entire self .

Any object of the mass of a singular piece of light you would think would simply go through anything
that can't resist it yet a butterflies wing stop it and reflects it in color .

The case of light bending also a theory , I believe isn't due to gravity but the atmosphere of the object , usually a planet , used as a backdrop for this phenomenon .

Otherwise the distant light wouldn't reach us as a singular dot , the forces acting on it would cause a dispersion , and the sky full of bent light .

My view . we haven't even scratched the surface of speed and its  limits . Or perceived the true properties of the  " Universal Messenger " , " Light  " .

Thanks .

Gianfranco Fronzi  .    April  / 29 / 2013

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