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Friday, April 12, 2013

Old World Order

Perimeter people .

" New World Order ".

We've connoted this term with some secret society , that wants to manipulate the people of earth .

Let's forget about them , because , once we've got our bearings , we will have to become , a

"New World Order ".

If you haven't been aware , we are steadily , regardless of our race , our wealth , our place , or our hair color , anything .

We are moving into our future , now we can all shed a tear for the past but our future is our destination .

Those of you who would like to live in the past , goodbye , we've got work to do .

Most of it as repairs , but zooming up fast is a "Brave New World ", where hopefully singular rule by an ego driven leader is replaced by knowledgeable Individuals , that aren't touchable .

Scared ? Don't be , what's in our future can't be bought or corrupted , because it's not in our hands .

It's in our collective manipulation , unstoppable , and a disaster to the , soon to be ,

" Old World Order ".

Arrivederci baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . April / 12 / 2013

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