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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fat Bottom Girls

Fat bottom girls .

I've been noticing an inequality in society that I feel has got to stop otherwise society isn't social .

This being that heavy unattractive women aren't given as much attention as slim beautiful women .

What's up with that ? Have we become that shallow ?

Well , the only solution , that makes any sense is for all females to cover themselves , including their faces .

In that situation they themselves will be relieved of the harassment , and the unattractive women

would have the same power , an equality would be instantly be made , agreed ?

Hey , I'm only thinking for the discriminated , or am I ?

Think of this story , the love of a beautiful woman caused two societies to war for so long that

the naval vessels of the foreigners rotted , a thousand ships . Which they had to rebuild after a

long siege and victory , using a large phony gift full of soldiers .

If the woman was not viewed by the lover , this epic disaster wouldn't have happened .

Just throwing my big caring heart out there .

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