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Saturday, June 22, 2013


Instant Karma .

Perimeter pleasure seekers .

I've lived and observed in my life , as I'm sure you all have , a Lott of " Karma" , otherwise it wouldn't hold the place that it does in our lives .

It's to the point of being bizarre .

How could something like " Karma " exist mechanically .

This is how it could occur .

The victim does something outside of universal human behavior , then the victim heads towards their own destruction .

Or do people around the victim slowly funnel that hapless victim towards what Karma entails ?

Sometimes it's a brutal thing , but we add it all up and look down .

Why ? Because it's just as much of relief to the victim of their Karma , as it could be , even in just the spirit of the ones that were truly damaged .

Nobody gets out of here alive , not one spiritualist martyr , not one nirvanic philosopher , not one charismatic figure , not the good or the evil .

And at the end , what a horrible one it must be ?

Hey as bad as it sounds , it also sounds good , doesn't it ?

Yes we're different , we have to live this reaction , and the purest of souls , the fellow entities

on this planet don't do anything that isn't conformed to the terms they live with . They rarely act out of their normal boundaries . So Karma is at a lower rate for them .

So sad sack I'm also there with you , but my fear is of generating Karma , not of my life or death .

Arrivederci baby . Oh yea baby .

Gianfranco Fronzi . June / 21 / 2013

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