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" If Your Not Ready to Die For Your Beliefs , Why do You Believe in Them "?

Friday, June 7, 2013

Historical Comparisons 2013 ,[ where are you ?]

Perimeter Pokey .

I've been doing my usually mix , and this is what I've got to report from the Perimeter .

The years we are about to enter are pivotal for Mankind .

We could either , 1. Lose everything like the Dark Ages did to antiquity , where witches  and weird rituals ruled the weird shire , restricting free thought and denying known history such as ,
reverting back to believing the earth is flat , when the Greeks proved it was round long before.
Or ,
2 . We have enough in ourselves to stay organized , and we overcome any adversity whether it is real or falsely reported .
The Dark Ages even though they're colorful like Lord of the Rings type , cost mankind hundreds
of years of growth , luckily we were already to wide spread to completely fragment  .
Interesting times indeed .

My forecast ;
I believe that we're gonna make it .
Mankind has recouped many fold , and isn't the same person even from ten years ago ,
let alone thousands .
We , barring celestial acts of God , are capable of at least , understanding the measures needed
for any transition .
We've got to start playing with our spiritual view of ourselves , this somehow has to be administered
in a form of way to the children that isn't something public or grandiose , like a religion , but in a
form that the child is lead into being the person we would all like to have .
This might sound impossible in a worldwide view .
It's not , All it needs is one more good story , something of such righteousness that it blows everyone
away spiritually .
I don't believe we need a victim to bring out our souls , we need a child .
A special child , one we are forced to pay attention to . And love .
Find that child and you've found the messenger .
I believe that this Is " Something to Believe In " .

Arrivederci my friends . Hope you find what your looking for .

Gianfranco Fronzi .     June  / 7 / 2013

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