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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

True Story

Perimeter pies .

Do you want to read a true account of a biking story ?
I promise you this actually did happen .
     I left the Sault for Calgary in October , with my old Pan , chopped into the first Wide Glide , no front fender , just pegs , and cobra style seat .
  Well I go through cold biting weather , this was the year Star Wars came out , I watched it in Calgary , that's how I remember .
  Well in the middle of night , can't find a town in the badlands , it starts to snow , I was doomed but I couldn't stop .
   As I'm fighting sleet , a trucker passes me and slows down in front of me , all of a sudden ,  no snow , I'm in his vortex , six feet between him and me .
I follow close , when he flashes his left turn signal , I took it to pass him , and I did , he then passes me flashing his interior lights , honking his horn .
But he wasn't alone , a convoy of men in transport trucks kept me in their vortex until I found civilization .
These men I will never know , but they did this .
That my friends , is the Canada I want to remember .

Gianfranco Fronzi . July  /  3 / 2013

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