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Saturday, July 13, 2013

World War Three

Perimeter positioned .

What do you think the worst job to have today ?

I believe it to be , Government , And Authorities .

Look what is happening all over the old world , riots , governments ripped or run from office .

This is what's luminously seems to be a possibility in the United States .

How much can a people take , how can government  have become their worst enemy .

When China entered the capitalism game this is what happened , from the first dollar they made , it was paid with the dollar , when the American dollar falls or becomes insolvent the Chinese will be out of cash , because it's just paper from a country that no longer can uphold the dollars value .

Here's where it gets crazy .
Two scenarios can happen .

1 . China militarily takes over America to recoup their loses , or 2. An agreement between China And

the United States , that basically gives China control of certain aspects of America that would be lucrative .

The whole scene you've  got to blame partially on yourselves , you shouldn't have let it get to this point .

Now to repair , your government is going to do you another favor , since they know this , they're going

To Start The War For The Chinese and whomever else that might  attack for payback .

Now your government is dealing with Al  Qaida , the terrorists , to  repel Syria's Regime .

Now the Chinese and the Russians have told America that they gravely don't want this type of behavior .

So boom we have " World War Three  ", all orchestrated by your own government !

Your running out of time .
At least I'm in Canada , this is going to rock the evening news .

Remember I exposed , December 21 / 2012 . and it shut down that idea .

Hopefully this entry does the same .

Gianfranco Fronzi.     July  / 13 / 2013

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