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Monday, December 8, 2014

Adam , Had no Balls .Sault Canada , East , West , North and South . New York , L.A. TORONTO .

Perimeter pullers .

Adam had no Balls .

If God created Adam ?
Why would he give Adam a sexual position he couldn't use ?

I believe , if it is so  ?

 Then  , "Adam " was like the Angels , sexless .

To put Adam into a sleep to extract a sexual partner , must have included a transformation of Adam

himself to being a separate form of human life ?
                                                                   " A Man"  .
On Jesus ,

 Let's look at one story , the curing of the blind man .

If you know the story , Jesus didn't cure the blind man completely with his first spit made mud pack ?

He had to make another mud pack to fully restore his sight ?

Doesn't a miracle work immediately ?

 Or was this a  cure and not a miracle at all ?

You decide .

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 8 / 2014

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