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Monday, December 8, 2014

Retirement , this is the End . , Sault Ontario , East , West , North and South , New York , L.A.

Perimeter pipe fitters .

Your Work and the limit of Retirement .

Have you ever heard this reoccurring  statement ?

" He retired , and then bang , two weeks later he was dead "?

Well here's the tale in common words .

When you're working , it's a period that you treasure because it's an escape from modern life .

It's biggest separation is from , " Drug of Choice ".

And everybody has one .

When you retire you suddenly find that you're going to do more of that drug with your free time .

Well let's take for example , Alcohol , a favorite amongst the population , so favorite that when the

Alcoholic retires , he falls into continues binge , or drinking till complete intoxication .

To the point of eventually dying from over drinking , which doesn't take long .

If you can get by on Marijuana , it's a healthier choice , but it is a gateway drug .

The trick for the Marijuana user is to stick to just marijuana . Otherwise the next options for most thrills without leaving the house , will show you its ramifications .

For the ones that cross over to Cocaine or " Up "drugs , you'll ,
go broke , do things your going to regret [ this pertains to all drugs , alcohol or these third party drugs except for marijuana ].

You'll dive into Cocaine because , if that first " Line ", is good cocaine , " It's too good ".

And if you're not smart enough to see it's power you'll go into a different lifestyle .

The key is to take heed from reading stuff from people that have taken and regret the trip .

Cocaine is also a corrupter of morals , and viewpoints .

Usually snorting is replaced by smoking it as "Crack", crack is a more intense but short lived stone .
Therefore you'll do more repeatedly , sapping your money and family life .

The real key , is seeing this in your personality , the " Addictive  one ", and not allowing failure .

Now for the worst " Opiates ".

Cocaine is ,  water soluble , therefore if you can abstain for a week and change environment or influence you won't suffer from the life threatening withdrawals that both the Opiates and Alcohol have .

Alcohol is water soluble also , but it enters every cell in the body , then the pain as it has to come out

of every cell in the body , is devastating .

Opiates are the same , but both them and Alcohol , are a concern , because the addicts have the " sensory reawakening ", Marijuana has some lesser effect of this also , but the user can't reach a level of intoxication which the rest can .

With Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal you'll be laying in bed lacking the " Courage " to get up and get a Glass of Water .

So to wrap up this sermon .

The " Key " is to see your " Addictive Personality " beforehand and not trying the " Lock " of any Drug if you can do without them .

As a side note ; the users  of ,  "Intravenous " , as a delivery is now back in fashion and has returned by the hundred fold .
When intravenous is the delivery , you've now stepped out of the ," Comfort of living " , to a serious

  " ball and chain ".

And you'll have to join a club of similar users , because you'll need to support your Intravenous habit at any cost , even  at the price of your  Soul .

So " Keep on Rockin in the Free World ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . December  / 8 / 2014

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