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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Squeals like a pig .

Perimeter perpetrators .
As viewed on Faciabook .
Is the English language used for repressing people ?

This viewpoint , even though I haven't read the whole article , stops me to include it in my ,
" Most Moronic " articles I've ever seen by Truthout , and Faciabook . 

 English was my second language , I'm an Italian born Canadian . 

When my Parents came to Canada , they didn't expect anything to change because we are here .

 And we felt it to be our duty to learn the English language . 

Do you see anything lacking in my ability to express myself ? 

Be proud of the common language " English " that you have .

Not find a form of repression to foreign languages .

It's up to them to become Americans , not us into a service state .

 In the schooling I'm sure this topic is well taken care of .

Depending on if the freckled faced kid behind you squeals like a pig . 

Gianfranco Fronzi .   December /14 / 2014

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