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Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello . Letters from the pit .Sault Canada . you can't touch them

Perimeter plastics .

If you recall how you learned anything , well the way I learned was with a lot of mistakes .

That's not the hard way .

The hard way is not making mistakes , and doing , and learning nothing .

I think we as humans , hope that the people with financial and obligated positions aren't

Learning that same way , no ?

No ? Well they use a creepy way of viewing life .

They cut humanity into categories .

The people we need , this includes from the usably useless .

Which they keep to use against the dangerous free radicles .

And their paid staff .

Then there's the ones that you just don't want to touch .

These people we see every day , in restaurants , in videos , in pictures , everywhere .

They're the people that make a world worth living , they are usually  aged  , weak , and giving

they're the ones we walk past to go to a lecture by someone that needs an entire lecture for something

they'd have a simple answer for .

These people I question , and want to hear .

I've spent hours in gas stations , restaurants , bars , wherever I could say hello .

Asking for answers from the pit of questions , on seeing the type of person I feel would be   the people most likely  to bear the answers .

So when I was  traveling with my Harley , wherever I was , I didn't want to necessarily speak to other bikers because they've got a whole bunch of reasons for not trusting anybody even if they're on a motorcycle .

No I'd be on the side of the road talking to a farmer who was taking a break , or the parking lot of a side of the highway restaurant . Where I'd just eat by my bike , people would usually then approach me to see what an obvious loner with his dog in sidehack is doing .

This is the soul in being on a Harley , and looking like your deserving of  inquisitiveness .

Some people would share , drugs , some would share stories they wouldn't tell anyone else .

But what a place and position to be , with people , real good real people .

So when your feeling down go and find these places and let people find you , don't ask for anything tangible , but ask them how life is in their part of the of the world .

Using common language never have I ever met someone that approached me to harm me or desire to scam me .

These are the suffering masses who with a grin tell me how everything failed them but they survived .

These are the people you don't want to touch cause what they're telling you is how they know the life bikers and people that can be classified as free radicals , have to live .

To be at least as free as they can . This is why the alternative , is worth their soul , who else would you trust ?
When people need freedom they don't trust their authorities they trust the guy with the Hog and the sidehack and his dog . I am honored , and may your idols take care of you , This is the America I want to remember anything else is pale when such colorful reality is giving you a bad touch , that we bend down chuckling about it . Do what you will but you can't touch them .

Gianfranco Fronzi . January / 5 / 2014

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