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Monday, January 5, 2015

Femina Veritas . North , South , East , West , and all ship at sea .

Perimeter phenomenon .

Having lived from the old system of thought in the 20th century to today , I'm not quite sure if feminism was a step foreword for the females .

Sure they should be paid and have the same rites as men , but their power as females I believe has diminished .

Before they were seen as the weaker sex , and men would do anything to protect them . But also depending on their situation , they could be trapped in a world of abuse .

So without losing the respect of men by wanting to be men , women should find a midpoint rather than an equal point . Otherwise they will find a world where they've lost everything by diminishing the values of their sexuality .
Men normally love women , but depending on the individual female they can arouse great resistance .

Then their rites and power will be taken away from the individual female without any feelings , I apologize but this is how it is .
The female then resorts to the even more dangerous position of deception and the use of their sexual favors , this is dangerous ground because whatever women like this think , men aren't stupid , they might play along but the end of the game could be very devastating .

Gianfranco Fronzi . September / 26 / 2014

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