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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fu--ed up . - Not Fu--kup Ceremony .

Ceremony .

To live life perfectly .

You must live each instance with " Ceremony " .

If you're going take your favorite pastime , let's use a section of humanity that can benefit the most from Ceremony , drug use .

Perimeter pieces .
Fucked up not Fuckup .

Instead of just staying high as much as you can .

Put stipulations on yourself .

Use , the act of repetition , to have more body rather than just repetition .

By adding a Ceremony before you take your hit , this scenario , as .

A drug user goes to purchase the drug users narcotic , this user then instead of applying Ceremony , they can't wait they find privacy at the dealers house and do some drugs .

Well they might as well give the rest of their money to the dealer .

If you have imposed a Ceremony on yourself it would have boundaries and procedure to your habit .

Instead the druggie , upon purchasing the dope , waits until his set aside timing event .

At home they prepare for the "Event " .

They keep everything in order and clean , they then ingest a portion of drug that has been sized up by a lot of personal calculations .

Then they take the event , which starts to fade as soon as it reaches its peak , and includes the plunge of withdrawals as part of the trip .

And abstaining until the next allowed Ceremony .

Dig it ?

Remember ,

" You want to get fucked up ",

" Not Fuckup ".

Gianfranco Fronzi . January /7 / 2014

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